Thursday, June 25, 2020

[Korea] Accessible Tourism in Daegu, Barrier-free tourism Spots (Daegu Stadium, Sinchen river walkway)

The walk in the sun, which feels a little hot, seems to shake off the dust and worries that have stuck to us throughout the change of seasons.

You can't just take a walk. You can also enjoy a refreshing walk with your bike, board, and wheelchair.

Among them, I went to Daegu to take a walk in a wheelchair.

1.Daegu Stadium (formerly Daegu World Cup Stadium)
- 180 Daegu Stadium at the Suseong-gu Universiade in Daegu -
The first place I went to was Daegu Stadium in Suseong-gu, which is often called the World Cup Stadium.
I can see the signature Usain Bolt statue of Daegu Stadium. The World Cup Stadium is also where the 2011 Daegu World Championships in Athletics were held.
There is also a parking lot, so you can easily find it on foot or by car, but there are only buses 403, 609, 939, and Suseong-3-1.
If you've been in Daegu for a long time, you've probably been there at least once.
Thanks to its open view, well-paved floor, and a trail, it is a popular place to take a walk on a drive course or a walk course.

Can you see the open view?
As such, Daegu Stadium has no high slopes or uneven unpaved roads, so it is used not only for wheelchairs but also for children's rollers and bike lanes.
There are many people who enjoy picnics or take a walk, but since it's such a wide open plain, there seems to be little risk of a collision.

The blue sky and the recording go well together.
It seems that May is the only season in which you can feel the green smell without feeling unpleasant outside.
In addition, Daegu Stadium is home to the National Sports Center for the Disabled.
They run a physical education program for the disabled here.

2. Daegu Sincheon Walkway
Gyeonggyo Bridge in Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu-

The second place I found was Sinchon, the central stream of Daegu.
Sincheon, a long stream along Sincheon-daero, is also famous for its walking trails.
If you walk in the clear river and beautiful landscape, you can sometimes see otters, cranes, and cranes.
There is no danger of colliding with bicycles and electric vehicles because bike paths and walkways are divided.
Since Sincheon has a beautiful night view, I recommend walking at night from sunset. :)
It's a view you can see while taking a walk through Sinchon, the heart of the city, which is densely packed with cement buildings.
Fortunately, rivers and trees blend well with the city's landscape, providing a place to rest.
In Sincheon, you can see many bridges such as Suseong Bridge and Gyeongdae Bridge.
The Sincheon from the bridge cools us for a while because we can feel the open space on the busy road, right?
Many people were taking a leisurely walk even though it was late.
The trail was well paved with grass and roads, making it perfect for bicycles and wheelchairs.
You can also use the restroom for the disabled conveniently:)
In the center of the stream, there is a bridge that you can cross the river like this, and the view of the river in the middle of the bridge was very beautiful.
The concrete bridge also had no curves, so I thought it would be easy to walk or drag the wheels in.

Another attraction is Chilsung Night Market, which you can see when you walk along Sincheon.
The lighting of the night market and the sculptures on the river already create a summer night atmosphere.

Waiting for the real summer, why don't you take a walk in Sincheon, where spring is ripe?

Monday, June 15, 2020

Let’s take a leisurely stroll at just one meter per second! Green Daegu’s Best Five Healing Spots

Do you fancy going on a picnic amid Daegu’s charming natural environment, where an ancient village with beautiful trumpet creeper blossoms and a splendid arboretum are waiting for us? If you take a leisurely stroll along the waterside trail amid the gentle river breeze, you’re sure to stumble into an exciting adventure in the forest and forget all about your busy daily life. So let’s relax and discover some of Daegu’s hidden attractions!

Written and photographed by Travel Writer Yoo Eun-yeong.

The Village of the Nampyeong Mun Clan in Bon-ri, where beautiful trumpet creepers bloom in late June!

The village of the Nampyeong Mun clan in Bon-ri, Dalseong-gun is a traditional village located in the middle of Daegu that looks just like it did in the past. As you walk along the narrow alleys and pass by the ancient houses and stone-earth walls, you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled hundreds of years back in time. The village is known for the beautiful trumpet creeper blossoms that cover the walls at the end of June, captivating the hearts of tourists. According to a local legend, court women who spent their whole life in tears at a royal palace eventually became trumpet creepers, whose large orange flowers fall to the ground even before they wither, creating a beautiful spectacle.

The village of the Nampyeong Mun clan in Bon-ri is a clan village inhabited by the descendants of Mun Ik-jeom (1329–1398), a politician of the Goryeo Dynasty. The village is notable for its ancient buildings, such as Subongjeongsa Pavilion and Gwanggeodang Hall, as well as the surrounding stone wall paths. In particular, the Insumungo Book Repository, which holds some 20,000 books, is the village’s pride and joy. Its rich collection of books and literary materials attracted a constant stream of seonbi, or classical scholars, from all over the country.

