Friday, February 5, 2016

2016 Recruitment of the 4th International Student Supporters for Daegu Tourism! Fulfill Your Travel Dreams in South Korea

Recruitment of International Student Supporters for Daegu Travel 

Daegu Tourism will make you have enjoyable experiences and unforgettable memories!!

Daegu Travel, the official blog of Daegu tourism, is recruiting international student supporters for Daegu tourism promotion. The 4th International Student Supporters will help run the social media channels (Facebook and blog) of Daegu Tourism and promote it.

We are very happy to welcome people who would love to share their talents by becoming a member of the 4th Daegu Travel’s international student supporter!

If you love Daegu city, traveling, photography and writing, do not hesitate to apply to become an international student supporter for Daegu Tourism. You will be able to fulfill your creative ideas by carrying out a monthly mission as one of the honorary ambassador for Daegu Tourism.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

Recruitment of the 4th International Student Supporters for Daegu Tourism 

▶ Application Period : Feb 5th (Fri) to Feb 26th (Fri), 2016
▶ Qualification : International and Korean Students living in Daegu
    ※ Any international students who are interested in Daegu and have a personal social media account.
▶ Volume of Recruitment : 50 people (including both of international and Korean students)
▶ How to Apply : Application must be submitted by e-mail only (
    Download an application form → Click Here! 
▶ Date of Announcement : Mar 3rd (Thu), 2016 
Notice will be posted on the official blog of Daegu tourism (Daegu Travel) or individual contact.

▶ Working Period : Mar to Dec, 2016-02-05
▶ Activities
 - Complete monthly missions and post on your social media accounts.  
 - Attend starting ceremony, meetings, disbanding ceremony and some events.
▶ Benefits 
 - Official press card, uniform
 - Activity cost (based on mission completion per month)
 - Official certification, appointment as honorary ambassador for Daegu tourism
 - FAM Tour, social media education 
 - Invitation of every festival and event in Daegu
▶ Starting Ceremony and FAM Tour : Scheduled from Mar 12th (Sat) through Mar 13th (Sun), 2016
▶ Inquiry
Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tourism Departement
 - TEL : +82-53-382-5249 (9AM to 18PM)
 - E-mail :

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