Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting crafty and getting cultural – Experience Colourful Daegu as a family! - written by Kim Costa, Daegu tour supporter

With summer well and truly on its way, parents may be faced with challenging ways to keep themselves and their children entertained during these cheerful sunny days. Have no fear parents of Deagu, sit back, relax, and let the Daegu blogging team do the hard work for you.

Kwangseok Kim Alley

Kwangseok Kim is to Koreans what The Beatles were to the rest of the world and during the 70s and 80s he popularized jazz and folk singing across the country. Very unfortunately Kwangseok Kim died at a young age, but his music and memory is preserved forever along Kwangseok Kim Alley in the very heart of Daegu.

Here you’ll find a buzzing craft market, selling everything from hand painted caricatures to homemade candles and jewelry. If that’s not your scene, try some of the delicious fresh made tteokbokki – a spicy Korean rice cake dish, or fresh made toffee candy – the smell of which is sure to draw all young children within a mile.

Despite the buskers singing Kwangseok Kim cover songs, or the lively market, the true reason people come to this alley is to better understand the life and works of Kwangseok Kim – forever immortalized on the cheerful and colorful murals along the walls. The kids will love it. You will love it. So if you want craft and if you want culture, look no further than this exciting and dynamic alley!

▶ Location: Very near the Bang Chun Market, in the centre of downtown Daegu (dongseong-ro).
This is an easy walk from any major bus station within the heart of Deagu.

Gukchaebosang Memorial Park

What better way to celebrate the coming of summer than a family picnic? Gukchaebosang Memorial Park is the perfect place for just that! Surrounded by cafes, convenience stores and bakeries all you could ever hope for in a picnic is mere minutes away.

Why not find those picnic blankets, pick up that picnic basket and head to Memorial Park for some lunch and a stroll around the lush, green gardens? If you’re a sporting orientated family, don’t forget to bring the soccer ball!

There is always room for a few small kicks across the green grass. Memorial Park can be enjoyed by all ages and any time of the day – so why not make today that day!

▶ Location: 670, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu 대구 중구 국채보상로 670 (동인동2가)

Café Street

One of the most unique things about Daegu is the format of the city centre. Unlike many city centers where shops, cafes, clothing stores and the like can be found on any number of streets – Daegu follows the ingenious idea of designating certain streets to certain items. Among these many ‘themed streets’ Café Street can be argued as the most exciting given its appeal to both coffee loving parents and cake loving children. Nestled in the heart of Café Street is the café that wins above all cafés – Die Torte. Die Torte is a large café that backs onto a beautiful and roomy garden like space. With a menu that will leave you begging for seconds, there is no better reason to bring your family to Café Street.

The kids will love their vast array of cakes and tarts – the highlight of which was the Gateau Chocolate - and the parents will love the coffee - second to none and much better than its commercially produced counter parts. If you are neither a coffee person or a cake person, have no fear, the tea selection is the best I’ve seen in Daegu and includes the likes of Peach and Passion fruit Black Tea, Strawberry Black Tea and all the other flavors usually found on a tea menu.
Even without Die Torte, this street is a must for all families wishing to wile away the hours happily wandering up and down the small winding alley.

Location: Café Street is on Dongseong-ro 4-gil.
With your back to the Novotel Hotel, walk a few minutes up the street. Die Torte will be on your left.

Hyundai Department Rooftop Terrace

Last up on this month’s selection of prime Daegu attractions for families is a trip to Hyundai Departments Rooftop Terrace. With spectacular views of downtown Deagu, this location is best viewed night or day.

There is ample room for children to play on the large expanse of grassy space – they may even meet a friend or two – while the parents sit back and enjoy a cold drink from the café next door.

▶ Location: Hyundai Department Store is an easy walk from Banwoldang Station – just ride the elevator to the very top and you’re there!

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