Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Special products with anticarcinogenic properties in Daegu

Which agricultural products have anticarcinogenic properties?
Today, we introduce the specialties which are effective in preventing cancer.

Phellinus Linteus

Phellinus linteus which is known as an anti-cancer mushroom because of it's effectiveness is spicy and also sweet. This mushroom usually takes effect in the stomach and the spleen. Its effect help with hemostasis, blood circulation and pain-relief.

This food can be used to treat haemorrhoids and due to its anticarcinogenic properties, it is very effective to women's melena, ruptures, archorrhagia, leukorrhea, menstrual pain, and tumors.

[Daegu Phellinus Linteus cultivation complex]
Nongong Agricultural Phellinus linteus
- 1288, Noee-ri, Nongong-eub, Dalseong-gun, Daegu city 

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Lotus Roots

Lotus Roots are found during the winter seasons and they are sweet and poisonless. It has a hemostasis effect and its effects can help relieve heat rashes and treat blood stasis and hematemesis. In addition due to its high dietary fiber, consistent consumptuion of this food can treat fatigue and hunger, and make you feel lighter and energized.

Many are not aware that Daegu is the home of lotus root cultivation. Daegu Dongu Banyawol and Dalsung-gun Habin-myeon area accounts for 40% of the national lotus root cultivation. 

[Daegu Lotus Root Complex]
Daegu Dongu Banyawol Area (Daerim-dong, Sabok-dong,Keumkang-dong etc.)

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Did you know that cherries come from the same family of flowering plants as roses?
Cherries prevent the increase of body wastes and by doing so, prevents cancers and other tumors.  You can eat them fresh, blend them into a shake, or brew them and make tea. 

In Daegu Dongu Dunsan-dong there are 27 cherry farms making it one of the 2 primary cherry cultivation of the nation.  In June, you can visit the farms for a farm experience tour and purchase fresh cherries directly from the farm, making it an ideal family outing destination.

[Daegu Cherry Farm]
Daegu Sang-dong Village Cherry Farm
- Daegu Dong-gu Dunsan-dong 173

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