Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Parade of pink color Korean Rosebay_ Visit to Dae-gu Biseulsan Korean Rosebay colony

The famous mountain of Dae-gu! Dae-gu Biseulsan fell in attraction of Korean Rosebay~
Wide Korean Rosebay colony located in foot of Biseulsan with 1084m from see level is smeared by color of Korean Roesbay, pink.

To get to Korean Rosebay colony, you need to follow the foot of Biseulsan from the entrance of Biseulsan Nature Forest Lodge.

Azalea that is often seen along the trail to climb are fully bloomed.

As approaching to the entrance of Biseulsan nature forest lodge, you can see the landscape of Biseulsan which makes your chest refreshed with sound of cool valley water flowing.

Azalea which has quite different feature from Korean Rosebay is also attractive. isn't it?

Until Biseulsan nature forest lodge, a paved road continues. It is 2 km apart from parking area. 

Climbing is not difficult for the road is well arranged.
As climbing Biseulsan, another attraction is a block stream, which is natural monument no.453.

It can be said to be the attraction that can be found only in Biseulsan. Observatory is also prepared, so it will be a nice experience to have a moment to appreciate the view.

Then, now the peak of Biseulsan Korean Rosebay colony begins to show its feature.

A beautiful landscape making people to say Wow! fills our sight.

Biseulsan Korean Rosebay colony begins its blooming as covering 100 million ㎡ (30 million pyeong). This year, it started its blooming earlier by increase of temperature!

There are roads between blooming Korean Rosebay, which are perfect for photo taking!
Warm April~ Enjoy your beautiful spring day with Korean Rosebay colony at foot of Biseulsan.


Adrian Qamar said...

appreciate if you could possible to share on how to go there by public transport.

visitdaegu2011 said...

Thank you for your interest.
I am not sure where you start, so I let you know from Dangdaegu Station.
Take the subway #1 at Dongdaegu Station and get off at Daegogyeok.
And catch the bus #600 to Biseulsan at the Daegogyeok bus stop.
Then you can get there. Good Luck!