Continuing from the village of the Nampyeong Mun clan, you will come to the Mabijeong Mural Village. Nostalgic paintings adorn the walls of this traditional village of thatched roof houses, stone walls, straw mats, plows, and other implements from a bygone era. You can also sample tasty dishes prepared by the locals, such as noodle soup (kalguksu) and green onion pancakes (pajeon). The village also offers visitors a variety of interesting hands-on experiences including the injeolmi (bean-powder-coated rice cake) making, tofu making, and scent pouch making programs.

16, Inheung 3-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu / +82-53-631-8686


Daegu Arboretum, the Green Heart of Daegu!

Located in the city center, the Daegu Arboretum (a green space of 240,000 ) is the ideal place to forget you are actually in a big city. The arboretum was created by transforming a sanitary landfill into a lush forest of 150,000 trees and 300,000 flowering plants. It consists of the Wild Plant Garden, which is planted with native wild flowers, the Bog Garden, which is filled with lotus flowers and trees, and the Foreign Botanical Garden, which contains 130 species of plants from the world and about 200 varieties of exotic plants. It usually takes about 2 hours to tour the arboretum, but if you want to observe the trees and plants at a leisurely pace and take a break in the shade of a tree, half a day won’t be nearly enough. The Forest Guide Office offers a free guide service for the arboretum.

342, Hwaam-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu / +82-53-640-4100

Eco Theme Park Daegu Forest, a garden of delightful experiences!

Daegu Forest was originally opened as the Naengcheon Nature Garden in 1976, and was later renamed Herb Hills, then Hill Crest, and, finally, Eco Theme Park Daegu Forest. Daegu Forest offers enjoyable festivals all year round, packed with fun attractions and exotic programs amid its lush vegetation. The Romantic Garden is a popular spot among visitors who enjoy the heady scents of around eighty kinds of herbs, while Daegu Zoo is much loved by children as it offers them opportunities to feed rabbits and see donkeys, and the Red Maple Road is a popular dating course.

Daegu Forest runs diverse hands-on programs, including the Woodpecker Studio and a Cookery Class. However, the highlight of Daegu Forest is the Eco Forest Adventure, where visitors can enjoy the thrilling experience of walking high up in the trees on a rope, and crossing various wooden structures.

1003, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Daleseong-gun, Daegu / +82-53-761-7400


Samunjin Quay, set amid the beautiful scenery of the Nakdonggang River

Recently restored to its former appearance, Samunjin Quay on the Nakdonggang River used to be an important quay visited by a constant stream of ships during the Joseon Dynasty. The nearby village of Jumakchon, a cluster of old thatched houses around a 500-year-old hackberry tree, serves a variety of tasty dishes such as beef and rice soup, noodles in broth, garlic chive pancakes, and makgeolli (rice wine). The first piano arrived in Korea at this quay in 1900. When people saw what looked like an empty wooden case making strange sounds, they called the piano the “‘ghost case” as if they believed a ghost inhabited it. The waterside trail continues all the way to the Dalseong Marsh. If you take the ferry, which sails to The Arc, a riverside cultural center, you can enjoy the serene landscape of the Nakdonggang River.

At Hwawon Park, situated next to Samunjin Quay, visitors can enjoy a “green shower” as they walk through the dense forest, and also ride the Electric Duck Car. The park’s Observatory offers an open view of the Dumulmeori, where the Geumhogang and Nakdonggang Rivers meet.

42-1, Samunjin-ro 1-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu (Samunjin History Park) / +82-53-659-4465


Dalseong Marsh Eco Forest Trail, a Healing Walkway

Dalseong Marsh is an inundation type of marsh located at the confluence of the Nakdonggang and Geumhogang Rivers. It is a repository of ecological resources where visitors can see fields of leaf mustard flowers in spring, hear the croaking of narrow-mouthed toads in summer, admire an abundance of reeds in autumn, and observe hooded cranes in winter. Visitors are sure to enjoy the vivid energy of nature, beautiful wild flowers, and tall green trees as they stroll along the forest trail next to the marsh.

What’s more, visitors can enjoy walking along the waterside trail connecting Dalseong Marsh to Samunjin Quay and learning all about the marsh at the Eco Learning Center.

(Dalseong Wetland Eco Learning Center), 88, Gura 1-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu / +82-53-631-0105 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Suseong pond: A place to visit in Daegu for a cool night's walk

As I walk along the street, I can see that Daegu is already summer.

Not long ago, the cool weather suddenly went up to 35 degrees.

I'm already beginning to miss the cool weather.

For those of you who miss the cool weather like me today,

I'd like to introduce you to the cool Daegu spot, Suseong pond, which is good to walk at night!

Shall we watch the video first?

Suseong pond is a large amusement park with an area of 12.15 million square meters and a walkway of 2 kilometers.

In addition, 18,000 trees, including zelkova, ginkgo and birch trees, are combined to show off the beautiful scenery of Daegu.

