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[Tour] Suseong Land

Suseong Land

Suseong land is a small amusement park located next to the Suseong lake. Suseong land is one of the most famous dating courses in Daegu that has a lot of rides, hands-on experience classes, an indoor ice rink and carnival games. This place is also good for families spending time together because there are many educational programs in the park!

  FunFun Land

FunFun Land consists of many small rides. It has Viking, Bumper Car, Merry-go-round, 4D Rider, Jump Smile, Swinger, The Sun & Moon, Mini train, Fire engine, and a Game zone (Water boat, 4D Cinema).

  Arte School

Arte School has various Eco-friendly and educational programs for children.

  ● Eco School

Observing insects in the woods, Eco Pond, Animal Farm, Eco Garden. (Open Hours 10:30 ~ 19:00 / Fare: 6,000w)

  ● Experience School
     Experience School is a place for hands-on experiences in various workshops.


    - Making lamp (Fare: 6,000w / 30~40 mins)

    - Making Topiary (Fare: 8,000w / 30~40 mins)

  ● Pottery Craft (Fare: 10,000w / 30~60 mins)

  ● Wood Craft
    - Heart-shaped Chair (Fare: 11,000w~15,000w / 50~60 mins)
    - Heart-shaped Clock (Fare: 12,000w / 50~60 mins)    - House-shaped box (Fare: 15,000w / 50~60 mins)
    - Book shelf (Fare: 10,000w / 50~60 mins)

  ● Herb Craft 

    - Herb Soap (Fare: 6,000w / 30~40 mins)

    - Aroma Candle (Fare: 6,000w / 30~40 mins)

     - Painting a bag (Fare: 10,000w / 30~40 mins)

  Ice Rink

 Open Hours 10:00 ~ 17:45

  ● Fare
     - Skate and helmet Rental 3,000w
    - Entrance Fee Children 4,000w Students 4,500w Adults 5,000w
      (You have to bring your own gloves to enter the Ice Rink)


Other accommodations include resting place, cafes and carnival games.

  ● Carnival Games

  Business Hours

  ● Weekdays 11:00am ~ 10:00pm
  ● Weekends: 10:00am ~ 11:00pm



  ● Address: 725, Sang-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
  ● Take 400,400-1, 401,403, 410, 410-1, 449, 564, or 604 bus and get off at Suseong lake bus stop.

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