Thursday, December 31, 2015

Travel Around Korea with the Unlimited Express Bus Lines Pass 'EBL PASS'

Travel Around Korea with the Unlimited Express Bus Lines Pass EBL PASS
Travel around Korea with the unlimited express bus lines pass 'EBL PASS'

There is a travel pass that can make your trip in Korea much more convenient.
It is called EBL Pass (Express Bus Lines Pass) and an easy transportation pass for free travel, which lets you ride on an express bus all you want.

'Rail Ro' is an easy pass that allows unlimited use of the train and is available for purchase only for those aged 25 and below.

The EBL pass, on the other hand, is an easy pass for unlimited use of the express bus that anyone can buy regardless of age.

■ Ticketing Deadline : No Constraints
■ Effective Period : From the day of reservation of the EBL Pass until four days after (excluding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
■ Type of issuance : Paper ticket, SMS message
■ Available vehicles : Premium, night, and regular bus all from 8 different companies(Geumho, Dongbu, Dongyang, Samhwa, Sokrisan, Jungang, Cheonil, Hanil).
■ Available for : Everyone (no restriction in terms of age)
■ Price : 75,000won
■ Notes
- Only the pass holder may board (the pass may not be turned over to another party)
- It is limited to the effective dates
- You may not use the same line more than once a day (ex. When you have completed your round-trip from Seoul to Dongdaegu, the pass is ineffective for another round trip on the same line)
- The paper pass may not be reissued, but SMS pass may be reissued once (1)
- The pass cannot be used from 00AM to 6AM on Mondays since it’s ongoing office hours.
■ Instructions
Purchase EBL Pass → Receive the ticket → Request for an issuance of ticket to the desired destination at the terminal ticker booth → Issue the ticket (ticketing clerk) → Check ticket after boarding
■ Official website : (Korean only) 

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