Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Park where history breathes Episode 2, The Foreign debt redemption movement memorial park

Today's historical park in Dae-gu city to be introduced is The Foreign debt redemption movement memorial park.

In this park, there is a The Foreign debt redemption movement memorial hall separately where one can learn closely about Dae-gu's The Foreign debt redemption movement.

The view of park is also great.

You can see red maple leaf that is red all the time from spring to autumn, and can walk in a fresh forest.

In addition, at the last day of every year, you can see bell ring with people of Dae-gu welcoming New Year.

For those who enjoy a walk without any load in Dae-gu,  The Foreign debt redemption movement memorial park is recommended.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Park where history breathes Episode 1, Gyeongsanggamnyeong park

It is a historical park which can be seen at the middle of Dae-gu city, Gyeongsanggamnyeong park.

It is located at main street of Dae-gu. There was a government office building from 1910 to 1965 here, and this place was developed to be a prak in 1970, after office was moved.

There remains Seonhwadang where governor of Gyeonsang Gamyeong worked and Jingcheonggak which was a residence of Gyeongsang Gamyeong.

Moreover, you can experience spectacles with beauty of past tradition.

Gyeongsanggamnyeong park where one can encounter a beauty of Korean tradition and history of Dae-gu. It is also a good place for outing.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dalgubeol! dyed by colorful lanterns

It is an event to hang lighted lanterns in order to observe and celebrate birth of Buddha during Sa-wol Cho-pa-il of every year and it is our traditional festival 'Lantern Festival' which has been continued from United Silla Period.
This event, which was held at Duryu Baseball Stadium until last year, was held with floating lanterns on river as it moved to Sincheon.
The event place of 2014 Dalgubeol lantern festival was located at the waterside between Sincheon Jungdong-gyo and Sangdong-gyo.

The night of Sincheon was shining brilliantly by reflection of light of lanterns.

Moreover, lotus lantern tunnel which was set for people to cross Sincheon was very attractive.

The shining appearance of gigantic lantern made of Korean paper on the river~
You can see it right? Lanterns materializing traditional festival and young monk, and other various lanterns shine the flowing river more brightly.

And on 26th, release of flying lanterns and candle ritual were performed together.

The flying lanterns, full of wishes, being released to the sky.
Be joyful and good events with you all!
Dae-gu tour blog made a wish instead. ^^

Friday, April 25, 2014

Taste of old tradition, Dae-gu top noodle restaurant - Episode 1

10 Beauties of Dae-gue, Nureun Noodle.
There are a lot of famous noodle restaurants as famous as to be included in representative food of Dae-gu. The delicacy of Dae-gu, noodle. Dae-gu tour blog will introduce to you.

Recommendation 1. Wanggeuni Kalguksoo

It is a place which keeps an conventional taste of 40 years tradition.
There can be no better food if boiled beef is served with refreshing taste of cut noodle's soup.
Address:  Dae-gu Bukgu Dongamno38-gil 19-43 

Recommendation 2. Gyeongju Halmae Guksoo

It is located at the center of city.
You can feel a comfortable atmosphere as if you visit your own hometown.
This place is recommended to those who want to experience clean taste.
Address: Daegu Jung-gu Dongseongno6-gil 12-9

Recommendation 3. Bonjung Restaurant

Bonjung Restaurant is located near education office of Dae-gu city in Suseong-gu of Dae-gu.
It has a warm atmosphere by remodeling a family house and the taste of noodle here is the best.
Address: Daegu Suseong-gu Suseongno76-gil 38

Taste of old tradition, Dae-gu top noodle restaurant - Episode 2

Top noodle restaurant of Dae-gu episode 2 in continuation of episode 1 !
Come and taste Dae-gu's noodle of long tradition!

Recommendation 1. Gohyang Songuksoo

This restaurant, which is located near Bulo Traditional Market, has only one menu, that is cut noodle. Though its interior looks somewhat vintage, cut noodle itself is the best.
Address: Daegu Dong-gu Palgong-ro 26-gil 13

Recommendation 2. Donggok Halmae Wonjo Sonkalguksoo

You can taste a clean taste of hand cut noolde in Dae-gu Dalseong-gun Habin-myeon.
This place is very affectionate place with a traditional scene of Korea where firewood is used to boil an iron pot.
Address: Daegu Dalseong-gun Habin-myeon Dalgubeoldaero55-gil

Recommendation 3 Yeongrae Kalguksoo

This is a prestigious cut noodle resataurant located near Western Terminal.
It adds aromatic flavor by bean powder on cut noodle. With plentiful amount, you can eat fully.
Address: Daegu Dalseo-gu Daemyeongcheon-ro 58

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dae-gu Attraction / Introducing Dae-gu representative tour course #2 - Suseonggachang Course

As a continuation of Dae-gu masterpiece tour course #1, today is the second story! Dae-gu representative tour course for each area will be introduced.
Suseonggachang area is a course connecting Suseong-gu, that is called as Gangnam of Dae-gu and Dalseong-gun Gachang-myeon which boasts its country atmosphere.

