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Places to visitat Daegu on May / Daegu Otgol Vilage filled with old atmosphere –native land resources for our village

Don’t you sometimes feel the dry air and desire to leave this desolate city?

Let’s go now tosecluded Daegu Otgol Village where there are old houses. Daegu Otgol Village is located at Dunsan-dong, Dong-gu, Vaegu and you can take a bus going to Otgol Village from the Chilseong Market station. The allocation interval for bus is long, take note in advance the time.

First bus to Otgol 05:35
Chilseong Market
Front of Donghotang
Otgol Departure time

By the entrance of the Otgol Village, the Neutinamu aged 350years old are growing in groups of dozens. It is said that the trees were planted to prevent the bad energy to enter the village!

As we passthe Bibosup (remedial forest) you can see there a lot of beautiful flowers planted all over the road.

You will find “Jeongnyeogak’ (shrine) if you walk a bit more from the entrance of Otgol Village.
Jeonyeogak is a Hyojabigak (stele of a son of filial piety) of teacher Choi, Heungwon of Baek Bulam who was Ikchan, the crown prince of King Jeongjo in Joseon Dynasty.
If you continue to climb up, you will find a forked road. Shall we first enter the Head House?

A place you must visit in Otgol Village is the Head House of Gyeongju Choi clan.
As a house surround by secluded mountains, it is located at the inner most of the village!
As the oldest infrastructure among houses of Daegu, it is evaluated as a valuable data in conducting a research on the noble house and their life styles of Joseon Dynasty.

Aside from this, you can find scenes that show flavors of Korea with beautiful flowers. .
Shall we not leave these fabulous old houses and go to the tradition experience center?

Here is Donegyejeong where you can experience traditions.
Donggyejeongstands on the east side of the brook. This place is used as a place where descendants pursuit their studies and its surrounding scenery is most miraculous in the village.

For the tradition experiencing, you can experience shrine, Korean traditional clothes, greeting manner, traditional plays, ceremonies and ecological experience.
This time, we had experienced Korean traditional clothes, greeting manner and the ceremony.

(For reservation : 053-424-2237, 011-708-4408) 

I sat on the floor and knocked the Dadeumidol (cloth to be filled stone), leaving the traditional clothes experience with scenery of Donggyejeong behind.
One behind me was the person who experienced with me and we enjoyed the sound of Dadeumidol and the sound of nature wearing traditional clothes for young bachelors.

Learn about the greeting manner before we start the Teaism Experience as we sit wearing Korean traditional clothes. After learning simple manners, the instructor teaches us personally how to boil teas. Once the tea is boiling, we pour them onto a filter. With the filter, a clean tea with clear color is infused.

You should put the fingers evenly together while pouring the tea in a pot. We enjoyed the tea with hearty appetite of lotus root.

Just in time when we were having a conversation while having tea, the rain poured and we were able to feel more the nature incense.
The teaism in Otgol Villate was a good opportunity to feel the old fragrance.
How about leaving a downtown and feel the old fragrance?

Visit to famous restaurants in Daegu / Went to Dakttongjip alley in Pyeonghwa Market! / Famous specialty restaurant of Daegu, a meeting place, recommendation of late-night meal of Daegu

Everyone know this alley in Daegu!

We went to the Dakttongjip (Fried Chicken Gizzards Recipe) alley in Pyeonghwa Market which is one of the famous alleys in Daegu.

Dakttongjip, one of the addicted foods sought all over the nation! Shall we go and taste it now?

There are street guide map installed in Daegu Pyeonghwa Market.
Once you have arrived Dakddongjib alley, the names of stores are marked on the map for you to easily find the places you wish to go. Just refer to it as you walk around the market. 

The ‘Original Dakddongjip alley’ sign is welcoming us. Most of stores here sell Dakbbongjib!

Most Dakddongjib stores sell in similar menus and price. This is the most famous menu in Pyeonghwa Marker. Half-half! Half for fried, half for seasoned! However, many people were eating Jjimdak (Braised Spicy Chicken with Vegetables) aside from Dakddongjib, perhaps it is delicious, too.

When we sit and wait, basic side dishes come out like this.Menus that can’t be found in other chicken restaurants such as Gyeran jjim(Whole egg gel), Yangpa Jeolim(Onion pickles) and etc. are served.

