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‘Daegu, Travel Back In Time’ - Themed Travel Course, Traveling Back To 1950 - 1980 Of Korea

‘Daegu, Travel Back In Time’ - Themed Travel Course, Traveling Back To 1950 - 1980 Of Korea
‘Daegu, Travel Back In Time’ - Traveling Back To 1950 - 1980 Of Korea

Aren’t you curious about how Korea looked back from 1950 to 1980?
Daegu Travel will introduce to you a ‘Daegu, travel back in time’-themed travel course where you can see the old features of Daegu. Travel back to Daegu of 1950-80, keeping history and memories, and witness its former stature. 

Heimat Music Hall

‘Heimat music hall’ is a classic music hall that turned 59 years of age this 2016.
We bet that there are a lot of people who are thinking “Hmm? Classic music hall? What is that?”

In the 1950’s, where, unlike the current generation, devices used for listening to music, such as Mp3 and CD’s, were not common, people went to the music hall. Once inside, people could enjoy a diverse array of music through LP’s and live performances! The classic music hall was where they could listen to classic music. 

‘Heimat’ in ‘Heimat music hall’ means ‘home town’ in German. It has an impressively cozy and warm ambience. Music listening sessions and classic academy are held regularly until now. You should surely visit the music hall since there aren’t a lot of places in the country anymore where you can appreciate classic music gathered in a group.   

45, Dongseong-ro 6-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Hyangchon Cultural Centre

Second spot in the travel course to Daegu’s past is Hyangchon Cultural Centre.
Hyangchon-dong, Daegu was the center of Daegu where the most popular people in Daegu would hangout. All the café, pub, housewife centers, music halls, and what not were concentrated here. Also, Hyangchon-dong was where the writers and artists who took refuge from the Korean War gathered and performed.

‘Hyangchon Cultural Centre’ is made to commemorate this kind of history.
The cultural center is full of exhibits that flash the exact images and features of 1910 to 1950’s. 

449, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Mido Café

Mido Café, which opened in 1982, is a place where you can really feel the atmosphere of the 1980’s.

△ Photo Courtesy : Mido Café's Website

Now, people love drinking Americano; but back then, warm Black Herbal Tea was the in-thing. You can try the drinks at an affordable prices in Mido Café.
Mido Café turned into a place for elders and not for the young.
How about making a final period of the traveling Mido Café?

14, Jingolmok-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Although they are not as extravagant and sophisticated as the currently popular places, the Daegu “back to the past” travel spots give out impressive, cozy, and warm feelings that can only be felt in old places. Travel back in time in Daegu to experience these. 

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