Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daegu City Tour bus? The best way to look around Daegu!

Daegu City Tour bus? The best way to look around Daegu! 

With only four days remaining before the IAAF World Championships, the city of Daegu welcomes tourists to the Championships. 

If you have not yet determined what to do in Daegu, I highly recommend Daegu City Tour program! 

The City of Daegu operates city tour bus programs in order to provide Korean citizens, international residents, and visitors with opportunities to experience Daegu's culture and history.

The city tours include all cultural relics and tourist attractions in the city. 


[Palgong Mt. Zone Rotation Tour ⇒ Depart from Dongdaegu Train Station]

Date: Everyday operation (But, no service on every Monday)
Tour Course Detail: Dongdaegu Train Station=>Bullo-dong Tomb Park=>Historic site of General Sin Sung-gyeom=>Bongmu Park=>Guam Village(Farm Stay)=>Gatbawi=>Bangjja Brassware Museum=>Donghwasa Temple=>Palgongsan Facilities Zone=>Daegu Safety Theme Park=>Palgongsan Spa Tour Hotel=>Donghwasa Temple=>Bangjja Brassware Museum=>Guam Village(Farm Stay)=>Historic site of General Sin Sung-gyeom=>Bongmu Park=>Dongdaegu Train Station

[Theme Tour  ⇒ Depart from Tourist Information Center in Duryu Park]

Course 1. Enjoying woodcraft 

Date: 15(Mon), 28(Sun)
Tour Course Detail: Daegu Do-dong Arbor Vitae Forest=>Bullo-Dong Tomb Park=>Enjoying woodcraft activities=>Gyeongju Choi's Head House

Course 2. Making a traditional candy

Date: 7(Sun), 20(Sat)
Tour Course Detail: Yangjeondong rock painting=>Ureuk Museum=>Gaesil village(lunch)=> Head House of Kim jongji

Course 3. Shooting experience

Date: 6(Sat), 21(Sun)
Tour Course Detail: Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center=>Hangso Museum=>Daegu Shooting Hall

Course 4. Water sports

Date: 14(Sun)
Tour Course Detail: Daegu National Museum=> Bongmu Park=>Dansanji Lake

Course 5. Visiting Senior Convention Center

Date: 13(Sat), 27(Sat)
Tour Course Detail: Daegu Confusion Academy=>Daegu National Museum=>Daegu senior Convention Center=>Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center

[Regular Course ⇒ Depart from Banwoldang(Hyundai Department Store)] 

Course No.2 

Date: 1(Mon), 8(Mon), 22(Mon), 29(Mon)
Tour Course Detail: 12 Distinguished Hyunpung Gwak Family Shrine=>Dodong-seowon Confusioan Academy=>Mt.Biseul Forest Resort=>Memorial Hall of General yu, Chi-Gon=>Seokbinggo(Ancient Ice storage) 

Course No.3 

Date: 2(Tue), 9(Tue), 16(Sat), 23(Tue), 30(Tue)
Tour Course Detail: Wolgok History Museum=>Daegu Arboretum => HwawonResort => Yongyeonsa Temple

Course No.4

Date: 3(Wed), 10(Wed), 17(Wed), 24(Wed), 31(Wed) 

Tour Course Detail: Nokdong-seowon Confucian Academy=>Herb Hills(Family theme park)=>Daegu World Cup Stadium=>Daegu Sports Memorial Hall =>Otgol Village(Gyeongju Choi's Head House)

Course No.5

Date: 5(Fri), 12(Fri), 19(Fri), 26(Fri) 
Tour Course Detail: Environmental Facilities Management Corporation=>Keimyung University Museum=>Hanhakchon(Traditional Village)=>Moomsan Water Filtration Plant=>Yuksinsa

Course No.6  

Date: 4(Thu), 11(Thu), 18(Thu), 25(Thu)
Tour Course Detail: Healing Mission Museum=>Currency Museum=>Yangnyeongsi Oriental  Medicine Cultrual Center=>Daegu-hyanggyo Confucian Academy=>Daegu National Museum(Substitute Currency Museum to Dalseong Park on Sat.)

* The regular city tour will depart from Banwoldang, the theme tour will depart from tourist information center in Duryu park and Palgognsan Rotation bus will depart from Dongdaegu train station.  

* For using Daegu Safety Theme Park, please make a researvation in advance. 11:30am, 12:40pm, 15:20pm is available. Please call at 053)939-0080. 

* For more information, please call at 053)627-8900.