Smooth Gyeran jjim stimulates our appetite more. Take note that there are some store servingGyelanjjim but not all stores serve it!

Ban Ban menu is servedand it is served in a heaping bowl as you see in the picture.
Don't put it into your mouth immediately after it is served because it is really hot.
Pyeonghwa Market Dakddongjip alley is appointed as a special food zone of the nation, so the borough office is making sure of hygiene. You don’t have to worry much about hygiene while eating Dakddongjip.

It is a feature of Dakddongjip alley of Daegu Pyeonghwa Market! A fried sweet potato is served together with Dakddongjip.
When you visit there with your friends, aside from half-fried-half-seasoned, we also recommend the Dakddongjip in soy sauce~ A menu you can enjoy all these 3 dishes at once is the Modeum Ddongjip.

I was able to enjoy crispy and chewy taste without any smell unique to Dakddongjip!
Come and visit Dakddongjib alley of Daegu Pyeonghwa Market where you can enjoy plentiful in low prices!

Daegu Downtown Tour / Let’s go to small resting placeswithin a downtown, Dalseong Park and Seomun Market! / Daegu zoo, Daegu Specialty Market

When we desire to have a tour in the downtown,what comes into mindis this place, a friendly place for Daegu citizens. It is Dalseong Park located atDalseong-dong,Jung-gu, Daegu and the Seomun Market at Daesin-dong, Jung-gu.

What is common between Dalseong Park and Seomun Market is that as a resting place in a downtown, you can still feel the essential of that place that lived with Daegu citizens although the place had been changed a lot.

Now, shall we fall into the attractions of Dalseong Park and Seomun Market?

'Gwanpungnu(Main gate)' located at Dalseong Park which used to be called as 'Pyemullu' that opened the gate at 5 AM dawn, and closed at 10PM with music informing the people. I wanted to climb up there to see the complete view of the Dalseong Park, but it is closed for cultural asset protection!

There is a zoo in Dalseong Park! I ran at a stride to meet our friends.
There are friends who are just staring into empty space, and some are eating while some of them are huddled around together.

If you turn your face around while watching the cute animals, a resting place full of beautiful landscapes is prepared just for you. You can have simple lunch and have communication with others. When we stand watching the beautiful trees, we will feel relieved and comfortable at heart. 

Wow~ There is an elephant before my eyes! It was very impressive when the elephant is ate foods with his nose. Compared to with his huge body, he was so cute.

You can walk with the rustling of a cool breeze, and where you can see pretty flowers and trees at Dalseong Park! I think it is a perfect place to make good memories with friends, lovers, and families.

If you had enjoyed beautiful sceneries at Dalseong Park, shall we now have a great time eating at Seomun Market?

The Seomun Market is not so far from Dalseong Park! It only takes around 10~15minutes by foot. Seomun Market which was selected as the top 3 markets of Joseon Dynasty! It is known as a fabric market and it is a famous market at Daegu that has long history of trading various products aside from fabrics all over the nation.

Shall we now start with our tour in Seomun Market while relieving our thirst?

The Seomun Market is where you can feel the warmattractionsunique toa traditional market.You can enjoy the various menus in low prices.

Seomun Market is famous for foods! We don’t have to travel to Busan just to eat apiece of Seed Hoddeok (Korean Sweet Seed Pancakes)! You can find all foods here from a Seed Hoddeok to Sweet RiceDoughnut.

Also, Seomun Market is popular for its Kalguksu (knife-cut noodled)! Not only Kalguksu, but there are various foods like Sujebi Soup (Korean-Style Pasta Soup), Janchi guksu (Banquet Noodles), Bibim guksu (Mixed Noodles), and Kongguksu (Noodles in Cold Soybean). You can enjoy inexpensive, delicious market foods at Seomun Market! How about a bowl of delicious noodles?

Aside from the foods, there also are various clothes and items for sale!
There is a fruit and vegetable market near Seomun Market where you can buy good quality, inexpensive fruits!

Two places familiar in Daegu! It is a chance to relieve all the pressures you had in downtown! Come to Dalseong Park and Seomun Market, the resting places where you can feel the coolness. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daegu Tour by urban railway Episode 2 – From Wolchon Station to Anjirang Station / Charge Transportation Card, Subway Travel course

Let me introduce to you attractions all over the urban railroad course. A course prepared in episode 2 is from Wolchon Station to Anjirang Station which is a course after Sangin Station. From western station, Duryu Park, to Anjirangstation, it is a course with well-known stores representing Daegu.

