Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Recommendations for Family Outing Places in Daegu]This weekend~ Where in Daegu should we go?

The end of May is almost around the corner!
Today’s weather at Daegu was so hot.. I’m worried how I’ll be able to stand this coming summer...
But before the hot summer comes! Surely, you must go on your last spring outing?

Recommendation 1. Daegu Dong-gu Bongmu Park

Bongmu Park is a leports park built on the outskirts of Palgongsan.
As a park where greens space is well spread, there are various sports facilities such as foot volleyball courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, camping sites, Butterfly Greenhouse, and even Dansan-ji where you can enjoy water sports!
A place where one can observe live butterflies and caterpillars because it houses an environment in which caterpillars and butterfly can inhabit, the Butterfly Greenhouse is a perfect educational place for kids.

Recommendation 2. Igok Fountain Park

Igok Fountain Park located at Igok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu!
What’s so special about this place? A rose park that has rich rose scent!
Roses are everyone’s favorite flower. ^^ Of course, there are various types of roses~
If you visit Igok Fountain Park, you will meet various roses of different shapes and colors.

Recommendation 3. Dongchon Resort

A place that is perfect for a spring outing!~ It’s none other than Dongchon Resort.
Receiving spotlight as a resting place for Daegu citizens, Dongchon Resort has everything from a viaduct, pool, boat, bicycle road, and even a walking trail!
○ Major facilities at Dongchon Resort : sunrise bridge, viaduct, roller skating arena, ecological park, sports park, water fountain, benches, YoungNam Jeilgwan, Manchon Bicycle Stadium, amusement park, wild plants garden etc.  


Recommendation 4. Buk-gu Rape Flower Field

In the middle of Daegu.. where can one enjoy abundant attractions and rest?
It’s this place! You can meet a huge rape flower field near Nogokgyo, which is the upper region of Geumho river’s alluvial island at Nogok-dong, Buk-gu.
It greets visitors with cosmos in the fall~ and rape flowers in the spring~
The rape flower field, dyed in yellow! Isn’t is so pretty?
The field, which area is 15,000㎡, will be open from this coming May 27th.^^

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