Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where are the 4 famous Nangmyeon (Cold Buckwheat Noodles) restaurants in Daegu?

Hot Summer, famous food to blow away the heat!
Introducing the 4 famous naengmyeon (Cold Buckwheat Noodles) restaurants in Daegu

1. Busan Anmyeonok

Busan AnmyeonOk is prestige Pyeongyang naengmyeon (Cold Buckwheat Noodles) restaurant behind Novotel. It has history of more than 40 years. The thickness of the noodles is relatively bigger compared to other places.
It is not pungent and the fresh taste of soup is the best

◎ Address: Gongpyeongdong, Joonggu, Daegu
◎ Contact number: 053-424-9389

2. Daedong Myeonok
There are more people who enjoy Hamheung naengmyeon which is Bibim-naengmyeon(Spicy Buckwheat Noodles)
Unlike other naengmyeon (Cold Buckwheat Noodles) restaurants, the view of remodeled private home attracts people’s eyes
Bibim-naengmyeon (Spicy Buckwheat Noodles) which dried stingray is garnished, forms harmony among spicy, sour and sweet flavor and chewy noodles

◎ Address: 1 Ga, Gyesandong, Joonggu, Daegu
◎ Contact number: 053-255-4450

3.Gangsan Myeonok

Gangsan Myeonok- the oldest naengmyeon restaurant in Daegu
The famous menu of Gangsan Myeonok is Kimchimari naengmyeon
 The naengmyeon with sour and sweet soup of kimchi, directly made noodle and cucumber and meat garnished is the best.

◎ Address: 62-1, Gyodong, Joonggu, Daegu
◎ Contact number: 053-425-0840

4. Gyodong Myeonok

The strength of Gyodong Myeonok is in abundant quantity and cheap price. You can eat Mul-naengmyeon(Cold Buckwheat noodles) with 4000 Won - almost half of prices of other naengmyeons.
It is unique that aromatically fried meat jeons (pancakes) are garnished in Mul-naengmyon (Cold Buckwheat Noodles) and Bibim-naengmyeon (Spicy Buckwheat Noodles).
Recommend Gyodong Myeonok with great taste and cheap price

◎ Address: 314-1 Cheonnaeri, Hwawoneup, Dalsunggun, Daegu
◎ Contact number: 634-9222

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In search of peculiar guesthouse of Daegu Part 2 – Gong-Gam with the beauty of Han-ok

Place with comfort-table and cozy bed!
Gong-Gam guesthouse is a kind guesthouse that helps settlement of immigrants and escapers of North Korea.
Han-Ok guesthouse Gong-Gam has opened the door newly and accommodates guests.
Story about Gong-Gam was heard in more detail through Manager YeongChul Heo.

Q. Introduce about guesthouse Gong-Gam
A. Gong-Gam is a place made for enterprise fund raising to help North Korean defectors’ settlement. Part of room charges is used for the North Korean defectors. In small meeting room of café, volunteers are pushing with education of computer, English etc. for students of North Korean defectors. Book café is an open are for any residents to hang out. It would be nice if many people visit and communicate with guests

Q. You have newly opened Han-Ok guesthouse recently, please tell about the reason to open and simple introduction
A. Han-Ok guesthouse is a place enough to add joy to trips of tourists who are looking for Daegu
Since it is located at the center of Geundae alley, Daegu, so it is the best place for people who are enjoying trip in Daegu.
From now on, this place will have active advertisements and marketing for domestic and foreign tourists to come travelling in Daegu

Q. Are there special program or events proceeding for locals and guests?
A. Firstly, in Gong-Gam café, we are opening Book café for all the local people. It is a place for everyone to visit freely and take a rest. We are also holding small Book concert using Book café and we are also hosting a day of movie for locals and guests.

Q. Please tell a word for guests and tourists who go to Gong-Gam
Gong-Gam is place made by gathered warm hearts of numerous people. Please use it a lot for a rest place for any local people to visit, enjoy a cup of tea, communicate with guests and chill

Han-Ok Gong-Gam is located at the center of Geundae Alley, Daegu
Outer view that strongly shows coziness of Han-Ok!