From Wolchon Station to Anjirang Station course

Before we travel, I will first give you some tips on using Daegu urban railway.

Did you know that all charge transportation card except Citi card are available for use in Daegu?

Tips on using the charge transportation card

Let’s ride the public transport conveniently with charge transportation card!
You can now use all charge card except Citi card in Daegu.
You can use it immediately without separate reissuance as long as 
‘charge transportation card’ or ‘play on’ is marked at the back of the card.
You can issue the charge transportation card by exchanging 
or newly issuing at the customer center or website of a card company.

Usable charge transportation card
HanaSK Card / Korean Exchange card / Kookmin card / BC card / 
Shinhan card / NH Nonghyup / Samsung card / Hyundai card / Lotte card

Use public transport of Daegu more conveniently with charge transportation card. 

Shall we start the urban railway travel?

In this urban railway travel, you can visit major tourist attractions of Daegu from Seongdangmot Station and Anjirang Station.
Hot places for young people! From Duryu Park, E-world, to AnjirangGopchang Alley~

First, Seongdangmot is a place where ‘western station’ that is called as gateway of south and west Daegu.
For those who will come by subway, you can go to gateway market if you exit through Exit 3.

Gateway market is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of countryside markets.
This place is also popular among foreigners because it is famous for stores of vintage apparels.

Inside the market became neat with the installation of arcade. There are variety of kinds like marine products, fruits, side dishes, snacks, and more.

You can taste the inexpensive and plentiful amount of snack foods. Bindaetteok (Mung Bean pancake), Eomuk (Fish cakes), Tteokbokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cake), and Susutteok (A tteok made of sorghum power)! Foods, attractions, and generosity of the merchants! Don’t miss the scenery you can view only at the traditional market.

Our next course is Duryu Park / E-world.
It is a bit far to walk but you can go shortly if you ride a bus. Also, you can borrow and ride a bicycle at Seongdangmot Station for free.
Take #623 bus from the Exit 2.
After alighting at the Duryu Park intersection, you walk for a bit and you will find Duryu Park and E-world. 

This is how Duryu Park looks like. We can also see the Duryu Baseball Stadium where Daegu Chicken-Beer Festival was held at. And there also is 83 Tower!
How about having a chicken and a cup of beer lying on a green grass?

Aside from these, inside the Duryu Park there are a bicycle rental booth and Duryu Swimming Pool that it is perfect as rest are for both residents and tourists. Duryu Park has everything.

A playing facility of Daegu located near Duryu Park! You can’t miss out E-world.
Day and night, four seasons. Enjoy the dynamical fun of Daegu at E-world that shows off attractions respectively.

This station is Anjirang Station! Gopchang! The food representing Daegu!
It is so chewy~ Dip it into aunique sauce of Daegu. You can taste the flavor unique to Gopchang at AnjirangGopchang Alley.
You can find it if you exit at Exit 2 of Anjirang Station.

Young people who come to Daegu visit this place. Plentiful amount and inexpensive price! AnjirangGopchang even tastes good! There are around more than 50 stores along the AnjirangGopchang Alley.
Take note that prices and amounts of all stores are the same. 

During nighttime, it is filled with young people and you can feel the heat of youth of Daegu! If you want to taste a traditional flavor of Gopchang? Come to AnjirangGopchang Alley!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May’s Event at Daegu / Everything about beauty industry! See you at Daegu Exco~ Daegu Beauty Expo 2014

Korean Wave booms now in beauty!

The Daegu Beauty Expo 2014, the largest expo to be held in the province, is a beauty exhibition opened for the development and success of the beauty industry. At Daegu Beauty Expo 2014 where you can find everything about beauty is to be held at Daegu Exco for 3 days from May 23.

As an exhibition anyone interested in beauty can participate aside from beauty specialists, you can gain latest beauty trends and information such as make-up and hair, nail, and aesthetics.

