Friday, August 30, 2013

4th International LED&Display Exhibition, live news of the first day from the scene!

LED lights that represent green energy and future state-of-the-art display products, all in one place together! 
The '4th International LED & Display Exhibition' finally opened its first day today.

120 domestic and international companies and 320 booths participated in this year's exhibition.

At this exhibition, which takes the form of a much upgraded specialized business exhibition, an LED supply seminar, LED purchase consulting, business export consulting will take place together.

Here, we can also see the various LED and electric lights that each company prepared to exhibit.
I had no idea that lights could be used in so many different ways~~~

Isn't the flower light so pretty?

Interior lights, stage lights, filming lights.. the types of lights are immense!
This is a LED light~
With LEDs found even inside a TV, there's really so many places that use LEDs these days, right?

You can even raise a plant using LEDs.
Wow... I didn't know that plants could be cultivated using only LEDs and with no agricultural pesticides! That's really cool! 

Apart from beautiful and spectacular lights~ the 21st Daegu Outdoor Advertisement Grand Prize is also being held at the same exhibition area.
Generally, we would call them 'signs'. While I would pass by them without much thought when I walk on the streets every day.. seeing them here! I could feel the touch of a master in each of the outdoor advertising products!
And this is not everything.

At this exhibition, the IT Convergence Expo Korea is also being hosted and you'll be able to see the trends of the domestic IT industry.
Please join us at the 4th International LED&Display Exhibition where there's so much to see~~


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