Rooms are consisted of separated building, main building and dormitory
Select according to number of people with your free choice since there are rooms for 3 and rooms for 6

※ Opening Commemoration

Room for 3 (separate building) whole room 90,000 Won→80,000 Won
Room for 3 (main building) whole room 90,000 Won→80,000 Won
Room for 6 (Dormitory) 27,000 Won → 25,000 Won per person
Inquiry: 070-8915-8991

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

August festivals in Daegu / the heated summer events of Daegu

August is the final stage of the summer!
The summer of Daegu is still burning hot.
Cool festivals such as International Body Painting Festival, Aqua Village, and Water Gun Festival are waiting!

2014 Daegu International Body Painting Festival

The fantastic festival by the top body painting artists of the world!
Enjoy the celebration performances of popular singers, splendid fireworks, and events such as dancing and magic.
Colorful city Daegu gets into the banquet of fancy colors!

- When : August 30th 2014~August 31st
- Where : Duryu Kolon Outdoor Music Hall
- Entrance fee : Free
- Program : Experience body painting / nail-art, henna experience
- Unit event : Invited artists, magic, and stage performances (August 30th~August 31st) / Fireworks (August 31st 21:30)
- Inquiries :

E World Aqua Village

E World Aqua Village will cool the hot summer down!
Fun water play continues to August from July.

- When : July 12th 2014 ~ August 31st
- Where : Left sled field of E World Central Square
- Program : Water play swimming pool / water gun fight / DJ concert
- Unit facility : Rest area, changing room, shower room, dining facility
- Inquiries : 053-620-0001

Daegu Water Gun Festival

August 10th, Water Gun Festival that welcomes everyone will be held in Bukseong-ro!
- When : August 10th, 2014
- Where : Bukseong-ro, Gonggu Alley
- Entrance fee : Free
- Things to bring : Water gun (also sold near the event venue)
- Inquiries 010-7757-6116

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hot Summer! Let’s go to pool at center of Daegu!

Let us leave for summer vacation to pool at center of Daegu that will blow
away the heat~
Where are the 3 places of pool at center of Daegu which whole family can enjoy together?
Meet the cool scene of the pool through the video clip

Safe and cool pool where children surely and whole family can enjoy
swimming inside city!

Come travel to cool Daegu this summer. ^^
1. GeumHoGang Pool
 – SinAmDong, Donggu, DaeguGwangyeoksi
2.SinSeo Pool
 – SinSeodong, Donggu, DaegguGwangyeoksi
3. SooSUng Family Park
 – 88-46, Palhyeongil, Suseonggu, DaegguGwangyeoksi

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Daegu train tour chapter 5 - Ayanggyo Station to Yonggye Station

Today, as a chapter 5 of Daegu train tour let me introduce to you tourist attractions between Ayanggyo Station and Yonggye Station

Ayanggyo station is a place near Geumho River.
When you take Ayanggyo station exit number 4, you will be able to see wide Geumho River and Ayang railroad after walking about 11 minutes.

Ayang railroad which opened in the year 2013 is now a popular tourist attraction where countless tourists visit.
Ayang railroad is maintaining the look of abandoned railroad.

In side it, there are amenities like café, meditation room, and digital bridge museum.

Dongchon station which isn’t that far from Ayanggyo station is popular among cyclers.
There is a separate cycle parking lot.


Dongchon amusement park where there are lively trees and grass is a perfect place for cycling.

Other than these, there are other spectacles such as Mangudang Park.

The next place we are going to visit is Onggi-Jongi happy village.
This place constructed as colorful mural village isn’t that wide but it is a good enough to enjoy small little fun.

The whole of village is full of colorful murals here and there.
If you want to visit Onggi-Jongi happy village take Dongchon station exit number 12, then walk for 15minutes toward The Second Ipseokgyo.

The beauty of traveling! It’s the food market to fill our hungry stomach. As our last course let’s go to Bangchon market.