When the weather gets hot every year, Daegu citizens who want to enjoy a walk with cool breeze visit this place.

In addition to the promenade, you can enjoy various cafes, restaurants, video music fountains, and water boats.

Especially, the video music fountain, which is 90m long and 70m high, brings people cool memories on a summer night.

I looked at the fountain, swaying through the shaking boats.

I could forget the heat and enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful performance. :)

Fountain Operating Hours

- 13:00 / 16:00 a week (twice, 40 minutes each)
- 20:00 at night / 21:00 (twice, 30 minutes each)

※ Operate at 20:30 / 21:30 at night in June and July

When you walk along the trail after fountain performance, you start to see colorful lights.

The Suseong pond has beautiful lights and good spots to take proof shots.

I recommend you to bring your camera with you!

On the other hand, there was an outdoor stage where the water glows gently.

I heard that busking stages and broadcasting shoots are held from time to time, so it would be good to walk slowly along the trail.

And have you all heard the news? The news that I went to Daegu for a shoot on JTBC's popular show "Begin Again"!

Source: JTBC Begin Again trailer

It will air on June 13th, so please watch it! I'm already looking forward to it.
In "Begin Again Korea," musical geniuses K-pop stars, including legendary Lee So-ra, Henry Lau, Suhyun(AKMU), Harim, and Jukjae, will provide a variety of musical attractions and things to listen to. In addition, Crush and Jung Seung-hwan, who newly joined the group, will breathe with them and present a different stage that has never been seen before.

There was also a flea market on the streets of Suseong pond Cafe Street!

From clothes to accessories, mini pots, and cute interior props, various items were on sale.

It was a little fun to stop by the middle of the promenade to see and choose various props!

Today, we looked around Suseong pond, a good place to visit in Daegu for a cool night's walk!

Why don't you refresh yourself by looking at the tiring days in the increasingly hot weather, and the waves that sway with the cool wind? :)

Thursday, June 4, 2020

KBO LEAGUE : Let me show you Daegu Samsung Lions Park

Today, I will introduce the home stadium of the Samsung Lions, 
one of the Korean professional baseball teams,
 Which is Daegu Samsung Lions Park.

Address: 1, Yagujeonseol-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu 42250 South Korea

Daegu Baseball Stadium Samsung Lions Park is 
home to the KBO league team Samsung Lions 
and is the first octagonal stadium in Korea.

Kim Young Jin Reporter

NOW] 2020 KBO League (전 세계가 집중한 한국 프로야구 '무관중 경기 ...
As you know, Korean professional baseball is playing a game 
without audience due to the influence of Corona 19.
Instead of the audience, they put dolls or pictures.

Now that professional sports events around the world are paused, 
Korea's KBO is broadcasting around the world.
Among them, the home area of the Samsung Lions is Daegu. 
Daegu had a difficult time last February due to a massive infection. 
However, due to the efforts of citizens and the practice of overcoming them, 
the number of Corona 19 infections in Daegu has been reduced to almost zero.

Daegu Samsung lions park, 2016
Daegu is a safe and healthy city to play games 
at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, the home stadium of the Samsung Lions.

Korean pizza guy is at Daegu Samsung Lions park

The construction of Samsung Lions Park started on December 27, 2012 
and was completed on February 25, 2016.
Fans call Samsung Lions Park 'Lapak'!

You can get off at 'Dae Gong Won Station' by taking Daegu Metro Line 2.
There are 18 buses that come here, so it's accessible.
There is also park place where you can have some chill. 

It can accommodate 29,000 people, 
so it is the most crowded baseball stadium in Korea. 
The number of seats and seats are different 
because the number of seats in an indoor building is calculated 
as the number of seats plus standing seats. 

In addition to the regular seats, there is 5,000 event seats 
including grass, table, and family seats. 
Natural grass is laid on the ground soil for Major League Baseball 
and ultra-high definition electronic display is installed.

The baseball park parking lot is small. 
There are only 1,097 parking spaces,
 and 245 parking spaces are reserved for athletes, reporters, related staff, with only 852 parking spaces available for the general audience.
It's almost full on holidays and weekends, 
so they tell people to do park at the Daegu Museum of Art
 and guiding them to use the shuttle bus!

So the bottom line is that public transportation like subways and buses is the best! It's much more convenient than a car because it also runs a shuttle bus.
The electronic display outside of Daegu Samsung Lions Park 
tells the winner and loser of the game in blue, red, and green.
We turn on blue lights when the game is winning, 
red lights when we lose, and blue and red lights when we are tied.
And when the game ends in a draw, the green light will be on. It's fun, right?
 As a baseball fan of Samsung, 
I hope the blue lights will always be on at Samsung Lions Park!

Although the game is now going on without spectators, 
once the Corona 19 spread is over, 
you can cheer excitedly
with enthusiastic Samsung Lions fans and watch the game. : )

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