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3 Beatiful Observatories in Asia | They'll Be One of Unforgettable Moments in Your life.

If we are travelling to any city and want to know and see the attraction of the city at a glance, where should we go? It’s a city observatory in the city. 

Because it is usually located at the highest place of the city, we can see the whole city at a glance all the time. So we’d like to introduce 3 beautiful observatories in Asia.

1. Apsan Observatory

Daegu is the third biggest city in South Korea, which is a metropolis with the population of about 2.5 million. Unlike other famous metropolises like New York, London and Tokyo, there is a mountain called Mt. Apsan (Literally, it means a mountain in front of the city.) in the vicinity of the downtown area. It takes around 15 minutes to go from the downtown to Apsan Park by car.  And Daegu is an old and historical city where people have resided in Daegu since Old Stone age, around 20,000 years. Daegu has always been at the center of all Korean historical events. Daegu was one of the engines of the 1970’s and 1980’s Korean economy as well as an educational city with 5 universities. Apsan Observatory is the place where people can look down at and enjoy the harmonious blend of the dynamic past and the promising future in Daegu as well as that of the beautiful nature and the sophisticated city.

Perfect Place for Family & Couples

At night, if we look up at the southern sky, we can see a glittering light structure on the top of a mountain from almost everywhere in Daegu. This modernized light structure at Apsan Observatory is gleaming Daegu every night. The observatory is well-known especially for an amazing night view overlooking the whole city below at a glance. The gaze from the viewing point of the observatory at night makes people repeatedly let out exclamations of the enchanting view of city lights. Besides, it is one of the best sunset spots in Korea. The observatory provides you with an incredible panoramic view during sunset. So, it is an awesome place for a picnic with family, a date of lovers and a hike with friends. And it’s open for 24 hours.

There are two ways to reach the observatory; one is to go up there by cable car from Keungol. It takes 15 minutes. The cable car runs every fifteen minutes from 9 am to 7 pm every day. The other way, if you have enough time to enjoy the nature scenery or enjoy outdoor sports, is to hike up there.  On the way to the top, you can meet a Buddhist temple called An-il sa. And you can visit the temple and enjoy the really fresh and clear spring water in the temple to cool hikers’ sweat off.

Ways to Go up

* By Cable Car: Keungol Entrance - Cable Car - Apsan Observatory (3.2km, approx. 40min)

* Hike: Anjirang-gol Entrance - Anilsa Temple - Apsan Observatory (2.5km, approx. 1hr)

[Cable Car fare for Round-trip]
Individuals: Adults 9,500 won / Children 7,500 won
Groups: Adults 8,500 won / Children 6,500 won

[Cable Car for One-way fare]
Individuals: Adults 7,500 won / Children 5,500 won
Groups: Adults 6,500 won / Children 4,500 won

* Children (ages 4-elementary school students) / Groups (30 people or more)
* Daegu City Tour users: 20% discount for round-trip fare (only available for same day ticket-holders)
More Information : (only Korean)

Padlocks & Ribons

And thousands of padlocks are hanging on the cable guardrail of the observatory deck as lovers wish to last their love forever and friends wish to keep their friendship stronger. Love locks! As they would lock up and throw keys down somewhere in the forest, they resolve that their love or their friendship will not break their true love or their strong relationship until they find the keys and open their locks.

 What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? (김비서가  그럴까) (tvN, 2018)

Recently, the observatory has received much attention as a filming location thanks to its beautiful structure and incredible view. A Korean TV drama ended recently with 14 episodes, “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?" (김비서가 그럴까) (tvN, 2018) was filmed here. This spot made the drama more romantic and the impression more long-lasting. After this drama was aired, the number of visitors is increasing.

Makgeolli & Pajeon  

And there is a cafeteria next to the cable car station on the top. It serves Korean traditional foods or some snacks and some drinks. The most Popular among visitors is Makgeolli, a milky rice wine with Pajeon(Korean veggie pancakes), and Eo-muk(fried fish cakes). Best of all, it has a rooftop balcony window. If visitors take window seats, it will provide them with amazing panoramic views while dining. But it’s close before 6 pm.

After descending the observatory, many beautiful restaurants including Korean and western ones are at the foot of Mt. Apsan. And if we walk along down the main street for 10 minutes, we can find Apsan Café Street. There are hundreds of restaurants and coffee shops.

Tour Course
- Course A :  Apsan Café Street - Apsan Observatory - Apsan Gobchang Street
- Course B :  Duryu Park/E-world Amusement Park- Apsan Observatory-Apsan Café Street

2. Mt. Luho View Deck

(Source : Philippines Tourism,

Boracay island is one of the most-loved places around the world. Mt. Luho is the highest point in Boracay island and many tourists love one of the tourist attractions, because it rises up to an altitude of 100 meters above sea level. Mt. Luho is a small mountain with a viewing deck and tourists can enjoy an amazing view of the east coast of the island. Luho view Deck is the most impressive viewpoint and the highest elevation (100 meters above the sea) in Boracay Island. it's not easy to climb up there, but it’s worthy of the view above Mt. Luho. The best way to go up there is to hike or take a mountain bike up and steep road going north from Barangay Bulabog, at the Eastern side of Boracay Island. And tourists can also rent a tricycle there. Renting a mountain bike or a tricycle will cost you from 150 to 300 pesos depending on your negotiation skills. Gazing the view at the top during the sunset is marvelous, but the sunrise is much more beautiful.

You need to be passing by a park and pay an entrance fee of Php 50.00. It offers some interesting attractions like wildlife reserve featuring the famous Philippine Eagle, several bird variety, snakes, the alamid (wild cat), monkeys and the bayawak.

And tourists can enjoy various kinds of water sports and many cheap sea-foods at restaurant on the white sands. They are reasonable prices, the qualities are quite good. And they can get a full massage at massage shops with ocean view.

3. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in the world. It became a representative landmark in Singapore. The observation deck of Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is located at one side of the rooftop area of Marina Bay Sands. From the high observation deck, visitors can enjoy watching the city and the docks including an impressive bird’s eye view of Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s futuristic park and the amazing metal tree structures. The best time going up to SkyPark is early evening, because visitors can watch  Singapore by both day and night, and they may watch even a sunset. Skypark is open from 09:30 till 22:00 (at 23:00 at the weekend).
Heading to the observatory deck is not hard, take the MRT, the closest stop is Bayfront, and from there you need to walk via the luxury mall directly into the hotel lobby. Head to the registration desk at the bottom of tower three, there is an exclusive elevator to the 56th floor and the outdoor viewing area.
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And visitors can enjoy Lighting show at 7 : 45 pm and Laser waterjet show at 8 : 00 at Garden by the Bay. They can enjoy various attractions and foods at night.