Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Walk along Mt. Palgong Olle Road (Wanggun Road)

Olle Road is a big trend in these days.
On this road you can enjoy nature and help improve your health.
When we visited Wanggun Road we felt a gentle spring breeze.

The path we walked was Yonghosangbak Road which starts from the historical Admiral Shin Soong Gyum Memorial to Hasnsilgol Village.
The Yonghosangbak Road starts at the historical Admiral Shin Soong Gyum Memorial.
Now, are you ready to follow our journey?

When you get to the entrance, you can find the information of the tracking course.
This is really well explained.
Wanggun Road in 35km in total and it takes 15 hours to complete.
Well, this course is a gentle stroll not a tough hike, so people can enjoy it easily.

Even more, it is a good opportunity to see roof tiles, stone walls, and traditional houses in Korea. If you want to feel not only the nature but also the history of Korea, it could be great.
There is also the Wonmo Ancestral Shrine, which is a Daegu cultural heritage site just a little ways from Wanggun Road.

Lots of yellow forsythias are along with the road!

If you get to the top of the mountain, you can see the physical equipment for people.

After you walk for one and a half hours, there is the Wanggun Road Observatory.
What do you think?
A clear view of the Palgong Mountain is awesome.

Wanggun Road at Palgong Mountain includs nature, history, and a story.
Why don't you walk to the Wanggun Road this spring?

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