Friday, March 29, 2013

Performances in April at Daegu -Shen Yun 2013 Word Tour / Rebecca / Sherlock Holmes - Secret of the Anderson Family

It is a warm and fine spring which is perfect to go on a picnic.
Furthermore, there are many interesting events in Daegu City.
And we introduces the exciting performances in Daegu.

Shen Yun 2013 Word Tour
A Shen Yun performance features the world's foremost classically trained dancers, an unique orchestra blending East and West, and dazzling animated backdrops- together creating one spectacular extravaganza.

- Date : April. 5~ 7, 2013
            Fri 19:30 / Sat 14:00, 19:30 / Sun 14:00
- Place : Daegu Suseong Artpia ( Yongji Hall )
- Rate : over 6

- Tickets : VVIP 300,000won / VIP 200,000won /R 150,000won/  
                 S  110,000won / A  80,000won / B  50,000won
- Book & Information : 053-742-8845

Musical Rebecca is the rebirth of the romantic thriller 'Rebecca' by Alfred Hitchcock who got the Academy Award.

- Date : April. 9 ~ 13, 2013 

             weekdays 7:30 / Sat 3:00, 7:00
- Place : Daegu Keimyung Art Center
- Rate : Over 7
- Running time : 160m
- Tickets : VIP 120,000won / R 100,000won / S  80,000won / A  60,000won / B  50,000won
- Book & Information : SJ Entertainment / 1599-2005

Musical Gala Concert - Nam Gyung Joo, Choi Jung Won 

This concert has all the highlights of the musicals that they have performed so far. Their touching acting is the most attractive point of this musical.

- Date : April. 18. 2013 19:30
- Place : Daegu Opera House
- Tickets : R  70,000won / S  50,000won / A  40,000won / B  30,000won / C  20,000won
- Book & Information  : Interpark  1544-1555 / 053-426-8001

Philharmonia Quartett Berlin
'Philharmonia Quartett Berlin' which always gives a touchful performance in Korea.

- Date : April. 26  19:30

- Place : Keimyung Art Center
- Tickets : VP  70,000won / R  60,000won / S  50,000won / A  40,000won
- Rate : Over 7
- Book & Information : TBC / 1577-6168

Sherlock Holmes - Secret of the Anderson Family
As soon as you search for the truth, the game will start.
The unexpectable musical which captivates your heart with an elaborate story!

- Date : April. 26 ~ 28, 2013
            Apr.26  19:30 / Apr.27  15:00, 19:00 / Apr.28  14:00, 18:00
- Place : Daegu Suseong Artpia ( Yongji Hall )
- Rate : Over 7 

- Tickets : R  66,000won  / S  55,000won
- Book & Information : 053-422-4224

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gukbop- One of the ten greatest foods in Daegu.

Looking for the most delicious Gukbop place in Daegu.
we recommends this place to everyone.

Restaurant 'Jingalbi'
This is one of the first beef rib restaurant, which is located in Seomoon Market.
It is not only the first one, but also is famous for the old traditional style food.

- Address : 154-9, Sijangbukro, Jungu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-255-3740

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Restaurant 'Gukil Saenggalbi'
Yukgaejang is a hot spicy meat stew at this restaurant.
It is beyond comparison, especially the taste of the soup that is boiled with bracken, taro, green onion and beef.

- Address : 106, Dongsandong, Junggu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-252-3740

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Restaurant 'Masan'
This place you can taste Goryung Market style SSiracgukbop (rice with soup made with dried raddish greens)!
It is a recommendable meal after your spring picnic, because the restaurant is just next to Gyungsanggamyoung Park.

- Address : 21-3, Pojungdong, Junggu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-253-6304

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Restaurant 'Onchungol Gamasot Gukbop'
Have you ever heard the old saying 'if water tastes good then the food also tastes good'?
Here's the restaurant where the 'Beef Gukbop' is very famous because they use special water for this Gukbop.

- Address : 470-8, Chunnaeri, Hwawoneub, Dalsunggun, Daegu
- Ph : 053-641-9988

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Restaurant 'Manchon Somunnan Gukbop'
There are many special kinds of Gukbop in this restaurant such as Gukbop (boiled rice served in soup), Taro Gukbop (served soup and rice separately), Sundae Gukbop and Naejang Gukbop (Pigs intestine in Gukbop).

