Monday, December 30, 2013

Samunjin dock, the distribution hub of the Youngnam region, revives after 60 years!

Samunjin dock which was Youngnam region's distribution hub in the Chosun dynasty.
Used as a major boat route for going up to Daegu from Busan on the Nakdong River, this place bustled with inns and taverns for peddlers in the past.
But when Samunjin Bridge opened in 1993, this place disappeared into history.
Samunjin dock, which we all thought to have been lost forever.

Samunjin dock of Dalseong-gun Daegu, which possesses a long history, newly opened its doors in 60 years after breaking a long gap in history.

Here, at the tavern village consisted of three straw-roofed houses, they sell buchujeon and rice soup, reviving the old traces of the village.

Blue sky- Samunjin dock.. So beautiful, right?
Samunjin dock also preserves its scene as a village of taverns. Here,you can even meet the piano, which was called the ghost container.

If you visited this place- rice soup and pajeon- drink some makguli and immerse youself into the past.
The highlight of this place!

Hwawon Park- Walk up the Hwawon Hill.. and also view the beautiful scene of Daegu.
The immense Nakdong River and the beautiful nature of Daegu- Dalseong Marsh spreads out before your eyes.
Samunjin dock with its long history of 60 years.
Tracing the old times of Daegu.. enjoy a journey to the Chosun dynasty at Samunjin dock.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Enjoy a date at the newly decorated E-world 83 tower

A splendid light festival and truck art, ice rink, and even a delicious meal -

Daegu 83 Tower, where you can enjoy all of this at once.

At the second floor of the tower, a ice rink where anyone including children can enjoy is prepared.

What next after having fun at the ice rink?

 Meet the truck art exhibition prepared at a different space on the second floor.

Korean, Chinese, Western, Japanese cuisine- various restaurants from which one can choose freely are located inside the tower.

On the first floor, Ashley W where you can enjoy a buffet meal is located, and on the 78th floor, watching the view of Daegu..

is Grill By Ashley, a rotational high class restaurant that is also popular for arranging wedding proposals - and on the 76th floor is Durando where you can enjoy Korean food.

Not only are there various things to eat! But also, a cafe where you can enjoy a fragrant cup of coffee is also separately prepared.
You can meet Daegu's beautiful scenery at the observatory on the 77th floor.

The newly decorated Daegu E-world 83 Tower- Don't you think you can enjoy a fun, happy, and enjoyable date for an entire day?


Friday, December 27, 2013

A journey to the Chosun Dynasty and Daegu City Arboretum's traditional garden

Daegu's finest arboretum that boasts its beauty all four season has been newly decorated!
A Korean traditional garden has been created in the arboretum full of beautiful flowers of all shape and color and thick forest.

As a arboretum characterization project by the Korea Forest Service, the traditional garden is divided into two phases in 2013 and 2014.

In a small space that housed communities of cosmos and flame grass, a traditional pavilion, walls, and a pond were beautifully decorated.

Everything in Daegu Aboretum's traditional garden was designed in relation to the nature.   

At Soomokjung, located inside the garden, you can experience the leisure of old classical scholars by viewing the green pine trees that soar above the pond and traditional walls in front of the pavilion.

Also, the traditional walls that surrounds this place imitated the walls of Dodong Seowon at Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, which is designated as National Treasure No. 350, making the place more cozy.

Korea's traditional garden that mingles well with nature- enjoy a quiet meditation space with the beauty of Daegu Arboretum.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Imagination soaring! The scene at Daegu National Science Museum's official opening ceremony

Daegu National Science Museum, which will raise the imagination of our children, finally opened its gates officially.
The official opening ceremony of Daegu National Science Museum that took place on a fun and happy Christmas Eve!

So many people participated to celebrate the official opening ceremony of the Daegu National Science Museum.

After Knocking, a tradition fusion percussion band, heated up the stage with its performance- the event that announced the official opening of the Daegu National Science Museum began.

Yangshin, the honorary ambassador of the Daegu National Science Museum!

Former baseball star Yang Jun-hyeok's appointment as honorary ambassador was also conducted.

Finally!! Today's highlight! The 'Daegu National Science Museum Wings of Infinite Imagination and Creation' performance symbolized the museum's energetic initiation.

