Saturday, December 27, 2014

Daegu’s tour course/ Hot tour courses to enjoy the Daegu within the nature #2

There are several of grand natural view in Daegu.
Premium Tour Courses #2 are the selected courses where you can enjoy Daegu’s beauty of nature.

Autumn Travel Course_ Daegu in Nature 1night 2 days journey

■ Herb Hills

Herb Hills is one of the representative date courses in Daegu during autumn.

Herb Hills is the image of Red foliage path, which its autumn colors are real attraction.

You can find out the splendid scenery of autumn in tinged colors.

■ Nok Dong Soe Won

Nok Dong Soe Won is a shrine of General Kim, Chung Soen who naturalized from Japan back to the Choson dynasty.

If you want to experience the Korean essentials, this site is a good place to visit.

Also, beside a shrine lies a “Dal Soeng Han Il U Ho Kwan” museum for a harmonized relationship between Korea and Japan.

■ Namjijangsa Temple

Daegu NamjijangsaTempleis a historical temple that was established before the 4th year under the reign of King Shinmun of Silla.

It used to be a grand Buddhist temple with about three thousand monks before.

You can naturally feel the healing essence from YoungNam’s (South Gyeongsang Province) best Pine tree habitat at the back of Namjijangsa Temple.

■ The Big Tree House

When feeling weak, Koreans invigorate themselves with “Bo Yang Shik(Medicinal Korean Foods),” foods that provide a good health. 

The most typical of them is “Baeksuk.(Boiled Chicken with Rice)” 
Baeksuk is a clean and pure tasting cuisine that is made out of a chicken boiled for a long time, and The Big Tree House is a court medicinal Baeksuk specialty restaurant.

This restaurant cooks cuisines only out of natural organic ingredients without any chemical condiments, which makes the food they make even tastier.

■ GachangJjinBbangStreet

Centered on Gachang-Myoen Office, 30th street is where JjinBbang(Steamed Bun) Street is located.

The most loved Korean snack during winter, JjinBbang!

Sweet adzuki bean sediments fillings jam-packed within is a favorite of everyone regardless of gender.

■ Daegu Arboretum

A tour spot where the taste of the autumn can be felt! 
The last recommended venue is Daegu Arboretum.

Chrysanthemum Festival adds the ambience of the autumn air even more.

60 thousand variety of trees, 130 thousand heads of herbaceous flowers, 3 hundred pieces of potted plants (bonsai) and 2 thousand pieces of cactus are exhibited.

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