Monday, December 12, 2016

Korean Cultural Experience In Hanok #3 Hanok Stay At Old Guam Seowon In Daegu

Korean Cultural Experience In Hanok #3
Old Guam Seowon

Written by Eun Young Yoo
Travel Writer

Enjoy traditional experiences at Old Guam Seowon while wearing Hanbok!
There is an old Guam Seowon below Cheongna Hill, where the alleys of the modern times in Daegu begins. Entering the curved and narrow alleys, a traditional house with 350 years of history appears. The Guam Seowon, built in 1664, was built in honor of Seochim. Seochim is a great classical scholar who gave his own land to King Sejong asking him to lower the taxes of the people in Daegu.

There is an ongoing traditional experience program at the old Guam Seowon. One wears the Hanbok, and learns traditional manners. Aside from that, one can try the Dado (tea ceremony) experience, archery experience and seodang(village school) experience. Traditional games like yunnori, jegichagi, neolttwigi and loop throwing are provided at the backyard. Sadly, these experience activities can be done only by groups of at least 20. However, individual tourists can also register for an overnight stay. Staying for a night at the old traditional house offers unforgettable memories.

▶ Inquiry 
   • Old Guam Seowon : +82-53-428-9900 
   • 1330 Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
▶ Location: 10min walk from Seomun Market Station(Daegu Subway Line 3)
▶ Address: Daegu Gukchaebosang-ro Jung-gu 492-58 Korea

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