For the celebrative performances, Malgeunsori Boys and Girls Choir, Shinyoo, the rising star of the teuroteu world, and BbaBbaBba--

Crayon Pop prepared a fun show.

A mecca for Daegu tourism- Daegu National Science Museum which will become a great attraction!

Daegu citizens, tourists- Come visit the world of science Daegu National Science Museum ^^

Skating at an ice rink- Have fun!

A fun winter vacation has arrived! Make joyful memories this winter at Daegu's skating rinks.

1. Shincheon Outdoor Skating Rink

A unique skating rink that received so much love from children has opened.
It's Daegu Shincheon Outdoor Skating Rink, which opened on December 14th!

○ Period : 2013.12.14 - 2013.2.2
○ Hours : 10:00 - 21:00 (until 22:00 on Sat,Sun, and holidays)
○ Fee : Skate rental fee 1,000 won (1 hour)

2. Suseong Land Ice Rink

Suseong Land Ice Rink, where anyone can use all four seasons!

○ Period: Always open
○ Hours:
○ Weekdays 10:00 - 18:00 (from 12:00 during summer vacation special lesson period) / Entry allowed until 17:00
○ Weekends 10:00 - 18:00 / Entry allowed until 17:00

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3. Daegu Indoor Ice Field

Opened in 1995, Daegu's headline indoor ice field has continuously been loved by the people in Daegu. Not only do they have skating lessons, but also skating clubs are very active, making it one of the most frequently visited places by Daegu citizens.

○ General hours: 10:00-16:50
○ Athlete training hours: 17:00-
○ Date closed: Always open except on Lunar News Year, Chuseok
   ※Temporarily closed when there is a winter sports related tournament or match

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4. E-world ice rink

E-world, full of things to watch and enjoy!
The ice rink at E-world's 83 Tower, which was recently furbished, is also a fun playground for kids-
Have fun at the light festival at E-world's 83 Tower, taste delicious world cuisines- and ride fun skates!
Kill three birds with one stone! This winter vacation- let's have fun at E-world. ^^

○Operating hours: Weekdays 10:00 - 18:00 / Weekends 10:00 - 19:00

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A romantic date at the end of the year. How about a culture art course at Daegu?

An ambitious Christmas date course series- to resolve the worries of boyfriends nationwide!
Today is a culture art course! At the end of this year, enjoy a romantic date with your girlfriend with Daegu's culture art course.

Recommendation 1 Bongsan Culture Street

A culture art street that represents Daegu- Bongsan Culture Street
Galleries, art studios, cafes, and restaurants are concentrated in this place, making it a perfect date course for couples. Enjoy a cup of tea while leisurely walking through galleries, watch performances at the Bongsan Cultural Center, or find yourself lost in the shining lights while sitting at a cafe - Sounds like a great place to enjoy the end of th year, right?

◆ Location: Bongsan-dong Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 2 Kim Kwang Suk Road
Legendary singer Kim Kwang Suk, who left so many classics like Letter of a Private, About Thirty, Becoming Dust, The Kim Kwang Suk Road, which was made to cherish him, has now become a tourist attraction that represents Daegu. A unique street that is decorated with beautiful wall paintings that have the lyrics of his songs and the singer's portraits.

◆ Location: Daebong-dong Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 3 Daegu Art Museum
Kusama Yayoi Exhibition, Animamic Biennale etc. - Daegu Art Museum, which is continuing a success spree, is also a must-go date course for lovers! This cold winter- for your girlfriend who doesn't like going outside - Enjoy a warm date at Daegu Art Museum at the end of this year.

◆ Location: 374 Samdeok-dong Suseong-gu Daegu

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Daegu's Beautiful Streets that Shines with Twinkles

Where are the beautiful streets in Daegu that twinkle?

With Christmas around the corner, beautifully lightened streets with shining trees and those that resemble Glumninarie are appearing in different places in Daegu.

The starry light tunnel shining in front of Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park, the lights in front of Daegu Bank's headquarters.

We captured the Christmas scene at Esia Polis on vidoe. shining lights -Doesn't it feel like Christmas?

