Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Date Course] Around Daegu Art Museum “DAM”

At Daegu Art Museum, you can enjoy variety of artistic exhibitions and amazing performances with a small charge for the entrance fee.

Daegu Art Museum is now gaining growing popularity as a cultural complex.

There are many exhibitions held right now such as Korean Archetype, Park Seobo, 11 Artists' Portraits, Shim Moon Seup_Towards an island and D Artist.

It also provides with art information center and calm places for resting outside.

It you get on a shuttle bus at Daegu Art Museum, it will bring you to the Daegu Stadium and Color Square Mall (Daegu Stadium Mall).
As some of you already know, there are so many things to do at this mall; to wine and dine, shop, watch a movie, take a walk…

2 performances will take place; Arts Concert this weekend and Erato Ensemble on May 26.

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