Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's time to Jazz! 4th Daegu International Jazz Festival

From August 12 - August 28 The 4th Daegu International Jazz Festival will fill the city with a festive spirit.  

Daegu International Jazz Festival, initiated since 2008, is aiming at the urban music festival of international sense with the originative contents of local culture. A great number of musicians who are pursuing the popularity and musical perfection are appearing on the stage to present the feast of jazz and contemporary music. 

Name : 2011 4th Daegu International Jazz Festival (DIJF)
Date : 12 August 2011 - 28 August 
Place : Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall, Su-seong Artpia, Dongseongno and Daegu area. 

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[Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall]

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[Su-seong Artpia]

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|Jazz carnival of midsummer night|

Date : 12 August 2011 - 14 August, 7:00 PM
Place : Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall 

[August 12] Mojito Rico / ZEBRA / Seoul Soloist Jazz Orchestra 

[August 13] Changhyeon Kim Trio /  De Quattro Hojas /             

|Jazz Street of Korea-Japan|

Daegu International Jazz Festival with jazz festival of Sumida, Tokyo, Japan

Date : 19 August - 21 August, 7:00 PM
Place : Dongseongno Special Stage 

|I LOVE Jazz|

Date : 26 August - 28 August, 7:30 PM
Place : Suseong Artpia Yongi Hall 
Cast :  

[August 26] IbadiRemi Panossian TrioWinterPlay 
                Apple Jazz Orchestra / Eric Alexander  

|Ticket Information|

VIP seats :  88,000 won
R seats : 77,000 won
S seats : 55,000 won
A seats : 33,000 won


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