 - Address : 1018-11, Manchon2 dong, Suseonggu, Daegu
 - Ph : 053-755-4511

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Restaurant 'Chamhanwoogalbi'
Old traditional style Beef Gukbop boiled in a cauldro!
Special sauce from Young Yang, Chang Young and Eui Seong.

- Address : 1023, Dowondong, Dalseogu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-632-4936

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Restaurant 'Yetjip'
'Yukgaejang', which is cooked by the owner of this restaurant. The owner, an old lady uses the soy sauce which she makes herself.

- Address : 120-2, Sijangbukro, Jungu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-554-4498

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Restaurant 'Masan Seolleongtang'
Seollongtang (stock soup of bone and stew meat)!
Once you taste it, you can't forget this food.

- Address : 12, Daeahndong, Junggu, Daegu
- Ph : 254.4317 

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Restaurant 'Old cauldron beef Gukbop'
Special 'Gukbop' (beef and fair quality of green onion in soup) is really tasty.

- Address : 253-4, Suseong3ga, Suseonggu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-752-5454

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Restaurant 'Jingolmok'
This place has been famous for the taste of hot and spicy Gukbop.

- Address : 66-5, Jongro2ga, Junggu, Daegu
- Ph : 053-253-3757

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2013 Chickin-Beer International Festival! Awesome line-up of chicken and beer!

Thinking chicken? Then Daegu is the place to be!

In the heat of summer, cool off at the 'International Chicken-Beer Festival'!

Daegu is the hometown of fried or roast chicken, because Korea's largest chicken brands such as Mexicana, Pericana, Cheogatjip and etc all took their first step to success in Daegu.

With this in mind, Daegu, in hopes of reviving and promoting chicken businesses, is holding a festival for one of Korea's favorite combo chicken and beer. The festival has been held annually since 2010.

This year, the festival will be sponsored by the city of Quingdao in China, a place known for its annual Beer Festival. It will be a historic event where the combination of the Quingdao beer festival and Daegu's chicken will create an event like no other.

Get ready for the chicken beer party in Daegu, the city of festivals.

When? July 18th ~ 21st

Where? Dooryu Park Stadium!

Already, approximate 50 industry companies and 150 promotion booths have been booked!

Heat of Summer! Cool off at the Chicken Beer Festival!

A festival held only in Daegu. :)


Festival Information

ㅇ Festival: 2013 International Chicken Beer Festival

ㅇ Dates: 2013 7.18(Thurs)~7.21(Sun)
ㅇ Location: Dooryu Park Stadium
ㅇ Size: 50 Companies, 150 Booths
ㅇ Content:
   - Chicken companies, Beer companies, beverage companies exhibit
   - Regional foods and relevant businesses exhibit
   - Culture/Arts performances, experience events, taste testing, events etc.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Special products with anticarcinogenic properties in Daegu

Which agricultural products have anticarcinogenic properties?
Today, we introduce the specialties which are effective in preventing cancer.

Phellinus Linteus

Phellinus linteus which is known as an anti-cancer mushroom because of it's effectiveness is spicy and also sweet. This mushroom usually takes effect in the stomach and the spleen. Its effect help with hemostasis, blood circulation and pain-relief.

This food can be used to treat haemorrhoids and due to its anticarcinogenic properties, it is very effective to women's melena, ruptures, archorrhagia, leukorrhea, menstrual pain, and tumors.

[Daegu Phellinus Linteus cultivation complex]
Nongong Agricultural Phellinus linteus
- 1288, Noee-ri, Nongong-eub, Dalseong-gun, Daegu city 

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Lotus Roots

Lotus Roots are found during the winter seasons and they are sweet and poisonless. It has a hemostasis effect and its effects can help relieve heat rashes and treat blood stasis and hematemesis. In addition due to its high dietary fiber, consistent consumptuion of this food can treat fatigue and hunger, and make you feel lighter and energized.

Many are not aware that Daegu is the home of lotus root cultivation. Daegu Dongu Banyawol and Dalsung-gun Habin-myeon area accounts for 40% of the national lotus root cultivation. 

[Daegu Lotus Root Complex]
Daegu Dongu Banyawol Area (Daerim-dong, Sabok-dong,Keumkang-dong etc.)

