Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Travel Weeks : Daegu Has Fun Stamp Tour Event in Daegu, Korea

Daegu Has Fun 대구는 재밌다 Stamp Tour

From April 29(Sat) to May 14(Sun) is Spring Travel weeks so lots of interesting events will take place.

The best thing you should check is "STAMP TOUR" !

During spring travel weeks, visit few spots of Daegu and get the stamp! you will have special souvenir

Are you  ready? Let's go to check the details !

■ Event period : April 29(Sat)~May 14(Sun)
■ How to join : ① Get the guide book, "대구는 재밌다" (Daegu Has Fun) or download the stamp map above.
                          ② Visit more than 3 spots between 20, and get the stamps!
                          ③ Visit the office mentioned below for free souvenir.
                          ④ Post on your SNS!

■ Souvenir : Table clock, 6 kinds of travel requisites in a small pouch.

■ Places for stamp
Samunjin Wharf, Jumak Village 
Samunjin Jumak Village Canteen service counter(10:00~18:00)

Hyangchon cultural center
2nd Floor, cultural theater (09:00~18:00)

Ot-Gol Village (The Chui Clan of Geongju)
Interpreter lectern (10:00~17:00)

Inheung Village
Interpreter lectern (10:00~17:00)

Daegu textile museum
1st floor, Informatiion desk (09:00~18:00)

Prehistoric remains park
Management office(09:00~17:00)

Songhae Park
The first observatory (10:00~17:00)

Dalseong Fortress
Left side of the main entrance, management office, handicraft workshop(09:00~18)

Daegu Arboretum
The Security office in front of the parking lot(10:00~18:00)

Daegu weather science museum
2nd Floor information desk(10:00~18:00)

Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park
Interpreter lectern(10:00~17:00)

Hill Crest / Spa Valley
Main entrance, south entrance ticket office(10:00~17:00)

Suseongmot Lake
Main entrance ticket office(11:00~18:00)

E world/83 tower
4th floor information desk at 83 tower(11:00~22:00)

Seomun night market
tourism information desk(09:00~17:00)

Palgongsan mountain cable car
ticket office of cable car(09:30~18:50)

Apsan observatory(Cable car)
ticket office of cable car(10:00~19:00) 

Ayang railway

Kim Gwangseok street, Bangchun market
tourism information desk(10:00~18:00)

Biseulsan mountain, Daegyeonsa temple
In front of roof tile buddhist temple(10:00~16:00)

Mabijeong Mural Village
Agritourism village(09:00~18:00)

Chungna Hill
Interpreter lectern(10:00~17:00)

Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine
Tourism information desk(10:00~17:00)

■ Souvenir distribution office 
Dongdaegu Station Tourist Information Center
Daegu Station Tourist Information Center
Yangnyeongsi Chungchun Salon
Ssamji park information desk
Kim Gwangseok-gil street information desk

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Announcement : 2017 Daegu Travel SNS Reporter

2017 Daegu Travel SNS Reporter

Congratulations members!
You are selected as a 2017 Daegu Travel SNS Reporter

We would like to say Thank you for your interest in our recruitment. 
And also regret to say that to those not selected this time. 

We will contact the 3 members selected individually soon.

Congratulations again and Please keep supporting us this year!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring travel weeks - Daegu has programs to enjoy : "Daegu Has Fun"

Spring travel weeks, Daegu Has Fun!

From April 29(Sat) to May 15(Sun) is Spring travel weeks.
Theme of this year is "Daegu Has Fun", got lots of programs and advantages.
Let's enjoy the Daegu during this weeks and check the details below!

1. Kimkwangseok Road - humanities event in Spring

Talk concerts will take place, theme of all the talk concert will be from his song.

Date : April 29(Sat) - May 13(Fri)
   @Kimkwangseok Road

 April 29(Sat) - April 30(Sun) 13:00~15:00
   Daegu's modern literature, Quiz, Writers.

 May 3(Wed) 15:00~17:00
   Singer song-writer Kim Kwang-seok and popular music.

 May 5(Fri) 15:00~17:00
   Daegu's food, culture, 10 Tastes of Daegu.

