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[Event] Korean Art exhibitions at Daegu Art Museum

Korean Art exhibitions at Daegu Art Museum

I brought information of two art exhibitions taking place at Daegu Art Museum in July for those who would like to appreciate Korean Art.

Korean Archetype, Minsung(民性)
March 6. ~ July 29. 2012
Artists: Park Saeng Kwang, Suh Yong Sun, Kim Chong Hak, Hwang Chang Bae

'Minsung' is another name for 'Korean Expressionism.' The criterion of suggesting a research considered 'Korean Expressionism' can be considered in two accounts: one is an external aspect that surrounds the work in terms of its relation to its material and subject matter, technique and form as well as the spirit of the age. The other has to do with the point of connecting the aspect of 'Korean-ness' found in the inner creative cause of the artist to an expressionist point of view."

As a word coined to refer to a Korean expressionism, 'Minsung' is composed of 'Min' which means the form of life that includes the form of human life as well as its primal will, and 'Sung,' a temperament or disposition, the historical continuity of which is converted and expressed in the present tense. The two words combined, 'Minsung' implies a distinct sentimentality accumulated from the experiences that stems from a unique climate and the memory of the cultural archetype and culture shared by Koreans/Koreanness is what composes the roots.

In this regard, 'Minsung,' is an archetypal evidence, dealing with folk forms and aspects in folk culture that share historical memories and memorial sentiments that permeate in concrete lives as myth, fable or spirituality.

    (Source: Daegu Art Museum

March 6. ~ July 29. 2012.
Artist: Park Seobo

Park Seo Bo’s original paintings could be explained as a starting point of Ecriture. The early Ecriture can be characterized in a way that light gray or ivory oil colors are painted on the canvas and the artist draws lines constantly with a pencil before the canvas is dried. Meanwhile, late Ecriture after 1980 shows the material property of Korean hanji paper.

This exhibition is organized to feature Park Seo Bo’s new paintings, which have changed in the perspective of various color usage and spatial composition since 2000. These days Park Seo Bo develops a newer art world by adding lyrical color to the consistent formativeness that he has kept from the past. After layering wet Korean hanji paper that was soaked in water onto the canvas, when it has not yet dried, the activity of drawing lines is performed repetitively and it creates a furrow, and the Korean hanji paper pushed out to the side creates a ridge. The furrow and ridge created by solidifying and forming the shape seem to be parallel through the activity of drawing lines but in fact are not identical at all. Here, he dresses colors with a delicate brush touch and completes the work. The work completed by the ‘taste’ of the artist’s hand creates the visual rhythms and makes the viewer feel the breadth of the artist, and delivers the textural aesthetic.

    (Source: Daegu Art Museum

* Admission guide

Viewing hours
- April to October (10AM ~ 7PM)
- November to March of Following Year (10AM ~ 6PM)
- Off Days (Every Monday)
 If a national holiday falls on Monday, the museum will be open but closed the following day.

Viewing Rate

- Children and Teenagers (7~19), Soldiers Individual: 700 Won / Group(20 or more): 500 Won
- Adults Individual: 1,000 Won / Group(20 or more): 700 Won
- Elders 65 or above and disabled people: Free
- Children who are 6 or under: Free

* Direction


Free shuttle bus to the museum is available every 30 minutes at exit 5 of Daegu Grand Park Station on line2.


- 604: Seolhwaodng-Seobu Bus Stop-Nambu Pilice Station, Beommuldong-Daegu Art Hall-Donghodong
- 403: Joyadong-Suseonggyo-Beommuldong-Front of Daedeok Village-Samdeokdong-Stadium-Sawoldong

 10 minutes on foot after getting off at Front of Daedeok Village or Samdeokdong Bus Stop
 Bus Route Information System of Daegu Metropolitan City (

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