Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Full of events that are bursting with good fortune on Lunar New Year's holiday!

There are so many event that have good fortune bursting at Daegu on Lunar New Year's Day!
A Hangawi Lunar New Year fun stage where everyone can laugh and have fun together -

THEArc Lunar New Year's Good Fortune Festival
○ Period : 2014.1.30(Thu) ~ 2.2(Sun)
○ Place : THEArc Ilwon
○ Event Program 
Experience : Hoop driving, jegi kicking, ring throwing, arrow throwing, lucky bag norigae making, Lunar New Year movie screening, New Year card writing, sweet fortune sharing event
○ Questions : THEArc (053-585-0916~7)

Daegu National Science Museum Lunar New Year Festival
○ Period : 2014.1.30(Thu) - 2.1(Sat) 13:00 - 16:00 (Starts at 13:00 on Lunar New Year's Day)
○ Location : Daegu National Science Museum Scienc Yard(In case of rain, exhibition hall)
○ Event program : Folk games such as kite making, rice cake event, Yutnori, arrow throwing, jegi kicking
○ Questions : Daegu National Science Museum (053-670-6114)

E-World Lunar New Year Good Fortune Festival
○ Period :  2014.1.30(Thu) ~ 2,2(Sun)
○ Location : E-World 83 Tower
○ Program
 1. 83 Tower Good Fortune Kite Flying Competition
 2. Folk experience festival
  - Ttakji-chigi, jegi kicking, arrow throwing etc.
 3. Lunar New Year's traditional folk performance
○ Questions : E-World (053-620-0001)

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