Saturday, July 13, 2013

[Daegu's Unique Travel Sites] Winners of the ‘Find a real hidden attraction in Daegu' event! We introduce you to a tourist site that has not been well known!

We announce the winners of 'Find a real hidden attraction in Daegu!', a June event held on the Daegu tourism blog. ^^
Full of Daegu's hidden attractions!!

#1. 3rd place Kwon, Hyuk Moo - Kyungpook National University campus

Kyungpook National University recently renovated its front gate, where a grass lawn is spread out ~ widely!
The route which is perfect to take a walk on a good weather like today and the well decorated campus are beautiful.
The picture was taken in the spring, but it should have become more fresh now that it's summertime~ ^^


#2. 3rd place Ryu, Han Cheol - Dongdaesa Lanterns

Korean Buddhism Cheontaejong Dongdaesa
Dongdaesa is a Buddhist temple that has a short history of less than 10 years. It became famous for its lanterns that are lit on Buddha's Birthday every year. The temple is almost as beautiful as Busan's Samgwangsa, which is the most famous temple for lanterns.
Dongdaesa's chief monk lits 15,000 lanterns annually in hopes for not only the economical development of Daegu, but also national prosperity.
As one can see from his philosophy which states that 'a nation must exist for a religion to exist', the monk cares deeply about the affairs of his country. 

#3. 3rd place Shin, Jung Hwa - Night scene at Geumho River Haemaji bridge

The picture below is the Haemaji bridge where a member of the blog's journalist crew recently visited. 
What do you think? Looking at the day scene and the one at night! Isn't it totally different~~~

#4. 3rd place Song, Chae Eun - Park inside E-World

Among the places in Daegu that I feel should be known to everyone, I recommend the' Hidden Garden within E-World'.
It seems that even most people who live in Daegu don't know about this place.
It's a great place to spread a mat under a tree and enjoy a picnic with family.
Because it's located on a high hill, you can even view Daegu's scenery.

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