Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Useful Korean conversations for tourist

Do you have any plan to visit Korea? Today I prepared some useful Korean conversations for tourist. Young Korean usually can speak English or you can use your translate application when you have a question to people. But here are some useful phrase that you can use in your tour! You can try to say it that written in English or just show them the Korean alphabet. Let's check it out~

Basic Conversation

Hello. / Good morning. / Good afternoon. / Good evening.
▶ annyeong haseyo (안녕하세요)

I am 'Jason'.
▶ jeoneun 'Jason' imnida (저는 'Jason' 입니다)

Thank you (very much).
▶ gamsa hamnida (감사합니다)

I'm sorry.
▶ joisong hamnida (죄송합니다)

Excuse me.
▶ Silrye hamnida (실례합니다)

How much is it?
▶ Igeo eolnmayeyo? (이거 얼마예요?)

Please give me a little discount.
▶ jogeumman kkaka juseyo (조금만 깎아주세요)

When asking the way

Please tell me the way
▶ gil jom allyeo juseyo (길 좀 알려주세요)

Is the distance far?
▶ georiga meongayo? (거리가 먼가요?)

Where is here?
▶ yeogiga eodi imnikka? (여기가 어디입니까?)

Where is the restroom?
▶ Hwajangsil eodi itseumnikka? (화장실 어디 있습니까?)

At the airport

Where can I find my luggage?
▶ jimeun eodiseo chajeul su itseumnikka? (짐은 어디서 찾을 수 있습니까?)

I'd like to reserve a seat
▶ jwaseok yeyageul hago sipseumnida (좌석 예약을 하고 싶습니다)

When will the bus come?
▶ beoseneun eonje omnikka? (버스는 언제 옵니까?)

Please let me know where to get off
▶ eodiseo naeryeya haneunji allyeo juseyo (어디서 내려야 하는지 알려주세요)

Please drop me off here
▶ yeogiseo naeryeo juseyo (여기서 내려주세요)

At the restaurant

I am a vegetarian.
▶ jeoneun chesik jueuija imnida (저는 채식주의자입니다)

Is this a lot of spicy?
▶ Igeo maeun geongayo? (이거 매운건가요?)

Please give me more side dishes
▶ yi banchan deo juyeyo (이 반찬 더 주세요)

▶ mat isseoyo (맛있어요!)

Check, please.
▶ gyesanhae juseyo (계산해주세요)

At the hotel

I'd like to reserve a room
▶ bangeul yeyakago sipseumnida (방을 예약하고 싶습니다)

Is there any empty room?
▶ bin bang yitnayo? (빈 방 있나요?)

I want to check in
▶ ckeckin haryego hamnida (체크인 하려고 합니다)

I want to leave my luggage
▶ jimeul matgigo sipeoyo (짐을 맡기고 싶어요)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Enjoy the International Musical Festival in Daegu!!

Daegu is advocated by the musical center of the city and built the world's first professional musical festival. It is an international event that is held every year in support of the Summer of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the year beginning 2006.

International Invitation works through continuous exchanges with overseas production and domestic creative musical support project. The opening celebration is part of the college musical festivals and citizens musicals together in future talent excavation system performance and closing ceremony, all ages participated available.

DIMF is a first international musical festival in Asia that encompasses the production and the performing parties, the public around the world is the cultural industry brand representing Daegu, Republic of Korea.

DIMF's Characters

DIMF has two characters. The appearance of a musical actor was expressed through three-dimensional configurations. Character lines are made to the structure of the surface, it brings the dramatic elements of the musical and artistic cultural property made out to meet the characters of different personalities. Jia Musica character and representing DIMF is a character out of a passing familiarity to the audience to find a musical visit Daegu and lead the expansion of the underlying musical.

Happiness ten thousand won


There are lots of events for visitors. Let me explain some of them. Happiness ten thousand won is special event tickets DIMF only provides a selection of musicals domestic/external world to an affordable starting price want to go led to the popularization of the musical. 


Selling seats varies depending on the venue and available seats much work.
Usually the seat of 1-2 layers (the Opera House up to 3 layers) is for sale.
As event tickets, seat position is random sales and the cash is designated seating, we ask your cooperation for a smooth field proceeding.
One person can buy 2 tickets from the cash available only, and non-refundable and changes you.
Closed sales performances by groups and a day's reservation is not sold.
Tickets will be closed early when exhausted. 
This will operate Sat, Jun 15 - Fri, July 5 at Dongseongno outdoor stage in front of the Daegu Department Store. During the weekday, They sell from 6 pm to 8 pm. And weekend, from 4 pm to 6 pm. Don't hesitate to get this chance! 

Enjoy DIMF through package service

You can also choice the package service. At first, The Jia Package provides 1 acoomodation ticket(2 people) + VIP concert tickets for two seat. The price is depend on what hotel do you want to stay or the show. You can buy it through the agency by calling. 

There is Closing Package too. You can show the opening performance and the closing performance. And there are variety kinds of sets for you. You could find in the DIMF site.

Here's some good news to discount the show! you get a discount from 20% to 50% according to the method. You should use some specific cards or buy the ticket a specific day. Please check in the below site. ▼

Way to go

The address is Daegu Buk-gu, Daegu Samsung Hoam 51, F Creative Campus East 2nd Floor DIMF Seretariat. Contact to 82+053-622-1945. 

If you use subway, you can go there by line 1 or line 3. You should get off at Daegu station when you us line 1, and then walk about 15 minutes. Or get off at Buk-gu Office station and walk about 20 minutes. There are some buses though, But I recommend you use the subway is better. 

Are you ready to enjoy the DIMF in Daegu?!! Don't hesitate to go or not. It will be a good experience to you. Hope you see in there~~~:)