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Daegu Senior Convention Center – Experience Senior’s Life in Daegu Senior Convention Center

There are plenty of places for unique and special experiences in Daegu. Let me show you one below. 
It’s Senior Life Experience at the Daegu Senior Convention Center. You might feel a little unfamiliar or curious about this Senior Life Experience.

Maintained by Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Daegu city, the Daegu Senior Convention Center is built to stimulate potential market for senior products and services and ultimately boost senior industry in preparation for Korea’s rapid aging society.

It is located in the Dong-yang Express Bus Terminal building, near the Dong-daegu Station. You can experience the worldwide products for elderly people exhibited from the 2nd to 5th floor.

 Besides, it is carrying out various cultural programs for the elders and support for senior enterprises.

1st floor - The boards showing floor plans of the building

2nd floor – Senior Enterprise Support center

On the 2nd floor, you can buy senior products at the shops.

3rd floor – Senior Product and Life Experience center

State-of-the-art senior products for bedding, bathing and defecation etc. are exhibited on this floor.  

You can experience future oriented model of housing goods and furniture here.

Those rooms look like luxurious model houses.

They are filled with many interesting stuff such as Lifting device, couches, bathtubs, kitchen tools and so on.

In the senior life experience center, you can have a chance of sense experience which will make you understand senior life better.

You will have to make a reservation for the senior life experience.

Price for the Senior Life Experience: 2000won

There are changing rooms for specialized clothing to feel the aging process, a bizarre mirror to understand dizziness and a special room to experience inconveniency in a senior’s daily life, for example, on stairs or street.

 4th floor – Cultural Experience center

It is a leisure, resting, hobby, education and healthcare complex cultural space.

They run programs for senior’s healthcare, sociability and education.

They provide social dance lesson and a fitness center with newest lifting devices for a workout.

With all the great sporting goods in the fitness center, you'll live to be 110 years old. :)

In addition, investment techniques, pension plans, and IT education are offered.

They also run community center with special lectures and performance programs.

The Daegu Senior Convention Center is ready to host you with variety of programs and displays.

It is just not a place for seniors. So it would be really great for youngsters and students to visit there to understand elders better.
Subway : Line 1  Dongdaegu station  Opposite Gate 4
Bus : 708, 106, 156, 414-1, 420-1, 937, 909, 521, 651 at Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal stop
 Free Parking Lot

Korean Website of the Daegu Senior Convention Center: >> Daegu Senior Convention Center
Address: 328-2 Shincheon 4 dong, Dong Gu, Daegu
Tel: 053-740-1130
Available: Mon-Fri 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Experience only for Mon, Wed, Fri)

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