Thursday, June 30, 2016

Weekly Art Market in South Korea – Daegu's Weekend Art Road 'Daemyeong-dong Market'

Weekly Art Market in South Korea – Daegu's Weekend Art Road 'Daemyeong-dong Market'
Weekly Art Market,
'Daemyeong-dong Market' in Daegu

If you are an artist or art and culture lover, come to Daemyong-dong Art Market located in Daegu, South Korea! Every Saturday is the day to visit for art products, street performances and art shoppers.  

Daemyeong-dong Market is a weekly art market newly started. It features stalls selling art and handmade items along the street that runs from the main gate of Keimyung University to the small theater area.

The art market consists of ‘Road market zone’ for a handcrafts flea market, ‘Art market zone’ for a creative artworks flea market, ‘Small theatres zone’. Also the last Wednesday of every month, a number of indie bands give mini concerts and street performances.

△ Photos provided from Daemyeong-dong Market

If you want to experience Korean art market, just come to Daemyeong-dong Market which creates a space of youth and vitality where artists and local residents can truly come together.

Daemyeong-dong Market 
■ Period : Until October, 2016 
    • Every Saturday(except for last week) 2pm-6pm / 4pm-8pm for Jul-Aug 
    • The last week Wednesday of every month
■ Venue : Performance and Culture street in Daemyeong-dong (From the main gate of Keimyung University, Daemyeong-dong campus to the small theater area)

2130-14 Daemyeong 3-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu

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