Tuesday, May 8, 2018

All About Summer Festivals 2018 | Art, Music, Food Festivals in Korea(Daegu)

Surprisingly, summer is great time to visit Daegu. By the time scorching sunlight starts to fade in the late afternoon, you will be ready to get the most of what summer has to offer. Before too late, let’s see some of our options!


Daegu Intl' Bodypainting Festival

Human body becomes an canvas for spectacular art! Talents from around the worlds visits Daegu in summer to compete for their excellent skills.

─ Date: Aug 25 - 26
─ Location: Kolon Outdoor Music Hall (Duryu Park)
─ Website: Click here

Click here to read an article on BBC News


12th Daegu International Musical Festival
All images: DIMF

Daegu is a member of creative cities Network by UNESCO for music. Summer is an opportune time to enjoy a wide range of genre of music. Let’s begin with musical.

─ Date: starts on June 22
─ Location: various venues

Daegu International Horror Theater Festival
For horror fans, summer can’t come sooner. Daegu Intl’ Horror Theater Festival presents more than just theater performances such as interactive events. For 2018 in particular, Horror Festival works with Daegu’s one of the biggest food festival, Chimac Festival, to present “Horror Chimac Party at Summer Night”

─ Date: Mid-late July
─ Location: Citizen’s Plaza @ Daegu Stadium

Daegu Folk Festival
All images: Daegu Folk Festival

If you like enjoying chilling with folk music, this is the festival not to miss. Daegu Folk Festival boasts a stunning line-up each year to offer melodic and hearty summer night.

─ Date: July 27 - 29, 2018
─ Main venue: Kolon Outdoor Music Hall(Duryu Park)


Daegu Chimac Festival

430,000 chickens, 300,000L of beer, more than 1 million visitors from around the world. These are a few things that describe Daegu Chimac Festival! If you know Korean culture, you are probably familiar with “Chimac” culture, which literally means chicken and macjoo(beer) in Korean. At 2018 Daegu Chimac Festival, there is pool cinema, pool tables and squirt gun fights along with tasty chimac you will endlessly enjoy.

─ Date: July 18 – 22
─ Locations: Duryu Park, Pyounghwa Market, E-world, Seobu Market Franchise Street

Anjirang Gopchang Town Festival

One of 10 Daegu delicacies is the infamous gopchang(pork insetting) This grilled pork delicacy is widely popular among Koreans, Asian expats and other foreigners who have grown to love this unique tastes. If you are not ready yet, it’s okay. This festival offers a lot more than just gopchang.

─ Date: Aug
─ Where : Anjirang Gopchang Street