Sunday, November 30, 2014

Daegu Tour Blog and SNS awarded with grand prize for tourism marketing division of 2014 Korea Internet Communication Satisfaction Index!

Applauses! A matter for congratulation happened to Daegu! 

Jemeotdero Daegu Road of Daegu Tourism had awarded with the grand prize for tourism marketing division of the 7th Korea Internet Communication Satisfaction Index! 

This year’s Korea Internet Communication Satisfaction Index is the award given to the institution and company with outstanding results after evaluating all online international activities through blog, Twitter, Facebook, websites, etc.

As many as 263 companies, 169 public institutions were evaluated, and among them Daegu Tourism grandly won the grand prize for tourism marketing division. 
At the award ceremony held on November 26 at Seoul Press Center, Section Chief Joon-Bo An from tourism of Daegu personally received the award.  

It feels really great to receive the splendid certificate of award and medal~! ^^

It means that we are recognized of our outstanding achievement in the field of tourism marketing among public institutions representing Korea. 

We attribute this honor to everyone visiting our Jemeotdero Daegu Road blog and Facebook! 

Taking this awarding of the Korea Internet Communication Satisfaction Index as a chance, Jemeotdero will do our best to guide more tourists to travel to Daegu!! And to introduce the charms of Daegu, the tourist city!! 

We give thanks to everyone who loves us and visits us! Thank you!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fall season tourist attractions of Daegu/ Enjoy a wonderful date at the gorgeous Hanok village in this late fall! _ Daegu Otgol Village (Head House of Gyeongju Choi Clan)

Otgol Village, which is a great place to visit in late fall, is famous for maintaining the old landscape of Korea although it is in Daegu.

It started to gain its popularity as it was on the famous TV variety show ‘Running man.’

Otgol Village is the village of descendants of Gyeongju Choi clan and was built during the Joseon Dynasty. 
Now, let us explore the Otgol Village, the Hanok village representing Daegu.
Here is the Korean traditional Doldam-gil (Stonewall Walkway.)
The vines on the wall make the mood of autumn season even deeper.
Persimmons, the most famous fall season fruit of Korea, appetizingly bore fruits on trees.
 Some of the houses in Otgol Village are open to the tourists for viewing.
Also, there are flowers beautifully bloomed under the wall.

Lastly, there is the famous photo zone of Daegu Otgol Village, the Bibo Forest.
The landscape is so breathtaking with the sunshine.~!

In the early autumn, you can see the green, rich trees before the leaves turn red or yellow while in the late autumn, you can enjoy the rustling sound of the fallen leaves under your feet.
The benches around the place make it the best place to enjoy meditation. 

Experience the gorgeous Hanok in the attractive city Daegu in this late autumns.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daegu’s November Exhibition / The 3rd Daegu International Robot Industry Expo& 2014 Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo where you can look all around from robots to the industrial machinery and tools.

I used to have doubts when I watch a science fiction movie or comic!
Would there be a day when robot does errands and everything in the word has computers and automatic system?

Doesn’t it happen only in the comic books? Of course, it has become possible at present!

A place where you can personally check the science technologies like this in Daegu was held at EXCO. 
It was the 3rd Daegu International Robot Industry Expo!

Especially, the 2014 Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo and 15th Daegu International Automatic Machinery Industry Expo were held along with the Robot Industry Expo making it more enriching and colorful this year! 

Let’s go to see interesting robots and marvelous industrial machines and tools. 
When it comes to robots, Jemeotdero thought about small robots used in daily life. 
They say that robots are used even at making semiconductor devices and circuit diagram. 
The device which spectators are listening closely to its explanation as well is the robot used when manufacturing products.
It looks like a human face, right? These robots are used to accompany elderly people living along and help daily life. 
Aside from these, there also is a cute robot for family use that helps children studying. 
Furthermore, at the display area there also are places young children would like aside from the adults. 

We can see HUBO, the representative robot of Korea, and a robot that can follow the gesture of people exactly!
A stage where we can see the robot performances which we sued to in the TV are decorated. The robots wearing pretty clothes felt very close~~!!
Since we are done looking around the robot exhibit, shall we now see Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo held at the 1st floor of EXCO?
This year’s Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo was participated by 486 enterprises that is more than last year, isn’t the scale of the exhibit great?
There are various devices we don’t actually see often!
There also are buyers aside from common spectators. 
Everyone listened carefully to the explanation of the product!

The Korean air force also had participated in this year’s industry expo. 
They caught the attention of spectators by presenting different parts of combat planes and handling simulation!
Have you enjoyed the Daegu International Robot Industry Expo?
Those who are curious of science technology of Korea or who really loves robots, please remember the Daegu International Robot Industry Expo & Daegu International Machinery Industry Expo!

Daegu’s November Festival/ Lights for fancy year-end! “Dancing with Light” E-World Starlight Festival

December is drawing near already.
Everywhere in the downtown is busy preparing for the end of the year. 

At Daegu, ‘E-World Starlight Festival’ informing the start of the year-end will be opening tomorrow.
The 2nd E-world Light Festival this year will decorate a cold year-end as warm and romantic day. 

An amusement park and fancy night view is the perfect combination!

Now, shall we know more about the 2nd E-World Starlight Festival?
■ Overview of the Festival
- Date : November 22, 2014 (Saturday)
- Venue : E-World

A beautiful light festival we enjoy ahead with hearts awaiting the end of the year! E-World Starlight Festival!
Especially, special programs will be held depending on the time. 

