Friday, November 29, 2013

Daegu's unique alley exploration 12/ Bangoge Mixed Sashimi with the best sweet and sour taste

Bangoge Mixed Sashimi Alley located in Seo-gu, Daegu.
Bangoge mixed sashimi is a popular dish that is considered as one of the 10 tastes in Daegu.

At the Mixed Sashimi Alley, which is stretched 500m in Naedang-dong Bangoge, 15 restaurants are currently operating.

After Jinju Restaurant made huge success with mixed sashimi in the 1960s, restaurants have consecutively opened up and a food town was formed.

Mixed sashimi is made by mixing slightly blanched squid with sauce that has radish shreds, water parsley, garlic, and ginger, making a high quality sweet and sour taste.

You can also experience a different taste when mixing the sauce from mixed sashimi with rice, dried seaweed powder, and sesame oil.

The mixed sashimi here is attaining national fame as it receives overwhelming take-out orders from not only DaeguㆍGyeongbuk but also SeoulㆍGyeonggiㆍGyeongnam. Especially because it is cheap, it has become a popular place for young people to gather.

Come by with friends this holiday season and enjoy a fulfilling feast at the Bangoge Mixed Sashimi Alley~

Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Daegu attraction] Wake up the sleeping brain! Daegu National Science Museum temporarily opens

Daegu National Science Museum where you can meet everything about science!

The Daegu National Science Museum, which will nurture the creativity of children, and play a central role in the science industry of the Daegu Gyeongbuk region, has temporarily opened.

◆ Daegu National Science Museum Temporary Open information

 ○ Period : 2013.11.1(Fri) ~ official opening (Closed on Mondays)
 ○ Time : 09:30 ~ 17:30
 ○ Admissions : Free until official opening

※ During temporary open, facilities such as the cafeteria and convenient store are not open.

The Daegu National Science Museum is located at the outskirts of Biseul Mountain ~ Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu.

Storied from the basement 1st floor to the 3rd floor, the museum is consisted of a standing exhibition hall, children's hall, science yard, 4D image center, and a planetarium.
The children's hall is consisted of a welcoming area, children science world, experience space for observing my own changing process, and a space for daily life exploration.

To match the viewpoint of kids, science and games were merged to make the concept more easily accessible and fun.
Passing by the children's hall and heading towards a different space, we can see the 4D image center and planetarium.

The two halls are receiving reservations by first come first serve at the 1st floor information desk.

If you have finished touring the 1st floor, go up to the 2nd floor standing exhibition hall where you can engage in various science experiences.
The standing exhibition hall is divided into the Hall 1 Discovery of Nature, Hall 2 Science Technology and Industry.

Here, you can understand the relationship between the nature and us, and learn how to scientifically inquire the nature and world.

Also, you can view the global warming problem from various perspectives, and experience the exhibition designed for quest activities.

You can understand the development of science technology such as IT, fiber, oriental medicine, optics, urban system and their presence within the local industries.

Apart from this, there are various spaces where you can observe the principles of science technology in our lives, look into the future and development of science, and engage in hands-on experience.

Science, it's no longer hard to understand~ Shall we go to the Daegu National Science Museum to wake up our sleeping brains?

[Daegu's unique travel site] Daegu's finest marshes where hooded cranes and swans flock, Dalseong and Ansim Marshes

Even in Daegu, there is a fine marsh where hooded cranes rest, and swans visit!!

Dalseong Marsh.

West of the Seongseo Industrial Complex district heating corporation in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Nakdong and Geumho Rivers, A river marsh of total area 2㎢, located at the region where Jincheon and Daemyeong streams join. It's an uncommon flood plain where you can meet various plants for all four seasons. It is the only marsh in Korea that was listed by the International Union For Conservation of Nature(IUCN) in 1989 and is a region with high preservation value where thousands of hooded cranes, which were a natural monument and internationally protected species in the 1980s, visited and 400 of them spend the winter in.

◆ A place where flocks of migratory birds, cranes fly
Recently, to restore the title of the largest habitat for hooded cranes in the past, a Dalseong Marsh migratory bird network was established and strived to improve the habitat environment of migratory birds.

