Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[Daegu Summer Water Festival] Let's go to the exciting water amusement exhibition!

This summer~ a place to go for water amusement in Daegu! A hot place~~~ '2013 Summer Water Festival'!!
An indoor pool set up at the 1st floor of Daegu EXCO during this summer~ it's safe~ and clean, making it a perfect place for kids to enjoy playing in the water safely.^^

First~ after buying tickets at the ticket booth prepared at the 1st floor of EXCO~ let's enter the indoors swimming pool!

Once you go through the entrance, there are the men's and women's rooms.
Store your valuables~ and change into the swimsuit you brought. ^^

If you forgot to bring your own swimsuit, don't worry because a separate rental office is prepared just for people like you. ^^
A large and clean water park~

The kids are having so much fun riding on the slide~
Here, we also have various water amusement rides like the slide, tube, and boat with which kids can have fun and enjoy.

The slide made as a giant castle! There's also a cute banana boat.

You can eat snacks at the cafeteria~
And a clean shower at the shower booths set up on one side of the pool~ ^^

For your information, a medical room and breast-feeding room are also prepared.
A hot summer~ let's enjoy it cool at Summer Water Festival. ^^

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