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Winter Escape To Korean Hot Springs & Spas #1 :: 'Spa Valley' Hot Springs Resort In Daegu

Winter Escape to Korean Hot Springs & Spas #1
'Spa Valley'

Written by Travel Writer
Eun Young Yoo

Cold winters remind you of warm, hot springs.
Once you take a dip in the hot spring water, it feels as if it melts even your frozen heart. Your skin glows brightly, and your body feels much lighter. 
Daegu Travel would like to introduce three best destinations of hot springs in Daegu. 
The first hot springs spot is Spa Valley today.

'Spa Valley' Hot Springs Resort
In Korea, we use the expression “this is cool” when we eat hot soup or when we take a dip in hot spring water. We use this expression because it feels as if our body and mind’s fatigue completely spills over once we take a dip in the hot spring water.
Spa Valley, with its hot spring water, is one of the top attractions in Daegu during winter.

An indoor water park is available from the 1st to the 4th floor.
There is a large bath pool, an exciting kids pool, healthy steam room, an oriental outdoor bath, and a hot spring sauna.
Your attention will be captured by the large bath pool located at the Fun-Fun Zone on the 2nd floor. You can swim to your heart’s content and water massage spots are available throughout the pool. Your body will relax once you start swimming in the warm spring water, with your painful shoulder and straining waist relaxing once you get a water massage. There are also several steam rooms, called jjimjilbang, where you can lie down and unwind.

Aqua Play, located on the 4th floor, is a space where both parents and children can enjoy together. It has a wave pool equipped with a circular slide. The side door of Aqua Play leads to the outdoor baths where your body feels warm, whereas the wind on your face is chilling.
Your view of the skies and mountains from afar are just a bonus. Sky Valley boasts of having a hexagonal hot spring water. Hexagonal water is the favorite water of our body cells, and is good for the prevention and treatment of atopy, diabetes, and hypertension. It removes active oxygen and serves as an energizer. It is particularly good for your skin.

The outdoor pool will open on December 24.
The 25-meter large outdoor pool is designed for both children and adults. The oriental outdoor bath is divided according to different body temperaments: those who were born between February and May are for the ‘wood’ bath and those born between November and February are for the ‘water’ bath. You will be able to enjoy herbal baths suitable to your birth month.

Spa Valley, which was the first water park to be opened in Yeongnam area, is already celebrating its 13th anniversary. In addition to the water park Spa Valley, you can enjoy Hotel de for Re, a nature park and forest house. At night, Nature Park turns into a moonlight garden decorated with colorful lights. For seasonal usage hours and rates, kindly refer to our website.

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