Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disco Jump and Photo sticker booth | Two unique experiences in Korea

Here are two unique and funny experiences in Daegu, Korea!

1. Disco Jump

sourced by bbs.chosun.com
This ride, the Taga Disco or Disco Jump, is highly popular among both children and adults and give riders a taste of extreme thrills and excitement in Korea.
You can see people’s hair and legs flying up, and they are not just being dramatic.

If you walk around the Daegu Department Store, so-called 'Debec' at Dongseongro street, you will see the Disco Jump store.

When you sit in the seats, you have to hold onto the metal bars around the outside of the ride, because there are no seat belts that keep you from falling out of your seat. The ride spins in circles, bounces or can do both at the same time.

You can see a video of the ride on youtube:

2. Photo sticker booths

Photo sticker booths or photo sticker machines are a special type of photo booth that produce photo stickers.

Photo sticker shop at Dongseongro street, Daegu 
These Korean photo booths allow people to put words on their photos, draw/write things on them, add little shapes and borders, and so many other things.

A photo sticker of the Korean singer, IU with a male student

You can see a video of photo sticker booths on youtube:

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