From resource in which various cultural art experiences such as Dae-gu Stadium and Dae-gu Art Gallery are available, different theme park such as Herb Hills, Forest Spavalley, Suseong Pond, and to Apsan View Site where Dae-gu can be seen in a single sight.
This is a course filled with unusual joy that can be found in Dae-gu.

Mini Course 1 : Dae-gu Art and PE one round course

What about to have a round of Art and Physical Education in Dae-gu where the biggest sports complex of Korea is located? Of course there is entertaining virtual sports experience hall for several games! Have a tour in Dae-gu Art Gallery with leisure, and a healing experience by walking in Herb Hills with full of Herb scent~

○ Course : Dae-gu Stadium -> Virtual Sports experience hall -> Dae-gu Art Gallery -> Herb Hills -> Spavalley Forest -> Dutch Coffee museum

Mini Course 2: Luxury Art Travel Course

If you want to enjoy a luxurious tour? Have a luxurious lunch at Deulangil which was chosen as one of top 3 delicacy attraction nationwide after looking round Dae-gu Art Gallery! In addition, watch a play in Suseong Artpia~ walk a round of Suseong Pond.. then watch night water fountain show to end luxury art tour!

○ Course : Dae-gu Art Gallery -> Deulangil  -> Suseong Artpia -> Suseong Pond

Mini Course : Dae-gu's Japanese Trace discovery adventure Course

Trace of Japan discoverable in Dae-gu, an auditorium to praise the spirit of generla Kim Chung Seon who is immigrated Japanese during Japanese Invasion and Korea-Japan Friendship Hall that makes a storytelling about it, Herb Hills as a space of herb, and Imsil Cheese Experience Town with various activities such as funny cheese and pizza making!

In a garden of forest light embroided with 5.5 million LED, enjoy the beautiful night of Dae-gu during evening.

 ○ Course : Herb Hills -> Spa Valley -> Nokdong Auditorium Korea-Japan Friendship Hall -> Imsil Cheese Experience Town

Mini Course 4 : Date course for romance lover

Enjoy various experience in Herb Hills with seasonal experiences for whole year~

have a hot spring bath in Spa Valley~ then end with romantic dinner in Deulangill which is full of luxury cafe and restaurants~

○ Course: Herb Hills -> Spa Valley -> Dutch Coffee Museum -> Suseong Pond -> Deulangil

Mini Course 5 : Eat(Deulangil) Enjoy(Suseong Pond) Surprise(Apsan Observatory). 3 Go Course.

Suseong Pond that is now set as a beautiful lakeside cultural leisure town formed with cafe and different delicacy village connected to Deulangil!
After receiving a breastful fresh energy of Apsan, have your meal at delicacy streets such as Apsan Matdulegil, Apsan Cafe Street, Anjilang Gopchang Street nearby .

○ Course : Suseong Pond -> Apsan Observatory -> Apsan Matdulegil -> Apsan Cafe Street -> Anjilang Gopchang Street

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Parade of pink color Korean Rosebay_ Visit to Dae-gu Biseulsan Korean Rosebay colony

The famous mountain of Dae-gu! Dae-gu Biseulsan fell in attraction of Korean Rosebay~
Wide Korean Rosebay colony located in foot of Biseulsan with 1084m from see level is smeared by color of Korean Roesbay, pink.

To get to Korean Rosebay colony, you need to follow the foot of Biseulsan from the entrance of Biseulsan Nature Forest Lodge.

Azalea that is often seen along the trail to climb are fully bloomed.

As approaching to the entrance of Biseulsan nature forest lodge, you can see the landscape of Biseulsan which makes your chest refreshed with sound of cool valley water flowing.

Azalea which has quite different feature from Korean Rosebay is also attractive. isn't it?

Until Biseulsan nature forest lodge, a paved road continues. It is 2 km apart from parking area. 

Climbing is not difficult for the road is well arranged.
As climbing Biseulsan, another attraction is a block stream, which is natural monument no.453.

It can be said to be the attraction that can be found only in Biseulsan. Observatory is also prepared, so it will be a nice experience to have a moment to appreciate the view.

Then, now the peak of Biseulsan Korean Rosebay colony begins to show its feature.

A beautiful landscape making people to say Wow! fills our sight.

Biseulsan Korean Rosebay colony begins its blooming as covering 100 million ㎡ (30 million pyeong). This year, it started its blooming earlier by increase of temperature!