 May 6(Sat) 15:00~17:00
   Daegu's coffee culture, coffee road, talking about coffee beans

 May 9(Tue) 15:00~17:00
   Daegu's alley culture, Bukseongro, talking about modern alley

 May 13(Sat) 13:00~15:00
   "We are from Daegu right?" and more

2. Mabijeong Mural village

 Date : May 3(Wed), May 5(Fri), May 6(Sat) 16:00~17:00
   @ Mabijeong mural village

 Program : ① Let's paint the mural of my family! , giveaway event, selected work will be exhibited.
                      ② Retro play(One-legged fight, cultural event)

3. Hajungdo Island Canola Field

 Date : April 29,30(Sat,Sun) / May 3,5(Public holidays) / May 6,7(Sat,Sun) / May 13,14(Sat,Sun)
   @ Hajungdo near Nogok bridge, Geumho river.

 Program : Polaroid photo taking, Magic busking, Bubble performance, Food trucks.

4. Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine Festival

 Date : May 3(Wed) - May 7(Fri) 13:00~20:00
   @ Yangnyeongsi area(51-1, Namsung-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu)

 Program : Find Golden Kyungokgo!(restorative herb medicine), Sasang Constitutional Experience Hall, Foot Bath Experience

5. Daegu olle trail walking festival

 Date : May 13(Sat)
   @ Bullo-dong ancient tomb park ~ Dansanji reservoir ~ Shin Sunggyeon Shrine (9 km course)

 Program : Flea market, flowers and butterfly photo contest, coffee booth, Experiencing Hwajeon nori(having flower rice pancake and enjoy the spring at the outdoor)
 To participate : Apply to Green consumer network in Daegu, Korea

6. Kimkwangseok Bus 'The Play'

See the performance, listen his music at one place, In the bus!

 Date : April 28,29(Fri,Sat) / May 5,6((Fri,Sat) / May 12,13(Fri,Sat) 18:00
   @ Dongseong-ro Novotel ~ alighting at Kimkwangseog road

 To paricipate : Enquiry and apply, Kindy check

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Plan your visit : Discover Blossoms at Festivals in Daegu – Palgongsan Cherry blossoms festival, Biseulsan azalea cultural festival.

Discover Blossoms at Festivals in Daegu 
Cherry blossoms and Azalea

The 9th Palgongsan Cherry Blossoms Festival

No worries, you can see Cherry blossoms still at Palgongsan. The 9th Palgongsan Cherry Blossoms Festival will be held from this Wednesday to Sunday. Drive through the cherry blossom-lined road and try various events. 

The most special thing you might try here is Bomnamul(spring vegetables) Bibimbap event at Fountain square in Donghwasa Temple area, April 15(Sat) 13:00~14:00. And If you are active and like to do physical activity, There's some event for you - Palsongsan artificial rock climbing at Tapgol artifical rock climbing wall course from April 12(Wed)~16(Sun) 10:00~16:00.

● Date : April 12(Wed) – April 16(Sun)
 Venue : Fountain square in Donghwasa Temple area
 Enquiry : 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese etc)
 How to get there : By bus – Rapid 1, Palgong 1.
 Location : Fountain square in Donghwasa Temple area, Palgongsan, Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu.

2017 Biseulsan Azalea Cultural Festival

Enjoy the startling view of beautiful mountain and flowers. If you like to hike, way to azalea habitat area will be absolutely perfect 2 hours hiking course. If you don’t like to, Just take the Biseulsan Firefly Electric Car which is the mountain Biseul’s transportation, operating between the natural recreation forest entrance and Daegyeonsan temple. From The Daegyeonsa temple to the habitat, 20 mins will be taken on foot. During Biseulsan Azalea Cultural Festival, Various events like performances, singing contest will take place. Further details will be updated soonest!

● Date : April 22(Sat) – April 30(Sun)
 Venue : Biseulsan recreational forests
 Enquiry : 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese etc)
 How to get there : Take bus number 600 or Dalseong 5 heading to Biseulsan natural recreation forest
 Location :  230, Hyuyangnim-gil, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

For your information, All photos taken last year.