Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Colorful Daegu Festival 2011 coming soon

Colorful Daegu Festival 2011 will take place for 11 days in several places in Daegu such as Daegu's famous alleys, streets and parks. 

During the festival, a variety of programs will be organized by citizen.  

1. The Korean traditional music stage 

Venue: Gyeong-sang-gam-yeong Park 

Performance: Orchestra, Korean dance

2. The forest of imagination 

Venue: 2.28 Jung-ang Memorial Park  

Performance: mime, musical, play, voice (performance) 

3. The blossoming art garden

Venue:  Gukchae bosang memorial park 

Performance: chorus, dance, instrumental music, traditional dance performance, jazz performance

4. The art flows on the street 

Venue:  Dongseong-ro

Performance: parade, flashmob, street dance

5. The motional theater 

Venue:  Jung Ang Police Station 

Performance: mime, circus, the mimic stage, magic show


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