Feel the warm heart of Daegu at Bangchon market where you can feel generosity of merchants.
You can visit tourist attractions here and there only by train.
You must know it is only possible because you are at Daegu.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daegu Tour / Forget steaming heat while watching a movie

Blow away the heat of summer while watching movie in a city.

Daegu modern history hall opens '2014 Summer Vacation Film Festival' in culture discussion room located at second floor from July 29 to August 8. This vacation film festival is for free without entrance fee.
During this period, except closure on Monday, August 4, movies will be shown twice a day for 2 hours respectively at 10 am in the morning and 2 pm in the afternoon in culture discussion room.

Entrance cannot be booked but it is by order or arrival. You must enter 10 minutes before showing if you want to watch!

△ In total, 20 films will be shown (10 animations and 10 masterpiece films)

△ July 29 Pororo Movie theatrical version (morning): Super snow board adventure, Casablanca(afternoon)

△ July 30 Ratatouille(morning), Doctor Zhivago(afternoon)

△ July 31 E.T (morning), Les Miserable (afternoon)

△ August 1 Night of storm (morning), Giant (Afternoon)

△ August 2 Where the Wild Things Are(morning), Broadway 42nd street (afternoon)

△ August 3 Spotted(morning), Roman Holiday(afternoon)

△ August 5, Ice Age 4 (morning), Sound of Music (afternoon)

△ August 6 Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox (Morning), Red Cliff (afternoon)

△ August 7 Ponyo On The Cliff(morning), For Whom the Bell Tolls (afternoon)

△ August 8 Magic Hanja (morning), The Shawshank Redemption (afternoon)

Daegu Modern History Hall : Daegu Junggu Pojungdong 33
Inquiry : 053-606-6430

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Secret Place….Jacks Place! - written by Kim costa, Daegu tour supporter

For those new to Korea, those first few weeks in a new culture, a new country and a new environment can be challenging. You start to realize just how far away from home you actually are and how much you will miss the simple things in life that were so normal to you. 

What better way to escape this new daunting reality than finding your own secret place that reminds you just that little bit of home?

Enter: Jacks Place 

My first few weeks in Daegu were an exciting whirl of color, confusion and chaos but amongst it all I found my own secret little café to call home. 

Jacks Place is a quaint little café in Kyungpook National University North Gate area. In a place where street signs are not mandatory and straight roads unheard of, it’s relatively difficult to find but that’s what makes it so special. Walking into Jacks Place you are greeted by Western music playing softly in the background, and with a menu that boasts proper drip coffee and an array of different teas there is something to please everyone (and if solid food in more your speed, check out their muffin and brownie selection!).

Perhaps the most charming aspect of Jacks Place is that patrons can write little messages on the wall, which gives the café a homely, cheerful vibe. So if you’re feeling a little nostalgic for all things home or just want a quiet place to escape too, Jacks Place is for you. 

Directions: Turn right at the ‘Angel-in-Us’ café in North Gate, walk for a few meters before coming to a little stall that sells socks and shoes, make a right down the small alley beside it and Jacks Place will be a few steps away to your right. 

Fun fun Daegu tour - written by Akinori Tsuji, Daegu tour supporter

I would like to introduce Daegu’s Nature tour you can enjoy. 

First spot is Suseong lake. There is a lake around mountain there. This one is so beautiful though this is a small lake you can walk around it in 40minutes. There is a fountain and there are a lot of water birds in the lake. You can be relaxed and soothed when you see ones. 

You can ride duck boat. This is the first time to ride duck boat for me. It was so interesting to me. It cost only 15000 won in 30 minutes. This duck boat is worth riding and you can try! 

Next spot is Dong-gu area. It is a little far from downtown. The Otgol village is a peaceful atmosphere. You can see difference Daegu. 

You can experience to take cherry and raspberry. You can put its pack during eating cherry and raspberry. Farmer tells to take a bit now. These tastes are sweet and sour. And after taking it, it is better to have a lunch there while you see Dong-gu’s nature.

