Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Daegu Travel Course/ Walk in the nature! Daegu Premium Travel Course #4

Four seasons of Korea is known to be beautiful, right?
Especially the autumn with clear sky seem to have a charm to steal people’s heart!

We will be introducing splendid autumn travel destination of Daegu!

Daegu Autumn Travel Course_ Walk in the nature Overnight Travel Course

■ Momyeongjae Shrine

First destination for today is Momyeongjae Shrine.
Momyeongjae Shrine is a place for the praise of General Doo Sachung of Ming Dynasty who made contributions and naturalized during Joseon Dynasty. 
Here has the Daecheong Pillar on which the Chinese poem composed and sent by General Lee, Sun-shin is engraved and more that this place has a deep history. 

■ Ayang Track

The Ayang Track across the Geumho River is a place newly made by remodeling the Ayang railway.

The bridge is extended along the side of the railway where train used to be passing and created a trail and there are a meditation center, Digital Bridge Museum as well as cafe that this place is famous as a place for date. 

■ Pyeongkwang-dong Apple Village

Deagu is known for its delicious apples since ancient times. 
At the Pyeongkwang-dong, Daegu, there are a lot of apple farm!

A program where you can pick apples with your family is open during summer and autumn.
Wangsan Farm, among them, is a good place for apple picking experience with children. 
You can pick green apples during summer and red apples during autumn! 

There also is a ceramic workshop that you can experience mug making, turning of spinning wheel. 

■ Baekrimjeong

Before we move to our last course, shall we eat delicious Chinese herb boiled chicken at the delicious restaurant located near the DodongThuja Forest? 

Baekrimjeong is the restaurant specializing in Chinese herb lotus leaf boiled chicken cooked with 11 kinds of Chinese herbs, and smoked duck, and Sumac Chicken. 

The lotus leaf grew at the Anshim(Beef Tenderloin), Dong-gu is used that it really is a genuine local food!
The lotus leaf absorbs the chicken oil that you can taste the savory boiled chicken without any smell!

■ DodongThuja Forest

Our last destination for today is the DodongThuja Forest designated as the #1 natural monument of Daegu.

In old times, the people with tastes for arts all around the nation used to gather and enjoy arts here. 

The dense forest and clear water is splendid now, and it must be more beautiful in the past.  

Daegu has the fun of walking in the nature!
These were the 4 courses of premium tour.  

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