As a result, for 3 times in 2012, 2013, 300 hooded cranes and white-naped cranes  returned to the Dalseong Marsh in 17 years after 1995.

Ansim Marsh

Ansim Marsh is the marsh next to Geumgang-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu. It is a back swamp that was formed when a part of the Geumo River was separated after a dyke was built on the river which is wider than the surrounding area.

◆ Habitat for marsh plants, birds, and mammals

Ansim Marsh is a great place to observe typical characteristics of the swamp like an upo wetland and various marsh plants like phragmites and willow trees and birds like great reed warblers, yellow bitterns, and egretta are easily observed. Dalseong and Ansim Marshes preserve our nature's original form!!

Come and heal at Daegu's marshes which is perfect as an ecological experience area for kids and a resting place for people.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[Daegu night date course] E-world's night is fun! Christmas tree lighting festival~

A place where you can see the beautiful night scene of Daegu! E-world, a perfect place for a date course with loved ones.
The 83 Tower, which was refurbished last October. is a tower that stretches high up into the sky and shines~ isn't it so magnificent and beautiful? The road up to the tower is full of colorful light bulbs ~

In time with the new decorations, a light festival has been going on around the 83 Tower since last month. The light bulbs that wrap the large trees. There are 8.3 million bulbs in this place!

The photo zone is also separately prepared, so make sure to take pretty pictures

The refurbished 83 Tower has been renewed from 1st to 83rd floor for two years.
The third and fourth floors have restaurants and cafes where you can taste various foods.

The third floor has high class restaurants, and the fourth floor has world cuisines that anyone can enjoy. After touring the tower~ and coming out into the Tower square, the Christmas tree lighting festival has started. The tower is colored with splendid fireworks~

Finally, the lights are lit on the tree. Make beautiful memories of this holiday season at the Daegu E-world 83 Tower.

December 2013, what events will be hosted in Daegu?

The end of 2013! what events are waiting for us at this holiday season?

One. 2013 Home Table Deco Fair

Listen up if you are interested in home table decoration!
At this fair, which will be a luxury living exhibition for quality home styling, you will see the trends of home table decorations.

- Date : 2013. 12. 5(Thu)~ 12. 8(Sun)
- Location : Daegu EXCO
- Time : 10:00~18:00 / Entrance closes : 17:30
- Co-hosted events : Trend seminar, table setting design contest, 2014 overseas excellent design exhibition/introduction, class etc.
- Admissions :
 ○ Genera Admissions : 10,000 won
 ○ Prior registration : Free (until November 20th)
 ○ Coupang ticket purchase : 3,000 won (November 21st ~ December 11th)

Two. 7th Daegu Franchise Business Expo

A franchise business expo for those who want to start a franchise and private business!

- Date : 2013.12.6(Fri) ~ 12.8(Sun)
- Location : Daegu Exco
- Time : 11:00~18:00(12.6~7), 11:00~17:00(12.8)
- Admissions :
 ○ General Admissions : 3,000 won
 ○ Prior registration : Free (December 5th)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daegu's unique alleys, full of heartwarming affection and love ~

‘Good alleys' are emerging in Daegu!
Alleys are overwhelming in each part of Daegu, with full of things to eat and see! Not only are they unique but they're also good!!
Currently, 7 'good alleys' have been selected in Daegu.

▶Good alley
An alley or street where 'good' stores that have small to medium size businesses and practice sharing a part of their sales are gathered together.

After Dongin-dong Jjim Galbi Alley was selected as the first good alley last April, Anjirang Gopchang Alley and Chicken Gizzard Street became the 2nd and 3rd in May, Jongno Restaurant Alley in June, Dalseong-gun's Nonmaegi Maeuntang Village in July, and Dalseong-gun Gachang Steamed Bun Alley in October became the 4th, 5th, and 6th good alleys.