[Chapter 1] Hopeful Prelude“Lighting of Mega Tree and Fireworks“(November 22~December 5)
Fancy opening ceremony of Starlight Festival
Lighting of the nation’s highest treeand special fireworks
(Fireworks is held only on November 22)

[Chapter 2] Glow-in-dark Sonata “Starlight Stamp Tour” (December 6 ~ December 19)
A stamp tour enjoyed at Daegu’s largest starlight photo zone
For those who completed the tour, a special gift will be given. 

[Chapter 3] Love Serenade “Starlight Skating”(To be open on mid-December)
Sky skating enjoyed at the highest skating rink in the nation.
At the E-World Starlight Festival are gate square harmonized with 200-meter light road, angel status, large tree, and center square fancily lined with 830 lights, 50-meter fairy’s forest, and tambourine road! You can enjoy fancy lights in varied themes! So, you should visit! 

E-World festival filled with fancy starlight, how about visiting with the loved ones this weekend? ^^

Monday, November 24, 2014

Train trip to Daegu episode 12 Places to go near Daegu subway line 3 ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station~Goo-am Station.

We will start today’s episode!!
The places we want to introduce today is around ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station, Chilgok Station, and Goo-am station.

Construction is still going on, so it may be little wild~~~
But this is the preview of Daegu subway line 3! Come follow us to see what’s out there~

□ ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station ~ Goo-am Station

The north end of line 3, ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station!
Seori Pond is the place you can go from here.

Seori Pond is one of the places that many people come for fishing!
Unfortunately there weren’t anyone who were fishing when I went there, and it is probably because it was on a weekday. 
Autumn sunlight was reflected on Seori Pond and gave really peaceful atmosphere. I feel like it is a great fishing spot too!
If you want to go fishing, go to Seori Pond~~~
There are two places that you can visit from line 3 Chilgok station.
It doesn’t even have its nameplate yet, but this is Daegu subway line 3 Chilgok station!

The first is Bukgu Cultural Art Center.
It is a good place to enjoy cultural art year-round.
Including the different concerts and exhibitions of general cultural arts, they hold cultural education programs for local community members.
There are lot of sculptures at the entrance of Cultural Art Center, so it is also good to visit the place when there is no exhibition.

The second place is WoonamjiSoobyun Park.
They turned good-for-nothing reservoir into eco-friendly spot.
Also, WoonamjiSoonyun Park is connected to Hamji Mountain, so you can enjoy both hiking and walking in the park!!
WoonamjiSoobyun Park has really pretty walking path. If you walk along the reservoir, you will naturally feel more relaxed.
In the summer time, lotus bloom in Woonamji making it really attractive.
Also, you can see great night view if you hike up to the peak of Mount Hamji right behind Woonamji.

The last place of today is Goo-am station.
At Goo-am station, you can go to restaurants in front of ‘Health College street’
In front of Daegu Health University, there is this small but great college street!!
Usually there are lot of stores, shops, and restaurants near College campus!
From girls’ favorite coffee shops to to-go lunch box restaurant, famous sweet and sour pork restaurant, and even cup rice house!!
You can have fun touring Daegu and have nice meal in front of Daegu Health College!

That’s it! We just introduced you to the places around Daegu subway line 3 from ChilgokKyungppok National University Medical Center Station to Goo-am station~
Remind yourself that Daegu subway line 3 has lot of minor attractions!

When Daegu subway line 3 opens next May, enjoy Daegu trip riding fast and safe monorail! 

Daegu restaurants that Jjang-ddol dad is recommending / The Kitchen NOI, DAlizio, Full House, La Luce ? Kyungyang Restaurant, pasta restaurant, Italian food

Western food is what Koreans go for the most of the times when they eat out.
Western food such as Italian food and French food have been popular eat-out menu for a long time.

Among many restaurants in Daegu, I wanted to recommend 4 restaurants with unique characteristics.
Make sure to remember these places because they are great places to go on special days.

The Kitchen NOI
The Kitchen NOI is located near SeongkimDaegunSeongdang and has very satisfying atmosphere and taste.

It’s only been few months since they opened but they are already getting famous.
They have pasta course at 30,000 won range for lunch and 40,000 won/80,000 won steak course for dinner. Quality ingredients, taste, and even plating… it is a restaurant that doesn’t lack any of those. 
If you are looking for a place to celebrate a special day or to propose, I recommend you this place.

Dalizio, across Daegu Home Plus mall is a family restaurant with focus on pizzas and pastas. 
It is a place that has the comparable scale and interior design with those of large franchised family restaurants. 
The strength of Dalizio is their affordable price. 
Pizza is little more than 10,000won, and pasta is lower than that. You can also have steak for 20,000 won, so you can go there with no price pressure.

Full House
Full House didn’t have sophisticated menus like western restaurants nowadays but their main menus are hamburger steak, pork cutlet, omelet, and hashed rice. 
This restaurant kept its place since it first opened in 1991.
If you order hamburger steak, you will also have break with honey and the side that Koreans cannot miss, diced radish kimchi.
If you want to know about old western food culture of Korea, visit Full House!

La Luce
Located across Kyungdae Hospital, La Luce is an advocate of European restaurant. Already famous among gourmets, it is a great place to have a meal, and even better for a cup of wine. 
You have wide variety to choose from like salad, pasta, steak, and homemade hamburger, and the best part is the rich taste coming from great quality ingredients. 
You can’t miss the Greek eggplant cuisine moussaka made with cheese and tomato sauce, and steak that spreads savory juice in your mouth is also a strength of La Luce.