Friday, July 15, 2011

One of Daegu's best-kept secrets, Daegu Arboretum

Daegu Arboretum is a little away from the center of Daegu. Because there’s no bus route to the Arboretum, you have to get off at Daegok Station and walk around 1.5km to Arboretum.

Sign board at the No. 3 gate in Daegok Station

The right side of entrance was written in the Arboretum. 

It was a little hard to ascend hill to the entrance though the distance was short.

Originally, this site had been used as a sanitary landfill until 1990 and was neglected due to the absence of a reasonable plan to utilize. After then, the city government constructed Eco-Friendly Arboretum to restore this area as ecological space. Through several years’ covering up with soil from subway construction site, this deserted place was replaced by an urban arboretum where placed more emphasis on the natural ecology site. For this reason, various education programs are provided and students’ group viewing is also endless.

Nature commentator explains plants in the Arboretum for the public.
If you are group viewers over 10 people, need to make on-line booking to have an explanation two days in advance.

Fountain at the end of trail
You can get Arboretum stamp at the building over the fountain.

Cultural Hall of the Forest
This is Cultural Hall of the Forest where exhibits diverse botanical references and specimen. Especially, it was impressive that paved the floor with various seed. 

'Do not break off branch or flowers’
There are a lot of medicinal plants in medicinal botanical garden.

Medicinal botanical garden

Jookrimwon(Bamboo grove) where sounds bamboo brush in wind
This is silicified wood like a hard stone. It’s sort of fossilized wood; it feels like somebody carved it. 

Strongly recommend to visit the Daegu Arboretum with lover and family in this weekend.

-Written by blogger press Yoo-Kyung, Jung

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