Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Full of youth and romance, the 22nd Dongseongno festival

Daegu had held lots of outdoor events for family, friends and lovers in May, the queen of seasons. We brought the story of Dongseongno festival for who were not able to join the festival.

The 22nd Dongseongno festival was held from May 20(Fri) to 22(Sun) for three days and the Dongseongno street was filled with people.

Various attractions, events and experiential programs caught citizen’s attention.

In the entrance of street, some artists were painting model’s body for closing ceremony.

People were unable to take their eyes off delicate and colorful expression.

Citizens were participated in Road Art program to make Dongseongno as a flower garden.

Sometimes people stopped by becoming a model of caricature to keep this moment.

The booth for the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011 was loved by young children.

Especially, athletic game booth was always crowded by children to play with.

In addition to that, there were lots of experience programs like soap making, hand painting, handicrafts and beauty related.

Dongseongno song festival on the stage, installed in front of Daegu Department, was the last event and people were totally absorbed in splendid stage.

But it was little bit uncomfortable and difficult to move forward due to lots of people.

We hope that next year’s festival will be Korea’s representative one.

Please visit Daegu and have unforgettable experience before this year ends.

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