Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Event] Daegu International Jazz Festival and nearby Attractions #1. Jazz carnival of midsummer night

It’s Time To Jazz!
Daegu International Jazz Festival #1

2012 5th Daegu International Jazz Festival (DIJF)

*Program and Date: 
2012. 08. 22. ~ 08. 26.

-    08. 22. ~ 08. 23. Jazz carnival of midsummer night
-    08. 22. ~ 08. 26. Jazz all night
-    08. 24. ~ 08. 26. I LOVE JAZZ

Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall, 
Suseong artpia, 
Art Factory Cheongchun, 
Daegu artpia, 
Art Factory Cheongchun, 

The 5th International Jazz Festival starts tonight with the opening ceremony at the Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall! The three main programs of the festival will be held in many different spots for five days and please check the venue information for each program on our blog or on the official website (

I will introduce you the information of Jazz carnival of midsummer night and nearby attractions and restaurants of Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall so that you can enjoy before and after the jazz festival event.

#1 Jazz carnival of midsummer night
08. 22. ~ 08. 23.
Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall

The opening ceremony of the 5th Jazz Festival will be held at Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall with Jazz Apple Orchestra’s performance on August 22nd. Following the ceremony, will be held on August 23rd. Casts for the Jazz Carnival of Midsummer Night performance are Mainstream, Kim Eunmi Jazz Band, Kim Myeonghwan Quartet, Broken time, and Hori Hideaki Trio. Both events are free to all spectators. Feel free to come over and enjoy Jazz Music!

Nearby Attractions

* SKY Jump in the European Theme Park, E-World !

Located next to Duryu Park, E-world (previously Wooban Tower Land) was open in 1995 with the title of the world first European Urban Park where a Tower and Park mixed harmoniously. Annually, 2,500,000 people visit the park and now it became one of the landmarks of Daegu.

35 themed rides designed for all ages are waiting for you in each theme square and you can see various performances all over the park at all times.

From July 13th, Water festival, Aqua Fantasy started and there will be many water related performances and water attractions all around the park. Why don’t you stop by E-world and cool down before visiting the Jazz festival?

Oh! How about jumping from the top of 83Tower? Sky jump is something you shouldn’t miss at E-world, because it is one of the three Sky Jumps in the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of the world’s few sky jump attractions. You can also appreciate beautiful view of the city and sky!

Nearby Restaurants

* Daegu’s local specialty: Seobu Jeongryujang Makchang Street

One of the foods coming up in your mind when you think of Daegu will be Makchang! Makchang is one of the Daegu’s representative foods. Especially the sauce tastes awesome and meats are fresh because a slaughtering center is located near Daegu.

Makchang restaurant started to appeal from the left side of Seobu Jeongryujang and they covered huge area of near Seobu Jeongryujang. They are getting modernized and bigger as time went by and you can enjoy Makchang in a pleasant environment now.

* Daegu’s local specialty: Jungri dong Gobchang Street

Jungri dong Gobchang Street is located behind the Shopping outlet Queen’s Road. This street is famous for grilled gobchang and daechang. 1987 to 1998 was its heyday but there are only forty restaurants left in the street. However, some of the restaurants are really famous and most visitors are frequenters who have been visiting the restaurants for more than 20 years.

Hope you enjoy the last bits of summer vacation with Jazz Festival in Daegu and with nearby attractions!