Also, in November, Seo-gu Wondae Furniture Alley, where furniture shops and not restaurants are concentrated, was selected as the 7th Good Alley and the good alley phenomenon heated up more~ ^^

Due to the good alley craze, Daegu, which had the lowest number of good shops in the country in 2012, now has increased by 380 shops and currently has 484 good shops, the most among major cities in Korea. Despite being a cold winter, it feels much warmer with the news about the heartwarming sharing of the alleys in Daegu~~ We hope that Daegu's alleys continue their good sharing.~~ 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

[Daegu Travel] Good-bye fall~ hello winter~ the Dalseong Wetlands with their beautiful scenery

Finally, fall has passed with its falling leaves, and winter is approaching.
Today fall is passing us~ the end of fall to comfort our frustrations!
I've been to the Dalseong Wetlands the place of our treasured beautiful scenery.
To see the natural ecology of Daegu! The Dalseong Wetlands that treasures beautiful untouched nature.

This is also the place where the 'Dalseong Wetlands Tambangnaru Project' has been prepared by the City of Daegu.
A paradise for snowbirds not to mention endangered species, each fall you can see the silver grass and reeds present a grand sight.

Now if you go to the Dalseong Wetlands this winter~ you can appreciate the scenery one last time.
Sunset,, looking out at the beautiful Dalseong Wetlands Scenery,, for some reason I feel the solitude of fall.

Still..!! Filled with one final image of the last performance of the reeds..
Now fall has passed,, and we greet winter. ^^

Winter that approaches us all! We hope yours is filled with joy and laughter~

Friday, November 22, 2013

Daegu Funky Alleyway Adventure11 / the aroma of coffee wafts about~ street of the youth, Dongseong-ro cafe alleyway

The place that comes to mind when you think about coffee~ the place that draws coffee enthusiasts from around the country when the aroma of coffee wafts through the air.
Is none other than coffee city, Daegu~
Funky Alleyway Adventure episode 10! The center of Daegu! Youth street Dongseong-ro~ a cafe alleyway where the aroma of coffee wafts about.

This place last summer was where tourists from around the country as well as Daegu citizens were showered with love.  The cafe alleyway that gained popularity for its melon and ice slushy~

Would you care to take a minute to step inside?

A coze~ pretty interior.. Each items draws one's attention to it.

There are many cafe's that put a big focus on the interior which only goes to show just how many coffee enthusiasts make their way to Daegu.

Cafe's with long lines of people in different places in the alleyway. Winter~ no place better to enjoy a hot cup with a date to melt your chilled body.

I'm heading to the center for the past 20 years, Dongseong-ro! This is the place where they run all the coffee shops.
A famous street for coffee that is also like a home-grown brand in Daegu. People pour in to try strawberry cake when strawberries are in season!

The barista bews aromatic coffeee.. This man runs the store that leads famous street for coffee, Lee Jun-cheol. Can you tell he's been at it for a while?

The city of coffee, Daegu~ cold winter weather, stop by for an aromatic cup of coffee at the Daegu cafe alleyway.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Art Square 2013 ~ welcome to the world of art.

We invite you to the beautiful world of art!
We just got back from Art Square 2013.
Art square, attended by more than 750 people from Korea and abroad!

On the first day~ artists, art related students, residents.. and many others were gathered in the art square.

 In each gallery you could view sculptures, engravings, installation art, and various other works. Here you can appreciate elegant ~ calm works and have a look at the artist's art world.

Also, at Art Square you can meet modern and contemporary artists at a special exhibition.

You can view the works of Jo Yeong-nam, a celebrity with excellent art skills, and those of Ha Jeong-wu.

This is 'Art Road 77 Art Fair' where the international exchange exhibit is taking place.

Art Road 77 Art Fair is a new art fair where donations and sharing takes place through art.
At the Art Road 77 Art Fair special exhibition, 10 out of the 77 artists in the 5th Art Road 77 Art Fair Exhibition held this year in May were re-selected to take part.

All 10 of the artists were promising young artists through the current energetic art activities. Doesn't the artistic value and creativity show?

Another program of Art Square! Another reason to check out the 2013 Youth Art Project!
Here you can see the creative and experimental works of young artists of 10 nationalities including those residing in Korea and abroad from Korea, the UK, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Kazakhstan, China, and Indonesia.

Take a look at the flow of the art market in Korea and abroad~ come on down to Daegu to the place where artists can meet, in the cultural place of residents, 'Daegu Art Square'~~