Monday, May 26, 2014

Daegu’s Best Gimbap Restaurants Recommended By Jjangttol Dad! / Kottteoknam, Seoul Gimbap, Samodang Mom’s Gimbap

As you may be able to guess from the name, national family month, there are just plenty of family-related occasions that can be found in May. The month is normally more exciting with mom’s homemade gimbaps that you can never miss out for a pleasant day’s picnic, but! Surely it is also a good chance to try special gimbaps from an unusual place.

Gimbap restaurants in Daegu boast of their handmade gimbap of their own way. Today, I’m going to introduce to you some of the places where you find the best ‘gimbap’, a must-have food of a picnic. Don’t wait any longer to hear from Jjangttol Dad about the best gimbap restaurants in Daegu. It goes right here:

Option1) Kkottteongnam

Kkottteongnam is a café-like restaurant that gives you the feelings of being in a café rather than in a usual food stall, with sophisticated interior designs.
Kkottteongnam is known for Tteokbokki, Noodle, and Port Cutletin the area but is especially famous for its gimbap.
It is a gimbap restaurant that offers both good taste and health with chemical-free high-quality ingredients!
It is another appealing characteristic of Kkottteongnam that you can try a variety of gimbaps like shrimp gimbap, pork cutletgimbap, steak gimbap and etc. other than the mainstream.

Address: Beomeo-dong 800-3, Suseong-gu Daegu
Contact Number: 053-754-3118

Option2) Seoul Gimbap

There is one restaurant you can find in Ichon-dong, Daegu that has consistently kept its place for so long a time.
Seoul Gimbap has a rather archaic appearance and offers archaic tastes compared to those sophisticated gimbap restaurants that are recently gaining popularity, but it is filled with the very nuance of conventional gimbaps.
One well-rolled gimbap in your mouth is enough to describe the restaurant’s tradition of long history.
Are you tired of the town’s big size gimbap restaurants and looking for the real gimbap taste? Try Seoul Gimbap now!

Address : Icheon-dong 309-11, Nam-gu Daegu
Contact Number : 053-476-8868

Option3) Samodang Mom’s Gimbap

As there are typical gimbaps rolled up fat with various ingredients, so are there gimbaps that totally break such a fixed perception!
WithSamodang Mom’s Gimbap, you will be encountering gimbaps of 3 to 4 ingredients, but strangely enough, perfectly fit for your tongue.
Samodang Mom’s Gimbap, which may be called the father of Dried Squid Gimbap, is now trending with its own gimbaps that are just finger-licking! As you may notice from its name, Samodang Mom’s Gimbap is a gimbap restaurant where you can have the vivid experience of themom-made gimbaps of good old days.

Address : Manchon 3(sam)-dong 852-19, Suseong-gu Daegu
Contact Number : 053-759-3579

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