Thursday, April 9, 2020

3 Daegu cafes where you can feel the warmth of spring days

It's April with warm sunshine.

On a day like this, I want to sit in a cafe with the sunlight and enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee.

I'd like to show you some pictures of nice Daegu cafes where you can feel the warmth of spring days.

April 2020, Daegu

Another winter has passed and a new spring has come.
Soft pink apricot flowers and magnolia are falling, and spring brings out the blurry cherry blossoms.
I took my favorite book and diary and left home.

1. Hanok Cafe Mansion 5

The first destination was Hanok Cafe Mansion 5 (Mansion 5), located near Dongseongno Yakjeon Alley. 
It is also close to the Jongno bar alley.

Location : Daegu Metropolitan City Jung-gu, 79-gil, Jung-gu

There is also a separate parking space at Hanok Cafe Mansion 5.

The entrance to Mansion 5, which is made of hanok structure that gives a gentle feeling.
Under the sunlight, the sparkling house blends well with the blue and clear sky.

The atmosphere of the outdoor terrace, located near the entrance, seemed to show the chilly early spring yet.
Grass and light green trees with yellow sunshine sound of spring walking.

A neat self-refining frame that goes well with hanok cafes stands out.

We have crepecake (strawberry, green tea) and iced Americano.
Crepecakes are said to be made of handmade in professional bakeries.
I accidentally flipped over during the shoot.
Still a sweet and soft crepe.


2. Brunch Cafe NangMan Nori

The second destination was the brunch cafe "NangMan Nori", which has a garden located in Bukmun, Kyungbook National University.

It is a cafe with a pretty garden that you can't find in Daehangno.

Location : Daegu Metropolitan City Daehangno 23-gil 18-9 Cafe NangMan Nori
In addition to drinks and brunch, you can also enjoy meals such as pasta.

It can also be accompanied by pets in a large garden.
Spring-scent and cozy garden welcomed us as soon as we enter the entrance.
People who enjoy brunch on outdoor terraces can also be seen in the warm spring sunshine.

Cute Reese You See Inside the Cafe.
In the weather of the spring breeze, the word "romantic play" comes to me lovingly.

I ordered Americano (4,000 won) and vanilla latte (4,500 won).
Simple but neat plating stood out.

The beans had a heavy feeling.
The inside of the cafe was full of sensuous touches.


3. A cafe in Apsan, Baekgeumdang
The third place I visited was Baekgeumdang in Apsan.

Location : 48 Memorial Roads in Nam-gu, Daegu
The place, famous for scones and castella, made us feel excited with its savory smell even before we went in.
The white wall at the entrance and the wood harmonize calmly.
A cafe located near the Apsan, Monday is a holiday, so be careful.

We ordered coffee (5,500 won) and fruit castella (7,500 won).
The sunlight through the window curtains relaxes me.
Coffee and castella go so well together.
The yellow sunshine and the unique antique atmosphere of Baekgeumdang also blend well, giving it a sweet smell.

You can see the sensuous interior of Baekgeumdang from all over the store.
The light and white concrete walls seemed to add a ton to the atmosphere inside the store.
A luxurious and antique atmosphere.

A comfortable light comes through the window.
The wind flutters on my cheeks.


We arrived in spring after another season, and we can give each other a cup of warm tea as a reward for overcoming the cold winter.

If you now hide your tired mind, or overcome it and face a spring day where something new comes out faintly,
Why don't you feel the warm spring sunshine, holding a book and a cup of tea with the most precious person next to you now?

There is a flower blooming outside the window.


There are many pretty cafes in Daegu, right?

There are so many cafes with good atmosphere and delicious coffee and desserts that even if you go on a cafe tour for a few days.

Just by looking at the pictures, I can feel the good vibe, but I'm sure they'll still be there after a while.

We recommend that you visit after social distance period.
I hope all of you who visit our blog will enjoy a warm spring day.

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