Wednesday, July 4, 2018

3 Best Korean Dishes To Pair with Vodka

It's half way through 2018 FIFA World Cup, people around the globe have been directing their eyes on the hosting country, Russia. From its rich cultural heritage in literature and classical music to its freezing winter and vodka, people have too many reasons to be fascinated with the country! Today, we are introducing 3 best Korean foods that you can try with Russia’s most symbolic alcohol of all, vodka!

Grilled pork never goes wrong!


What do fellow Russians and Koreans have in common? We LOVE to eat! And we do so with our favorite alcohol! Koreans love soju and Russians vodka. Though Korean soju is slightly sweet and tender version of the Russian spirit, two have its clear tastes in common. That means they are perfect to pair with grilled meat. Many pork intestine places in Korea sell both makchang and gopchang, which are different parts of intestines.

My tip is to start with makchang, which is usually served unseasoned. The unique flavor of fatty meat is enhanced as it’s grilled over a hot plate. When it’s ready, dip deep in makjang, the soy bean based sauce! If you want to stay safe, ask for salt instead. Regardless what types of sauce you try with, it tastes wonderful. This makchang and vodka pairing is great because vodka serves to clease your palate after each piece.

Daegu Metropolitan City is a great place to try pork intestine cuisine. It’s the central place for the industry and makchang place is all over the city. It’s easy to spot at least one restaurant specialized in the dish. If you are really curious and explore this unique Korean dining experience, we recommend Anjirang Gopchang Town, aka Anjirang Gopchang Alley. It’s literally many blocks of streets lined with gopchang restaurants. If you are too afraid to try this, samgyupsal is a great alternative.

Gopchang and the sauce
Anjirang Gopchang Town

Anjirang Gopchang Street
Location: near Anjirang Station(Line1)
Address: 89-1, Daemyeong-ro 36-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address: 대구 대명로 36 89

Spice up your summer

Muchimhoe comes with side dishes

Many Korean dishes are too spicy for Western palate on average. However, for Russians who have embraced adopted food cultures from the surrounding worlds, we’d like to introduce muchimhoe, seasoned raw fish! I want to reinforce that this delicacy is for those who have grown to enjoy some level of spice!

Japanese sashimi style raw fish is commonly found throughout South Korea. On the other hand, this seasoned raw fish is Daegu’s specialty. Since Daegu is located in the center of the peninsula, far from sea, we have developed a way to play with marine ingredients. An excellent solution was to stir raw fish in sweet and spicy sauce made of chili powder, garlic and ginger. Also, boiled squid and whelk, saury, conger pike, turnip strip and javan water dropwort mixed into the concoction. The result? A spicy dish filled with aroma and flavors. The strong tastes and chewy texture of the delicacy calls for equally powerful booze of vodka!

One spot to try out is Naedang-dong Stirred Raw Fish Alley, also known as Bangogae muchimhoe Alley among locals.

Muchimhoe and a piece of flat dumpling

Naedang-dong Stirred Raw Fish Alley
Location: near Bangogae Station(Line 2)
Address: 14-1, Dalgubeol-daero 375-gil, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address: 대구광역시 서구 달구벌대로375 14-1

The classic dumpling and vodka pairing

Are you also irresistible when it comes to dumplings? Deep fried, steamed or boiled, they are so great! Many countries around the world, even Poland, have their version of dumplings and Korea does, too. So, when you travel Korea, try Korean dumplings with your favorite vodka.

Among a variety of types, flat dumplings stands out the most. This odd looking dumplings actually boasts its popularity among Koreans. As you can see, it does not contain much fillings like other kinds; it only has tiny pieces of scallions and glass noodles. What makes this special is that the dumplings are constantly pressed when fried. This helps the food cooked evenly and adds higher level of “smoked” flavor. Also, the soy based sauce that comes with boasts sour flavor that Russians love.

Miseongdang Flat Dumpling is a Daegu chain that is known for its smoked flavor. For foreigners, it might be rather difficult to spot flat dumpling place to try out. Going for Miseongdang is a convenient and sure choice for dumplings lovers! This simple dish is a great partner to simple liquor, vodka!

It's served with chopped scallions. You can add chili powder and soy sauce as you please.

Miseongdang Flat Dumpling
Location: near Sinam Station(Line2)
Address: 75-1, Namsan-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address: 대구광역시 중구 남산로 75-1

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