Friday, February 2, 2018

Beginning of Spring, Ipchun 2018 | Plan your Spring Korean Tour

February 4 is the day when a lot of people residing in the northern hemisphere have been waiting for: the beginning of spring(Ipchun, 입춘)! For those of you who are wondering what this is about, it is a lunar calendar way of knowing seasonal changes by dividing a year in 24 according to the position of sun. Ipchun is the first of these 24 solar terms that indicates a new spring has come for the year!

In Korea, March to May is the time when you can enjoy the most out of springtime. If you are planning to tour Daegu from overseas or other areas of Korea, check out the below to plan ahead to experience the best out of the best spring season!

Cherry Blossom

March is when a variety of colors of flowers begin to bloom. Our one favorite flower, cherry blossom, also begin to bloom in the end of March. Last year in Daegu, it was around March 26 when cherry blossom across Daegu start to show its heavenly pale pink petals. The peak of cherry blossom falls around the beginning of April.

Cherry Blossom Hot Spots Best 6
#1 Apsan Café Street
#2 Eworld
#3 Duryu Park
#4 Okpo Cherry Blossom Street(near Songhae Park)
$5 Mt. Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Street

Mt. Biseulsan’s Azalea

Okpo Cherry Blossom Street, Dalseong-gun

Imagine a 100 square meter of a mountain top turned into magenta pink filed of Azalea flowers! Biseulsan Azalea Festival! In the end of April, around 350,000 people from all over Korea visit climb Mt. Biseulsan to see this spectacular scene. It is one of a topic that is most asked at Daegu Travel channels as well. What is the number top? Keep on reading!

Dalgubeol Lantern Festival

Daegu boasts a lot of famous festivals ranging from Colorful Festival and Dongseongro Festival in spring to Chimac Festival and DIMF in summer. However, among all, Dalgubeol Lantern Festival seems like the most anticipated event of the year among expats and tourists! Unlike previous years, Dalgubeol Lantern Festival 2018 starts on May 16 and lasts for three days. The most exciting event, Merrymaking, is on May 19.

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