Friday, June 29, 2012

[Landmarks] Daegu’s 12 landmarks to become icons

Introducing Daegu’s 12 landmarks!!

The 12 scenic icons impart the intrinsic qualities of each landmark in a compact and lucid style. Designed with suggestive and symbolic graphic images, Daegu City said it looks forward to the icons helping to create a new image for the city through by actively sharing them with the public.

Daegu City plans to use the symbolic icons to create a brand identity and raise awareness about Daegu in the international community. The icons will also be used for the city’s major design-related materials.

The 12 icons include Mt. Palgongsan, Mt. Biseulsan, Nakdong River and Gangjeong Goryeong Basin, Shincheon (stream), Suseongmot Lake, Dalseongtoseong (earthen fortification), Gyeongsanggamyeong and the Old Alleys, Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, Daegu Stadium, Daegu Tower, Dongseongro, and Seomun Market.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Food] Daegu’s Unique Ddeokbokki Restaurants

Ddeokbokki is one of the best known Korean foods.
Here are the details about the dish.

Tteokbokki, also known as Ddeokbokki is a popular Korean snack food which is commonly purchased from street vendors or Pojangmacha.[1] Originally it was called tteok jjim (떡찜), and was a braised dish of sliced rice cake, meat, eggs, and seasoning. Tteok jjim, an early variant of modern tteokbokki, was once a part of Korean royal court cuisine.[2] This type of tteokbokki was made by boiling tteok, meat, vegetables, eggs, and seasonings in water, and then serving it topped with ginkgo nuts and walnuts. In its original form, tteokbokki, which was then known as gungjung tteokbokki, was a dish served in the royal court and regarded as a representative example of haute cuisine. The original tteokbokki was a stir-fried dish consisting of garaetteok (가래떡, cylinder-shaped tteok) combined with a variety of ingredients, such as beef, mung bean sprouts, green onions, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and onions, and seasoned with soy sauce.

We visited 3 famous restaurants that have special recipe of Ddeokbokki.

Toppoki (Toppoki Su)

Toppoki is located in Dongsungro.
The main menu is Haemul(seafood) and Cheese Ddeokbokki.
People love its special menu stir fried rice as well.

How to get here:

빨봉분식 (Bbalbong Bun-sik)

The head restaurant of Bbalbong Bun-sik is near the north gate of Kyeongbuk Univ.
It offers unique combination of Ddeokbokki and Don-ga-sue(pork cutlet).

How to get here:

I’m 떡볶이 (I’m Ddeokbokki)

I’m Ddeokbokki stands in Dongsungro.
It serves Ddeokbokki with flat glass noodle.

How to get here:

Friday, June 22, 2012

[Tour] Temple Stay at Donghwasa

You can experience various Buddhism cultures, including Zen, traditional tea ceremony, and rubbed copy of patterns through temple stay in Donghwasa, an old temple built by Monk Geukdal in the Silla Dynasty (A.D. 493).

Swedish backpackers

2pm July 14 – 2pm July 15
2pm Aug 3 – 2pm Aug 5
2pm Aug 10 – 2pm Aug 12
2pm Aug 17 – 2pm Aug 19

Price&How to apply:
July 14 – July 15: 60,000won
Others: 100,000won
Send the fee to Bank Account No. 179-10-002258 / Daegu Bank / Donghwasa(동화사)
They will take the first 50 people.

053-982-0223, 010-8225-7445, 
1330 tt call center: +82-53-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

How to get here:
There are several ways to get to Donghwasa Temple from Daegu (city).  Assuming you don't drive, you can either take a taxi (very expensive) or take a bus (best option).  There are several places to catch the bus but assuming you are downtown, make your way to Jungangno Subway Station and walk to the Novotel.  Cross the street to the bus stop directly opposite the front of the Novotel.  Take Rapid 1 (red bus) to the site.  The ride will take 45 minutes to an hour (depending on traffic) and get off at the temple stop.  Once you're off the bus, just follow the signs or other visitors as they are most likely going to the same place.
    If you take the subway, you can take the train to the Ayanggyo Subway Station on the red line (near Daegu International Airport).  When you exit out of Ayanggyo Station, the bus stop is right outside and you can catch the bus from there.
Read more:

Useful Website

Visitkorea Official Page(English):

Donghwasa webpage(Korea):

Donghwasa Templestay webpage(Korea):


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Event] Happy Price! Get DIMF Musical Ticket at 10,000won

From June 15 to July 7, some musical seats of normal prices ranged from 30,000won to 50,000won will be sold at 10,000won!!
You will see people already waiting in line in front of the ticket booth around 4pm.

Period: June 15 to July 7
Hours: 5pm – until sold out
Place: Daegu Department Store in Dongseongro
Ticket Price: 10,000won (Cash only)
*Around 400 tickets are sold in a day.

If you buy 4 tickets of a certain musical then you can buy another 3 different shows.
If you buy 2 tickets of a certain musical then you can buy another 7 different shows.
You can’t buy musical tickets on same day.

Which Musicals on sale?
Arirang Fantasy
Jongle Jingle Jangle
Corporate Espionage and Secret Prescriptions
Sherlock Holmes – Secret of the Andersons
Looking for a Chosen Family
U.S.A – Central Avenue Breakdown
Russia – Kholstomer
China – Duan Qiao
Underneath Memory

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[Fun Place] What you can do at Dalseong-bo Reservoir

Sunday Market – Art&Culture&Market

At Dalseong-bo, you can enjoy cultural and art performances every Sunday.
June 24 - Dano Market
-2pm: Electronic organ, Guitar, Saxophone concert
-4pm: Samulnori (Korean traditional percussion quartet)
-10am~8pm: China craft, Quilt, Natural soap, DIY wood craft, Natural dyeing, Clay art…


There is a nice observatory as well.