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Did you know that cherries come from the same family of flowering plants as roses?
Cherries prevent the increase of body wastes and by doing so, prevents cancers and other tumors.  You can eat them fresh, blend them into a shake, or brew them and make tea. 

In Daegu Dongu Dunsan-dong there are 27 cherry farms making it one of the 2 primary cherry cultivation of the nation.  In June, you can visit the farms for a farm experience tour and purchase fresh cherries directly from the farm, making it an ideal family outing destination.

[Daegu Cherry Farm]
Daegu Sang-dong Village Cherry Farm
- Daegu Dong-gu Dunsan-dong 173

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Filled with the scent of spring, Daegu Bullo Flower Garden Complex

Forsythias, cherry blossoms, dandelions, rape flowers, pansies, magnolias, daffodils, tulips..

What do these flowers have in common?

They all blossom in spring!
What kind of flowers do you like?

Today, in welcoming the spring season, we visit the Bullo Flower Garden Complex that is main flower garden complex in Daegu. :)

Warm season is back and for those who considered adding a potted plant in the house! This place will meet your expectations!!

The Bullo Flower Garden Complex is situated before the entrance into Palgong Mountain, and it is a large scale flower complex that represents the city of Daegu. It began in 1980 when farmers started a flower cultivation business in the area. Shortly after, flower cultivation started to increase in volume, eventually making the complex the center of distribution. Currently about 70% of the area’s farmers are cultivating and distributing trees, flowers, and flowering plants.

This place is also popular for parents to bring their children to experience its flower diversity. 

The scent of spring flowers pouring out of the entrance of the flower complex.
Can you feel it?

The streets were filled with flower, welcoming me to the spring season.

The soft spring winds and the scent of flowers it carries.. Good! 

The elegant colors of the pansies, the dandelions, aren’t they a beautiful sight?
The Bullo Flower Garden Complex boasts the largest production of flowering plants which constitute approximately 60% of the entire Gyeongnam area market, making it one of their main products.  

On both sides of the road you can see spring flowers that has been precisely cultivated into the flower complex by the farmers, that welcomes all visitors. 
Can you smell the beautiful flowers?

The flower complex’s greenhouse was also filled with spring flowers!
Anyway you turn your head you will be surrounded by flowers, and its diversity unparalleled !

Look at the luscious colors!

What did you think?

It is certainly an eye cleaner right?

The Bullo Flower Garden Complex is right on your way from the Daegu International Airpot to Palgong Mountain, making it a convenient tourist destination as well.

Before climbing the Palgong Mountain, visit the Bullo Flower Garden Complex for the sweet scent of Spring. :)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Experience the comfort of a Korean traditional house

Want to experience the serene ambiance of a 'Hanok' that is a Korean traditional house  in Daegu?
The 'Old Guam Seowon' is the place to stay!

Located in the heart of Daegu, the location itself differs from other Hanok accommodations in the area which is usually located in the outskirts of the city.  Originally built as a shrine, this Hanok facility was renovated and moved into its current location to invite local and foreign guests alike to experience the beauty and comfort of Korea’s Hanok style home. The guest rooms are separated into meaningful names that guests can select based on their preference.

- Soo Kang Dang(For health and long life)


- Chin Mok Dang(For unity and cooperation)


- Bok Yeon Dang(For good luck) & Ae Shim Dang(For long lasting love)


- Han Byul Dang(Quiet and private space to meditate or contemplate)

Old Guam Seowon also offers various cultural experience program and activities such as the  tea ceremony experience package or the folk games activity area, making it ideal for a family or group visit. 

Plan a visit and come experience Korea’s culture and heritage at the Old Guam Seowon today!

<Old Guam Seowon>

- Reservation:  Please visit their homepage
                         or contact Daegu Culture and Heritage at +82-053-428-9900

- Address: Daegu-si Jung-gu Gukchaebosang-ro 492-58
- Parking: Dongsan parking lot ( 5PM~10AM 4000 WON)
               Nohsang parking lot ( 5PM~10AM 3000 WON)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Artistic and Cultural city 'Daegu' ! 'Daegu Art Factory' in Soochangdong

Daegu is an artistic and cultural city.
Are you looking for unique attractions in Daegu?
Are you interested in Art?