Next spot is Herb Hillz. It should experience nature in your body after you enjoy seeing nature. Herbs Hillz is the ultimate spot you can experience nature. Then this spot is really cool though Daegu is the hottest in Korean. So you can play all day while it is hot day. I recommend eco adventure. This attraction is you feel as if you are Tazan.

At first you may feel fear and you enjoy this adventure as you get used to it. This adventure is thrill and you want to do it again. Of course not only eco adventure but also there are many good place in Herbs Hillz. You must go and see.!!

After physical activity, you are sure to be hungry. I want to recommend next spot is Angiranggobchang. You can eat real yakiniku. 

Those prices are reasonable and delicious. Yakiniku is an exceptionally good taste during drinking beer. You are going to love real taste. In addition to, you can help yourself to side menu except for main menu and if you order two bowls of rice, it comes with a denjang jjige. It is common in Korea. 

Final spot is to eat pappinsu after going back downtown. Pappinsu is Korean dessert. There are beans fruits, and ice cream on breaked ice. Then there are a variety of pappinsu and many shops that sell it. Incidentally my favorite one is cheese cake and ice cream one. This is superb. You try it! 

I would like to introduce recommended coffee shop Gottaban.
This coffee shop is near KNU. I often go to study something and want to talk with coffee shop owner. Drink cost is reasonable from 15000won. And this shop close at 2 am weekday.

So you enjoy drinking all night. Everything drinks and food is delicious. This coffee shop has a varied menu. You can stay in this coffee shop with relaxing atmosphere since coffee shop owner choose good BGM. Drinks and foods are not only nice but also coffee shop owner is nice. He talks to customer anytime and funny. I always get energy too much. So I recommend this coffee shop Gottaban.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Postscript to 1st day of 2014 Daegu CHIMAC Festival held at Duryu Park

2014 Daegu CHIMAC Festival has finally opened!
As the Daegu CHIMAC Festival taken place for a second time since last year, it was a festival with high expectation and attention of people.  

Starting with an eve festival on 16th, varied events like chicken-beer Friday party, racing model contest, chicken-beer rock festival, chicken-beer song & dance contest, etc. are to be held. 

I went to the site of Daegu CHIMAC Festival that excited us with more varied programs than 1st Chicken-Beer Festival. 

Although it was a weeknight, Duryu Park is already filled with long-waited people. 

On the placard wrote “Friend, let’s go have a chicken and beer!” 
Like this words, there were a lot of people who came with friends, family, and colleagues. 

This place is Duryu baseball field, a main event hall where main program of Chicken-Beer Festival is held at. 

Although we can eat chicken at the booth installed inside the Chicken-Beer Festival even hall, the chicken we eat sitting on a mat under the stand shadow is the best!  

You can purchase beer only after you get confirmed that you are over 20 at the adult confirmation center. Teenagers are not allowed to drink!

In preparation of safety accidents that might occur, the ambulance is on standby!
Policemen are going around the event hall frequently to prevent accidents. 

There are facilities like this at the front of the stage.
Oh, when I looked in to see what it is for….!

Oh?! Is it a temporary club?
Lightings are flashy! It seems that all clubbers will gather here once it gets dark!

Franchise chickens that represent Daegu are gathered in one place.
You can purchase chicken in a cheaper price than in the market! 

Full of different chickens~ Chickens dressed up with batter and sauce~

Barbeque chicken cannot be missed out! 

You can also taste various chicken dishes aside from what we commonly call ‘chicken’ at the Chicken-Beer Festival. 

The originator of street foods, there are chicken skewers and kebab!
Korean style, Indian style~ world’s chickens are all here!

People who visited the Chicken-Beer Festival together with colleagues and were talking this and that were found everywhere. 

When we go around the festival, there are free tastings like this so don’t miss them out and get them!

2014 Chicken-Beer Festival is filled with exciting events at every booth other that these! 

The performance is now at the peak on the main stage. 
Is this a Chicken Festival, or a rock festival? 

Chicken-Beer Festival where everyone enjoys together~

This is just an eve festival. 
Chicken-Beer Festival continues until Sunday this week, July 20!

Everyone~ let’s go to the Chicken Festival with me!