There are roads between blooming Korean Rosebay, which are perfect for photo taking!
Warm April~ Enjoy your beautiful spring day with Korean Rosebay colony at foot of Biseulsan.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Experiencing Daegu City rail line 3, Monorail!

Daegu City Rail Line 3 whose construction started in 2009!
Unlike line 1 and 2 being operated underground, monorail system was applied and now rising as new landmark of Daegu today. Daegu Tourism blog tried to experience monorail, which is to open officially at the end of this year, as we heard news about trial ride of monorail by people concerned.

In this trial ride, we accompany the trial drive from the first station to the end along the line 3 of Daegu City rail. We had a one way trip of 30 stations in total, which is 23.95 Km long.

Gyeongdaebyeongwon Station!
Today’s starting point, Chilgok Gyeongdaebyeongwon Station!
You see two rails 10m above the ground?

In the station, passengers can use stairs.
On other side, there are escalator and elevator for convenience of users.

The distance between stations ranges from 590m to 1130m, with average distance of 770m. 

We stand on platform. Checking out if screen door is functioning well!

Daegu City line 3 monorail is consisted of 3 cars per 1 unit.
Every car has width of 2.9m, length of 15.1m and height of 5.24m. If you see in person, it is very… cute :D

The distance between car and platform is relatively narrow too.. so it passed negligent accident prevention!

The interior of monorail was containing several equipments to repeat tests. It will continue the test until the end of this year.

Instead of operation room in line 3 monorail, its front and back is designed to be view seat to open to people. It is operated manlessly, but during early period of operation, safety agent will accompany to measure any outbreak situation.

Actual view from view seat! It’s like being on a ride~ :D

Daegu City Rail line 3 running at speed of 30~40 km/h !
The feature of Daegu through the window of car is very beautiful~

I can see Paldalgyo~ and this car also pass by Jaeil Church, one of tour course of modern alley, and Shincheon, the rest area of Daegu citizen.

At the end of this year, you will be able to ride also!
How is it? Is it ok as new landmark to represent our Daegu?

Friday, April 18, 2014

We introduce you the peculiar tourist course only available in Daegu.

If you are to pick the must-visit spots in Daegu?
There are so many beautiful places in Daegu~ among them, “masterpiece tourist course” which is consisted of famous attraction one must have a visit was developed.
You must be curious which places are included, right? We guide you to the BEST OF BEST Course in Daegu!

Daegu Best of Best is a linked course focusing on the most essential tourist spots among the tourist attractions which represent Daegu.
It is mainly consisted of the places with no complicated procedures such as  advanced reservation, and which are always open to individual tourist. Moreover, another advantage is its easy transportation with high accessibility using public transit. 

1.  Palgongsan Sky Garden/Cable Car

You can reach the top of mountain with 820m altitude in 7 minutes if you use the Palgongsan Cable car which is 1,200 m long.
Around 24 cable cars are under operation with 4 seconds term.
At Sky Garden, which is the destination of cable car, you can the ridge connecting Birobong, the highest peak of Palgongsan, Seobong and Dongbong.  


2.  Palgongsan Donghwasa

Donghwasa is a representative Buddhist temple of Palgongsan in which modern and past styles exist together. Tongillyaksayeoraedaebul, which contains the wish for unity of nation, with height of 33m in 1992, is very impressive.
At the basement of Tongildaebul, there is international tourism ‘Seon’ experience hall in which everyone can easily experience. Then, one also can experience temple stay, which is a Buddhist temple experience that provides leisure of mind. Particularly, temple stay is provided with English and Japanese service for foreigner. Refer to it!

3.  Dongseong-ro

If there is Myeong-dong in Seoul, there is Dongseong-ro in Daegu!
Dongseong-ro, the top high street of Daegu, is consisted of unique alleys such as Yasi-alley, jewelry alley, cellular phone alley, café alley on both sides of main street.
Dongseong-ro Festival is held every May. You can check out the hot eager of local lads in this Dongseong-ro Festival! 

4.  Modern Alley

It is a place where modern western style houses in which American missionaries lived in 1900s are concentrated. Modern Alley, where modern history of our countries seems to be alive with its breath, keeps several stories. There exists a ‘March Fist Hurrah movement road’ which connects Seoul and Daegu then ends at assembly place of March First Independence Movement which started from Seoul together with the very first western type of apple tree in Daegu.

5.  E-World / 83 Tower

eWorld, the biggest theme park of Yeungnam region, is popular among youth by its various rides! The whole city of Daegu is visible from observation platform of 83 tower, that is 83 storey high. Moreover, it is picked as the specialty of Daegu with is 365 day beautiful romantic sky garden, night light festival, and diverse cultural exhibit facilities.