Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Colorful experiences at Daegu / Come to Daegu to experience harvest of Sangdong cherry and raspberry which sweet and sour taste is excellent!

Best taste and best nutrients! Cherries and raspberries tell the beginning of the summer at Daegu.

The Sangdong cherries, a specialty product of Daegu are the cherries distributed all over the nation. 

Especially the Daegu Sangdong cherry and raspberries with excellent sweet and sour taste catch the attention of many people since it contains amount of vitamin C and antioxidant. 

Sangdong cherry gets spotlight as a new well-being food and its popularity increases in one can personally experience Sangdong cherry at the farm.

This is a Sangdong Cherry Village at Dong-gu, Daegu, a place for cherry plantation.

The harvest started from May 20 and continued to shipup to now. 

Could you already feel the fresh taste of cherries? The cherry that is abundant of antioxidants like anthocyanin is known to help preventing cancer, heart diseases, and known to have the effect of relieving symptoms like arthritis, gout, and headaches.

The consumption of raspberries is increasing because it is good for skin care since it is abundant in vitamins and it also prevents adult diseases. You can purchase 4 packs of 250g (1kg) Daegu Sangdong cherry at around 18,000~20,000won although there may be changes according to the market trend.

There are no online distributors yet. The parcel delivery service is quite difficult because its freshness has to be retained. However, you can purchase in a low price at Sangdong agricultural product market (231 Dunsan-dong, Dong-gu).

Moreover, if you come to Sangdong Cherry Village of Daegu, you can personally harvest the cherries. Experience programs of cherry and raspberry harvest are opened at each farm. Feel the atmosphere of farm village~ taste personally, and feel the joy of harvesting!

To avail the experience program of cherry harvest, please inquire to contacts below.

  For inquiries : 010-3503-2202 (Star Green Farm Plantation Son, Seon-sik)

  Venue : 491-1 Dunsan-dong Dong-gu

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