○ Date : 2014.05.23 (Friday)~ 2014.05.25(Sunday) / 3 days
○ Venue : Daegu EXCO
○ Host : Daegu Metropolitan City
○ Supervise : Korea Beauty Industrial Association, Korea Central Aesthetician’s 
  Association, Korean Daily Report Daegu headquarter, EXCO
○ Display Items : Make-up / Aesthetics / Nail / Hair / Medical Beauty / Total Beauty / 

○ Events to be held simultaneously and accompanied with the exhibit
1). Beauty Contest
2). Beauty Show
 - Seminar on Switch Scissorhands’ Haircut / Galaxy Hair Seminar / Atelier Janus    
   Seminar / Bonita Beauty Art Presentation / Wedding and Hanbok Trend Presentation / 
   Beauty Show

Make-up for Mothers
Transformation of mothers that will surprise the fathers!
For those who want to present youth to mothers, it is free of charge so apply now!
After the deadline of online application, applicable on site, first-come-first-serve.

Make-up for Couples
We are all pretty couples today!
Any couples can join for free.
After the deadline of online application, applicable on site, first-come-first-serve

Tourist information
1). Time : 10AM ~ 6PM (Entrance up to 5PM only)
2). Venue : EXCO 1st floor Exhibition Hall
3). Entrance Fee
         - On site : Adults 5,000won, Students (Middle, High School) 2,000won, 
           Group (At least 20 people) 2,000won
         - Free Entrance : Applicants applied in advance, holders of free invitation tickets, 
           children under the age of 13, senior citizen above the age of 65, men of national
           merit, handicapped, group applicants applied in advance (at least 20 people)

Official Website :
For inquiry and guide : 053-601-5352

From the East to the West – exploring Daegu’s colourful Seomun Markets and peaceful Buy the Book Café

With the cold weather gone and spring well and truly upon us, why not spend a morning at Daegu’s famous Seomun Markets? The Seomun Markets are the largest traditional markets in Deagu, home to over 4,000 shops selling everything from fresh fruit to beautiful handmade hanbok (Korean traditional dress). These markets are a true testament to the expanding nature of Deagu’s fashion industry, while at the same time providing a great escape for tourists and locals alike! 

While perusing the many colourful stalls and stands, look out for some hotteok – a Korean deep fried donut filled with cinnamon, sugar and nuts - made fresh in front of you. But be warned, this is a snack more common in the winter, so get in fast before they stop selling them! This, among many other delicious Korean snacks can be found at the Seomun markets for cheap and affordable prices.

Once you’ve purchased all the souvenirs you can carry and eaten all the amazing Korean food you can possibly stomach, wander over to the Deagu downtown area (dongseong-ro) – a leisurely 20 minute or so walk away. Here you will find the charming Buy the Book Café – Daegu’s only second hand English book café that sells healthy and wholesome Western food. With a menu that boasts such items as pulled pork poutine (a Canadian classic!), vegan and vegetarian lasagna and an array of delicious teas, coffees, smoothies and cocktails – there is something for all tastes!

If you happen to be too full from your morning at Seomun Markets, have no fear! Buy the Book is also home to a wide range of those cherished snack food items you miss so much from home. Choose a comfortable couch, curl up with your favorite second hand book and wile away the hours reading and munching on the Reeses Pieces, Pop Tarts and candy available at the counter.  

All in all a morning at the Seomun Markets followed by an afternoon at Buy the Book café is sure to show Daegu for the vibrant and diverse city that it truly is. 

Useful points

Seomun Markets

Entrance fee: No fee

Good for: Souvenir shopping, fresh fruit and vegetable shopping, Korean food and snacks, linen shopping, clothes shopping and general market exploration.
Getting there: Conveniently located near a number of bus stops and a subway station – the markets are easily accessible to all those in the surrounding areas.

Buy the Book Café

Entrance fee: No Fee

Getting there: Take a bus or subway to Banwoldang Station in downtown Deagu (dongseong-ro). Head towards the main stage area and with the stage behind you and Debec Plaza on your left continue walking until you reach the intersection with Angel-In-Us on the corner. Turn right and walk past Holly’s Coffee. Continue walking until you see a Starbucks. Turn left into the little street just before Starbucks and you will see a Mr Pizza store. Buy the Book is on the 4th floor of that complex.

Good for:  Some healthy Western food (a good number of vegan and vegetarian options available) and snacks, and a quiet, relaxing space to read or exchange second hand English books.

Reminder: Only open on Saturday and Sunday 12-8pm. The last Sunday of every month is dedicated to Buy the Book Farmers Markets where delicious baked goods or handmade crafts are sold – with funds often going towards charity.  Buy the Book is Cash Only