Today, Daegu Tourism Blog has been at the 'Daegu Art Factory'.
'Daegu Art Factory : in Soochangdong' has been processed from Mar.8th in 2013 to April,28th in 2013.
You can not miss this place if you want to visit some great places in Daegu.
Why don't you look through the Daegu Art Factory with the Daegu Tourism Blog?

The interior in Daegu Art Factory is very unique and distinctive.
Get on the elevator and get off at the 5th floor, then take a look at each floor as you descend.

Let's start on the 5th floor.

Each room has artwork which is part of a 'networking project' there. You can get a sense of each individual artist as you view their collaborative works.

The 4th floor also has very attractive things that you can see.

There is an 'exhibition linked forums' on this floor.
The featured exhibitions are 'Performance Talk', 'Artist Talk', and 'Photographic Image Workshop' at specific times. This is a place where the theme 'descriptive imaginative future' is remodeled by daily necessity and multimedia devices.

There is another floor which offers the exhibit ' Daegu Dance 60 years in pictures'.
You can see all the performance programs of dancers in Daegu city.

Now, on to the second floor.

This level is decorated like an art museum with the theme 'Fantasy - will be there'. You will be wowed by this place because of the cybertic space even the floor.

There's a library called 'Mangweundang' next to the staircases. There are books that are recommended from experts in each field and donated by people. You can find books various topics like architecture, art, music, movies, and musicals.

n the 1st floor, you will find the artistic creation room for all the versatile artists.

All of the artwork is filled with passion and sense of artists here in 'Daegu Art Factory'.
We strongly recommend the 'Daegu Art Factory' to everyone.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Unique Dating Courses in Daegu / Great Dating courses for proposal !!

Today, Daegu Tourism Blog introduces several dating courses in Daegu for sensible men. 

Recommendation 1. Apsan Cafe Street

Apsan Cafe Street is famous for many beautiful cafeterias with great nature view.
It is crowded not only weekends, but also on weekdays.
There are some fancy coffee shops and Italian restaurants and a lot of other different types of restaurants.
This is the right place for old couples and new couples to share in a romantic, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere.

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Recommendation 2. Nighttime Dating 'Suseong Pond'

Suseong Pond is the essential place for lovers.
It is very famous for the night time view of Daegu.
Imagine the time just before sunset and the sparkling surface of the Suseong Pond, isn't it the perfect place for the romantic confession?
Having a dinner in the sweet atmosphere and taking a walk holding a cup of coffee around the pond with somebody you love.
Isn't it great?

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Recommendation 3. the top of the Mt.Palgong

Mt.Palgong is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Daegu.
This mountain is famous for Olle Roads and hiking courses.
If you go up the mountain by cable car, you can see the city view and find the place 'Love Locks' which is popular for many couples.
There is a great restaurant 'Monntain Blue' on the top of the Palgong Mountain.
You can enjoy nice meals and tea with a nice view. 
If you have plans, to make a proposal, this would be a very smart choice for location.

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Recommendation 4. Follow the current of Nakdong River

'The Four Major Rivers Cultural Center - The Arc ' is a new landmark in Daegu.
This is getting famous for a dating place for lovers now.
It is in Gangjeonggoryungbo at Nakdong River. You can see 'The Arc', which is an architectural art piece.
You should tour through the exhibition area, there are many places of art work, an observatory, and even a coffee shop, which is on the 3rd floor. You may want to purchase a coffee to go and take a walk with your lover. This is another wonderful dating location.
Oh! If you want to ride a bike, check the gate where the bike rentals.
One more tip for you.
There are lots of restaurants that can sooth your hunger.
Don't worry about it.

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Recommendation 5. Donseongro in Downtown

Many young people look for this place for having a good time in Daegu.
Convenient public transportation, nice restaurants and various kinds of entertainment in Dongseongro.
Why don't you just walk along the street here?
This is very exciting and you can enjoy movies, nice food and even shopping.
You can do everything and just about whatever you want in Dongseongro.
How about taking your boy-friend or girl-friend and confessing your love in Dongseongro?
What do you think this for Whiteday Special with Daegu Tourism Blog?
Your love confession will be succeed and we hope you have a wonderful memory in Daegu's unique dating course.

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