This Christmas, at the end of this year- hold hands with your loved one- and enjoy a date by walking through these beautiful streets.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Romantic Daegu Modern Street Night Scene Tour -

Modern streets that have become Daegu's representative tourist sites loved by tourists both local and foreign.
Have you ever gone on a modern street tour late at night? The shining lights, Daegu Modern Street Night Scene Tour where one can meet the beautiful scenes of Daegu by following beautiful lights. A must-go course for tourists who crave for a romantic trip!! Following the footsteps of the modern streets.. capture the beauty of Daegu with your eyes.

Daegu Modern Street Night Scene Tour

○ Course name: A night scene tour that traces cultural heritages (Modern culture street 2.5km, takes 2 hours)
○ Tour course : Banwoldang → Kwan-Duk-Jung Pavilion → St. Justinus Seminarium → Sung-mo dang → Congregation of Sisters of St. Paul Charitres → Dongsan Cheongna Hill → March First Independence Movement Road →  Kyesan Cathedral → Old Residence of Lee Sang-hwa·Seo Sang-don(Modern Culture Experience Hall Kyesan art house) → Mulberry Tree Alley(Du Sa Chung) → Cheil Church → Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum
○ Regular exploration date: Third Friday every month (19:00 ~ 21:00) ○ Participation fee : Free
○ Gathering location : In front of Banwoldang(Samsung Life)
○ Tour registration : Tourism Development Dept., District office of Jung-gu  (053)661-2194)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hate being cold! What places are good for hanging out indoors?

You'd like to have fun.. but don't really want to go out because it's cold, Yet, you would definitely want to go anywhere..  This cold winter, is there anywhere to go? Of course, there is~~ If it's cold, you can have fun inside!

Recommendation 1 Daegu Shooting Range

A place where you can blast away the stress you've accumulated so far!! Daegu Shooting Range!
A healing experience zone with nature~ Blow your stress away with air rifles and clay at the shooting range.

◆ Location : Daegu Shooting Range 169 Moonju-ro Buk-gu Daegu

Recommendation 2 Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town

A jewelry shop where they not only sell jewelry but also exhibit and manufacture them all in one place,
Daegu Jewelry town is also perfect for a unique date course in the winter! With only 10,000 won, you can create your own ring! It would also be great as a couple ring, right?

◆ Location : 38-6 Dongmoon-dong Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 3 Youngdo Dawoom Gallery

'Youngdo Dawoom', a unique gallery that exhibits beautiful velvet products, and is also used as a cafe, is a compound culture space specializing in velvet founded by Youngdo Velvet, a velvet manufacturing company. With 1 floor underground and 3 floors above ground, the facility includes a velvet experience hall, exhibition hall, educational hall, and a gallery.

◆ Location : 149-87 Samdeuk-dong 2-ga Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 4 Elybaden

Elybaden, where you can enjoy a four season outdoor lazy pool, large bade pool, and a hot spring, is a must-go winter date course! How about enjoying a day at Elybaden, where it has everything from spring water that has sulfur ingredients and a bade pool, lazy pool that resemble the big Roman bathing pools, various food zones and movie watching room, to even a hot bath forum?

◆ Location : 1558 Sangin-dong Dalseo-gu Daegu

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where should we host our end-of-the-year parties?

Celebrating with people whom you've gone through hard times together, and catching up with friends whom you haven't seen in a while~ And of course, delicious food cannot be absent where people gather?
Year-end parties! If you're still debating where to go, how about these places?

Recommendation 1 Guangjang Core

This place has recently risen as a hot place among young people! It's Guangjang Core ~
It has everything from movie theaters, cafes, restaurants, to clubs! With Korean, Japanese, Chinese, fusion cuisines, and bars~ the type of restaurants are so diverse that it's great for gatherings at the end of the year! A place where you can go anywhere depending on preferences and the people you're meeting, how about hosting your year-end parties at Guangjang Core?

○ Location : 463-34 Naedang-4-dong Seo-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 2 Dongseongro

Dongseongro, which is filled with the energy of young people, is also a great place to host end-of-the-year gatherings, right?
With street vendors, wine bars, and fusion cuisines, it upholds its reputation as the mecca for young people with so many unique and interesting places to host parties~
Where you can leisurely slice some steak and surround yourself with some fancy atmosphere! Also a perfect place to drink a shot of soju at a roudy place full of people!

