Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daegu's must-go tourist sites that has the beauty of four seasons Part 2

Daegu's four seasons. Part 2 is about Suseong Amusement Park and Sincheon.

Suseong Amusement Park, where a picturesque scene unfolds all four seasons

▶ Suseong Amusement Park colored with the messenger of spring, cherry blossoms
When spring comes, the messenger of spring~ white cherry blossoms blow and the area is filled with lovers and families that enjoy walking in it.

▶ Blasting away summer heat by enjoying video musical fountain~
Summer~ Blow away the heat by spreading a mat and sitting at Suseong Amusement Park. 

▶ Autumn at Suseong Amusement Park where colorful leaves are drawn on the sky canvas
Blue sky~ Autumn in Suseong Amusement Park colored with beautiful leaves.

▶ A beautiful end-of-the-year~ Suseong Amusement Park colored with lights
Winter - Create a beautiful memory at Suseong Land Light Festival

A comfortable resting area for citizens all four seasons_ Sincheon

▶ Sincheon's spring where flowers fly around
The spring at Sincheon is perfect for walking trails, bike courses, and picnic areas.

▶ Summer Daegu City Resorts_ Changing into Sincheon Water Park!
Summer- Sincheon Water Park is popular among Daegu citizens

▶ A banquet of cosmos~ Enjoying an autumn stroll at Sincheon~
In the fall, the Sincheon riverside is covered with beautiful cosmos of all colors.

▶ Hey kids~ Come gather at Sincheon Skating Rink!
Winter vacation- As an outdoor skating rink, Sincheon Skating Rink is very popular among children.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daegu's must-go tourist sites that has the beauty of four seasons Part 1

Daegu's four seasons

In Part 1 of Daegu's must-go tourist sites with that has the beauty of four seasons, we introduce Palgongsan and Biseulsan, two famous mountains of Daegu.

Palgongsan, Daegu's famed mountain that embraces the beauty of all four seasons 

▶ Spring at Palgongsan is colored with a banquet of white cherry blossoms
Every year when cherry blossoms bloom.. a cherry blossom festival opens at Palgongsan and receives so much love from tourists all around the country.

▶ A midsummer resort to cool the heat from the city
Summer~ At Palgongsan, full of tourists gathering at Sutaegol, auto camping site, and forest bathing sites

▶ Palgongsan colored with fall leaves
Who would not fall in love with the autumn tree that are aligned along the Palgongsan beltway~

▶ White winter~ Palgongsan embraces another charm
Immerse yourself into the beauty of Palgongsan covered with white snow.

A place where green nature breathes, No.1 site for healing, Biseulsan

▶ The spring of Biseulsan colored by the banquet of pink Rhododendron mucronulatum flowers
During spring, the Biseulsan Rhododendron mucronulatum flower colony is colored in pink.

▶ Summer camping No.1 site
Hot summer~ Biseulsan changes into a camping site that grabs the attention of people who love camping.

▶ Biseulsan raining with falling leaves in the autumn
Colorful~ Biseulsan changed into its autumn clothes. this place is colored with red leaves!

▶ Invitation to a magical ice world_ Ice Gardesn at Biseulsan Recreational Forest
The space where cool stream water ran changed into a magical ice garden!

Come visit Daegu's beautiful mural village

A unique mural village that was newly born following the mural project at the heart of Daegu.

We visited Mabijeong mural village and Dongchon-dong OngiJongi Happy Village, and the mural street in front of Suseong-gu Dongwon Elementary School.

Shall we meet them with a video? ^^

Mabijeong mural village - Bonli 2-li Hwawon-eup Dalseong-gun Daegu

Dongchon-dong OngiJongi Happy Village - Dongchonro 3-gil Dong-gu Daegu

Suseong-gu mural street - Manchon 2-dong 934 Suseong-gu Daegu

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Enjoy Daegu's beautiful scenery at Biseulsan Geumsuam observatory

A new attraction has been created at Biseulsan, which embraces a beautiful scenery all four seasons!
It's the Geumsuam observatory at the top of Biseulsan Geumsuam.

Here, you can meet Biseulsan's graceful nature and block stream, a natural monument, at a glance.

The Geumsuam observatory is installed at the peak of Geumsuam which is at the middle of the path that goes to Biseulsan Daegyunsa, and its exterior was made in the shape of a Rhododendron mucronulatum flower.

Especially, the observatory has 2 floors, and 180 steps in the entrance, and is designed so that you can see Daegyunsa at the 108th step near the top.

View the beautiful scenery of Biseulsan at Geumsuam's observatory.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A world of three dimensional figures that unfolds with paper, 'World Pop-up Art Exhibition'

The pop-up books of world renown artists gathered at one place!

A world of three dimensional figures that unfolds with paper, ‘World Pop-Up Art Exhibition'

At this World Pop-up Art Exhibition, you can get to see pop-up books of world class artists but also 110 pieces of work that include paintings, figures, photography, and film. 

You can meet the history and principles of pop-up art here.
Another thing to watch at this exhibition!