The 10th K-water Rowing Championships

Period: June 20 – June 22 (9:30am – 2:30pm)
Place: Dalseong-bo
38 teams will be competing.

Little tip for rowing lovers: Chungju will hold 2013 World Rowing Championships.

How to get here:

Bus: 600, 655, 달성6 / Get off at Yaksan-on-cheon(약산온천) stop. It’s rignt in front of Dalseong-bo.


Monday, June 18, 2012

[Transportation] How to get to Yeosu EXPO

Yeosu city is holding a huge international EXPO now.
Here are 3 best ways to get to Yeosu from Daegu by public transportation for those who live in or plan to travel through Daegu!!

1. From Seobu Bus Terminal (Direct bus - 4.5hours)

Seobu Bus Terminal

2. From Dongdaegu Bus Terminal
Dongdaegu to Suncheon bus takes 3 hours than free shuttle at Suncheon Terminal for 24 min. (Daegu[803] is Dongdaegu Terminal and Daegu[805] is Seobu Terminal)

Dongdaegu Bus Terminal

3. From Dongdaegu Train Station (1 train a day)
Time: 13:39
Hours: 4hours 12min

Yeosu EXPO shuttle info

Yeosu EXPO Call center

Yeosu EXPO official webpage

Friday, June 15, 2012

[Festival] Guide to Daegu International Musical Festival

Daegu International Musical Festival has left large domestic and international footprints over its 6-year history.
By nurturing home-grown musicals, DIMF has made Daegu the newly rising city of performing arts. DIMF has been highly esteemed globally and often requested to export DIMF produced musicals!

Weekday Plan

Weekend Plan

How to get to the venues?

Opera House

Keimyung Art Center

Suseong Artpia
Bus: 400, 400-1, 402, 403, 449, 604, 814 get off at Suseong Artpia stop

Bongsan Cultural Center
Subway: Banwoldang Station, gate9

Donggu Arts and Sports Center

Daeduk Cultural Center
(Daeguk Cultural Center stop)410, 410-1. 달서401,
(Nambu Library)300, 750

Dalseo-gu Advanced Culture Center
Bus: (첨단문화회관역, Dalseo-gu Advanced Culture Center) 518, 성성3
Subway: Yongsan Station

Daegu Culture and Arts Center

Arts Theater CT
Get off at Jungangro Station, take gate 1 and walk straight for 10 min

Songjuk Theater
Subway: Jungangro Station, gate3

Daegu Bus Info:


DIMF's Debut on Broadway, Home of Musical!
-2008 “My Scary Girl,” the Best DIMF Guarantee Premier Home-grown Musical
-2009 invited to the New York Musical Theater Festival as an official selection of the NYMF-DIMF Exchange won Best New Musical and Best Actress Award at NYMF Awards

DIMF, Cradle of Home-grown Musicals
-Since 2006, DIMF has chosen and fostered Korean Home-grown Musicals.
-2008-9 “My Scary Girl” winner of the Best DIMF Guarantee Premier Home-grown Musical, was
supported for its production and Broadway shows by DIMF.
-2011 produced Musical Turandot
-2011 signed a 5-year Licensing Agreement with Oriental Songlei Theatre Group for the Musical Turandot
-2012 Musical Turandot invited as the closing show for the Dongguan Musical Festival and awarded Special Grand Prize at DMF
-2012 Musical Turandot currently preparing for a performance in Jinan, China

DIMF across the Globe
-2010 China : “The Songle Best Musical Award' is now incorporated into the Daegu Musical Awards
-2010 Mexico : signed the Memorandom of Understanding with Thomas Jefferson Musical Theater Company
-2012 America : signed the Memorandom of Understanding with New York Musical Theater Festival

DIMF Governmental Support Grantee Festival
-2012 Chosen as 'Pilot Project for Globalizing a Local Brand' by ministry of public administration and security.
-2011 Chosen as 'Global Project Technology Development' by Korean Cultural Contents Association

The Daegu International Musical Festival has already grown to be the hub of musical theater in Asia due to the support and investment of Daegu Metropolitan City as well as the love and passion of the musical fandom all over the world. Now DIMF aims at being Asia’s Best Performing Arts Festival where people from around the globe can build friendship, peace, and understanding through sharing delightful and beautiful musicals.

source:  DIMF Gidebook

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[Fun Place] Dongseongno’s unique cultural spaces – Yeongdo Velvet Gallery, Heimat (Old Pop Music House)

Yeongdo Velvet Gallery

Yeongdo Velvet Company, one of the proud corporations of Daegu is the largest velvet manufacturer in the world. Daegu city has been famous for textile industry.

It has various velvet clothing, fashion and home products.
You can also have a cup of coffee here resting.

It usually holds exhibitions on the 3rd floor. You will witness the whole building is surrounded with beautiful velvet art.


Heimat means ‘hometown’ in German.
I was very surprised when I was told that this place is more than 50 years.
The owner’s wife is music professor of Kyeongbuk Univ. and the couple sometimes explains diverse music.
Opening hours: 10AM – PM9