○ Location : Dongseongro-3-ga Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 3 Suseong-gu Deulangil Food Town
Do you want an elegant meal with people you care about?
High quality luxury~ The Suseong-gu Deulangil Food town, which became concentrated with restaurants, also a great place for meals with office mates and friends. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese food~~ you can choose what to eat at this place!

○ Location : Doosan-dong Suseong-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 4 Pyeonghwa market Chicken Gizzard Alley 

A large amount at a cheap price, and it's even tasty! We can't leave out Pyeonghwa market Chicken Gizzard Alley which is usually popular among young people in Daegu.  Filled with so many people~ Enjoy a proper year-end party by being closer to each other.
Pyeonghwa market Chicken Gizzard Alley with plentiful generosity and a place that makes everyone happy!

○ Location : Shinam-dong Dong-gu Daegu

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Be gone with the usual sort of dates~ Off to a journey exploring the best restaurants in Daegu Go Go!

Be gone with the usual sort of dates you've gone out to so far!
Surely, there should be somewhere to go just because it's the winter! Gourmet food traveling, an indoor date, cultural and arts date, and even a date with night scenes!
Daegu restaurant exploration where you can select what to enjoy depending on your taste~ and preferences!

Recommendation 1 Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Alley

If you've come to Daegu, this is a must-eat!!
Daegu's representative food~ Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Alley boasts its long tradition. Sweet and sour ~ aren't you curious about the taste of jjim galbi? Using only the raw meat of domestic cows, this place is where you can enjoy the tender meat of our Korean native cattles!! Not only the taste~ but also the kindness and service is great!  Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Alley, where you can enjoy a happy meal!

◆ Location : Dongin-dong 1-ga Jung-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 2 Bangoge Mixed Sashimi Alley

What should you do when you have no appetite? Try some sweet and sour Bangoge mixed sashimi!!
Bangoge Mixed Sashimi Alley, which has a 40-year history, is also a representative restaurant area of Daegu.
Come try out Bangoge mixed sashimi which is perfect for a meal or a side dish with some drinks

◆ Location : Near Bangoge station Naedang-dong Seo-gu Daegu

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Recommendation 3 Apsan Cafe Street

A unique date, Apsan Cafe Street is full of famous restaurants that grasps the taste of young people, In the 70~80s, cafes gathered one by one in the rich neighborhood where large western hourse were concentrated, and now it has become a hot place for young people who represent Daegu and receives so much love from Daegu citizens, and tourists.

◆ Location : Around Daemyeong-9-dong Nam-gu Daegu

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ecommendation 4 Dongseongro Cafe Alley

Daegu coffee, surely you know how famous it is?
Dongseongro Cafe Alley, where coffee manias from all over the country come to learn the know-hows of Daegu coffee. Last summer, it was extremely popular by tourists from all across the nation as their grapefruit ice water, melon ice water, green tea ice water became a huge hit. It is located at the center of Dongseongro, the street of youth, so it's somewhere where anyone would have gone at least once, A unique dating place where you must go!

◆ Location : Around Gongpyeong-dong Jung-gu Daegu

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

13th tour of special alleyway in Daegu / Tour of Bongsan Cultural Street, a street of culture and arts

Daegu is a city of culture and arts. Which is the street of culture and arts that represents Daegu?
It is Bongsan Cultural Street with 20 year history.

Bonsan Cultural Street is full of the scent of arts. Along the 600 meter long street from Daegu Hakwon to Bongsan Junction, art supply stores, galleries, cafes, and restaurants are lined up.

There are many art supply stores, an essential shopping course for artists.

 There are 15 galleries here and exhibitions are held throughout the year.

When you are around Bongsang Cultural Street, be sure to visit some of the galleries.
There is no entrance fee. Anybody can come and enjoy the artworks on display.
You can also see artworks on the street also.

Bongsan Culture Center that features performances and exhibitions each month is another attraction of Bongsan Cultural Street !!

And there are many pretty cafes along the street~ You can feel the scent of culture and arts at Bongsan Cultural Street.

Come and see performances, visit galleries, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the world of arts this December.