There are works that were made out of collaborations between world renown pop-up artists like Benja Harney, Mathilde Nivet and high class brands like Hermes, Chanel, Louis Quatorze, and Bvlgari etc.

Also, a space where you can read the pop-up books directly. You can even participate in a book art making experience.
Meet a magical three dimensional world of figures at the World Pop-up Art Exhibition.

 ○ Period : 2014.1.7(Tues) ~ 2.23(Sun)
 ○ Location : Suseong Artpia Hoban Gallery & Multi Art Hall
 ○ Closure : Every Monday
 ○ Admissions fee : General 5,000 won / Group and Disabled 4,000 won (Groups consist of 20 people or more)

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The last Wednesday of each month is 'A day with culture'

Starting this year, admissions will be free and there will be plenty of discount benefits on the last Wednesday of each month so that anyone can easily enjoy cultural facilities.

For this day only! Not only national, public, and private exhibition centers that normally accept entrance fees, but also movies, professional sports games, performances will all be discounted by a large amount.

※ Movie theaters

○ Benefits : Ticket discount for 1 screening during 18:00 - 20:00 (8,000 → 5,000)  
○ Participating theaters :  Jung-gu CGV / CGV Daegu Suseong / CGV Daegu Stadium / CGV Daegu Hanil / CGV Daegu Hyundai / Lotte Cinema Daegu /  Lotte Cinema Daegu Forum / Lotte Cinema Dongseongro / Lotte Cinema Seongseo / Lotte Cinema Yulha / Megabox Daegu

※ Museums & Art museums
 ○ Benefits : Free admissions and discounts
 ○ Participating museums :  Bangjja Yugi Museum(Free)  /  Daegu Art Center(Free) / Daegu Modern History Museum(Free) / Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine(Free) / Onn Children's Museum(50% discount) / Museum of Natural Dye Arts(50% discounts, Educational experience fee 50% discount)

 ※ Library
 ○ Benefits :  Night opening
 ○ Participating libraries : Buk-gu Old Susan Library / Suseong Library / Yonghak Library / Central Library

 ※Other cultural spaces
 ○ Benefits : Free admissions and discounts
 ○ Participating facilities : Daegu Culture & Arts Center(Free) / Daegu National Science Museum (Free) / Gukchaebosang  Movement Memorial Center(Free)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Full of events that are bursting with good fortune on Lunar New Year's holiday!

There are so many event that have good fortune bursting at Daegu on Lunar New Year's Day!
A Hangawi Lunar New Year fun stage where everyone can laugh and have fun together -

THEArc Lunar New Year's Good Fortune Festival
○ Period : 2014.1.30(Thu) ~ 2.2(Sun)
○ Place : THEArc Ilwon
○ Event Program 
Experience : Hoop driving, jegi kicking, ring throwing, arrow throwing, lucky bag norigae making, Lunar New Year movie screening, New Year card writing, sweet fortune sharing event
○ Questions : THEArc (053-585-0916~7)

Daegu National Science Museum Lunar New Year Festival
○ Period : 2014.1.30(Thu) - 2.1(Sat) 13:00 - 16:00 (Starts at 13:00 on Lunar New Year's Day)
○ Location : Daegu National Science Museum Scienc Yard(In case of rain, exhibition hall)
○ Event program : Folk games such as kite making, rice cake event, Yutnori, arrow throwing, jegi kicking
○ Questions : Daegu National Science Museum (053-670-6114)

E-World Lunar New Year Good Fortune Festival
○ Period :  2014.1.30(Thu) ~ 2,2(Sun)
○ Location : E-World 83 Tower
○ Program
 1. 83 Tower Good Fortune Kite Flying Competition
 2. Folk experience festival
  - Ttakji-chigi, jegi kicking, arrow throwing etc.
 3. Lunar New Year's traditional folk performance
○ Questions : E-World (053-620-0001)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Every hole and corners of Daegu - Winter travel site recommendation

Where is a good place to travel in Daegu for the entire family to enjoy?
This winter, enjoy a happy and fun trip to Daegu with your family.

Recommendation Kim Gwang Suk Road

A minstrel - Nearby the Bangcheon Market where Kim Gwang Suk spent his childhood, 'Kim Gwang Suk Road' has been made.
Stroll around the colorful mural road while listening to Kim Gwang Suk's old songs.

Recommendation 2 Sincheon Outdoors Skating Rink

This winter, take your entire family to the Sincheon Outdoors Skating Rink!
With only 1,00 won per hour, and 3,000 won for a day, you can enjoy skating - all day long.

Recommendation 3 Dongseongro Cafe Street

The hometown of coffee, Daegu! Daegu coffee shops have unique interior with different themes and uses high quality coffee beans to highlight the characteristic taste of cofee! Be mesmerized by the charm of sweet coffee and sugary strawberry cake.

Recommendation 4 Ice Gard of Biseulsan Recreational Forest 

An invitation to a magical ice world- Shall we go on a ice trip to Biseulsan? 
Massive ice walls and icicles- Large ice tunnels, and even various ice sculptures! Enjoy a grand ice festival.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Daegu's Unique Alley Exploration 15 / Daegu's representative Food - Bokhyun five-way crossroad Makchang Alley

Exploration of all alleys in Daegu!
The last episode - The 15th episode of the unique alley special is Daegu's representative dish! 'Makchang'. Makchang restaurants can be found anywhere - all corners of Daegu!

