Friday, August 18, 2017

Shinsegae Dongdaegu is Foodie's Ultimate Destination this fall

Image courtesy: Shinsegae

A popular Korean saying "천고마비(Cheon go ma bi)" literally means "as sky goes high, horses put on flesh." It effectively expresses what Korean people perceive a season fall: fall is a time to treat yourself with great food! If you are thinking to a short trip to Daegu this weekend, Shinsegae Dongdaegu can offer you a great variety of food and desserts! Come with us to this ultimate foodie's paradise! 

If you are looking for a full meal! 
9F Luang Street & Zooraji Theme Park 

All image courtesy: Shinsegae

■ What to expect at Luang Street: Ttokijung, Gangsan myeonok, Ryu coffee Roseuteosu, Hansik Olbaan, Villa de spicy, Kon Thai, Crystaljade, I am A Burger, Bulldogs, Auntie Annes pretzel

All image courtesy: Shinsegae

■ What to expect at Zooraji Theme Park: Dim Dim Sum, The Place, Arirang Hotdog, Baskin Robbins, Margo Cookie

If you are looking for a quick snack and desserts!  
B1 Food Market

All image courtesy: Shinsegae

■ What to expect at Food Plaza: Banwoldang croquette, Brother lunch box, Modern tacos, Mr.chondak, Agra Express, Chef Lee Food truck

All image courtesy: Shinsegae

What to expect at Sweet Park: Menagerie Cup Cake, Osulloc, Frank, LeTAO, Bake Cheese Tart, Soft Ice, Royce

If you a quick energy boost between shoppings,
6F iKONIC square

What to expect at iKONIC square: School Food, Nuclear Steak, Baekmidang, Street Churros

Also, a handful of cafes are available for coffee and sweet delights. I am A Burger at 1F, Oilily Cafe at 4F, Haagen-Dazs at 5F, Paulbassett at 6F(famille Town), Lucid at 7F! 

[Shinsegae Daegu]
─ Date:  everyday
─ Hours:  10:00 – 20:00 (Aquarium 10:30 – 22:00)
─ Location: connected to Dongdaegu Station(Line2) 
─ Address: 149, Dongbu-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
─ KR Address: 대구광역시 동구 신천4동 동부로 149
─ Website:

9F Zooraji Theme park / Alive Aquarium
8F Luang Street(Food Court) / Megabox(Cinema)
7F Home Collection / Little Shinsegae(Kids) / Lingerie / Bounce teuraempollin park
6F Number street(young casual/sports) / Electro Mart /Bandi & Lunis
5F Floor Famous Foreign Brands
4F Women classic / handbag
3F Women contemporary / Shoes
2F Men/Golf
1F Cosmetics / Luxury watches / Fashion Accessories
B1 Shinsegae food market

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