This place is located in Daegu Bokhyeon five-way crossroad.
Where makchang specialized restaurants are gathered!
Unlike other alleys.. this place has various kinds of restaurants that serve makchang, anago, and cooked shellfish.

Last December, Bokhyeon five-way crossroad Makchang Alley was selected as the 8th Good Alley in the nation.

Daegu's makchang has a first class taste that is chewy - and fulfilling!

Recently, it is popular among women as a skincare and diet food because it has low cholesterol and plentiful unsaturated fat and collagen.

Daegu's cheerful taste that adds joy to your journey ! Makchang ~

Add more happiness to your Daegu trip at Bokhyun five-way crossroad Makchang Alley.^^

Friday, January 17, 2014

Daegu's Attractions! 2 Night 3 Day Travel Course Recommendation

A 2 night 3 day travel course that contains Daegu's hidden attractions-

Eat delicious food, and be immersed by Daegu's hot passion.

Day 1) Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Alley - Modern Alley - Kim Gwang Suk Road - Anjirang Gopchang Alley - Daegu Cafe fun - Gukchaebosang Movement Memorial Park

#1 Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Street : Daegu's 10 tastes! Representative dish - 'Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi' The tender meat and sweet and sour sauce mixes to create a fantastic taste.

#2 Daegu Cafe : ‘Dongseongro', the street of the young, and 'Apsan' cafe street.
At the unique and romantic Daegu's cafe street, make your mouth joyful with Daegu's coffee taste and plentiful desserts!

Day 2) Daegu Safety Them Park - Palgongsan cable car - Donghwasa - Bangjja Yugi Museum - Pyeonghwa Market

# Daegu Safety Theme Park : You can experience a guide for various accidents like subway fire, natural disaster directly with your body.

#2 Palgongsan Cable Car : Daegu's famous mountain! Palgongsan - Ride a cable car and enjoy Daegu's beautiful scenery

#3 Bangjja Yugi Museum : A place where one can see Korea's Yugi culture at a glance! Enjoy studying the history of Yuji at Bangjja Yugi Museum.

Day 3) Modern History Museum - Fashion Jewelry Town - Dongseongro - Daegu Art Museum

# Modern History Museum : Come peek into Daegu's history at the Modern History Museum where you can see Daegu's history at a glance.

#2 Dongseongro : At Dongseongro, which is full of things to watch, enjoy - and eat, come feel the hot passion of the young people of Daegu!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

An overnight Daegu traveling course to enjoy fruitfully

All corners of Daegu - We recommend an overnight course where you can visit the attractions and taste delicious foods.

Day 1) Dongdaegu station - Seomun Market - Modern Alley - Kim Gwang Suk Road - Anjirang Gopchang Alley - Apsan Cafe Street - Gukchaebosang Movement Memorial Park - Hotel

#1 Seomun Market : Seomun Market is bustling with people - Also perfect for shopping! Go around every hole and corner of Seomun Market.

#2 Modern Alley : Modern Alley is where you can glimpse at the old history and traditions of Daegu. There are courses 1 - 5, so you can enjoy it with each course.

#3 Kim Gwang Suk Road : Kim Gwang Suk, the legendary singer who left so many songs like Around Thirty, Becoming Dust that remain as classics.
'Kim Gwang Suk Road' next to Daegu Bangcheon Market is also one of Daegu's best attractions!

#4 Anjirang Gopchang Alley : Sweet - and delicious! And even cheap! Go out for dinner at Anjirang Gopchang Alley, a place that captivated the taste of Daegu's young people.

Day 2) Ttaro gukbap - Modern History Museum - Gyeongsanggamyeong Park - Fashion Jewelry Town - Dongseongro - Daegu Art Museum - Pyeonghwa Market

#1 Ttaro gukbap : For breakfast, have one of Daegu's 10 tastes - Ttaro gukbab. One bowl of this dish, which is thickly brewed after being heating in an caldron for a long period of time, and begin the 2nd day of our Daegu trip.

#2 Modern History Museum : A Daegu Modern History Museum where one can see Daegu's history at a glance, a permanent exhibition hall that shows Daegu in the modern period and the lifestyles of our ancestors, a planned exhibition center, and a experience center.

#3 Gyeongsanggamyeong Park : This place was the equivalent of today's provincial government office, and was an office during the Chosun dynasty where governors from each region resided and served.

#4 Fashion Jewelry Town : The Fashion Jewelry Town located at Kyodong Market Alley is a place that has everything from jewelry museum, jewelry experience center, video center, seminar center, appraisal and analysis center.

#5 Dongseongro : Full of things to eat, enjoy, and see! A space where you can enjoy shopping as well - Surely, you can't miss out on Dongseongro, right?

An overnight travel course where you can enjoy all of Daegu's attractions and tastes! Have fun with a fun and happy Daegu trip.