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MRNW: a cultural complex with an impressive architecture that you can only see in Daegu

1. Has a wide walkway that leads you to the garden

2.Features an oval and curved structure with the direct view of the sky

Hello, this is Visit Daegu

Today’s destination is MRNW which is located in Buk-gu, Daegu! It has a unique architectural structure and its exterior has this pale terracotta-colored stained on exposed concrete that you can’t find anywhere else 👀

MRNW turned a landscaping tree farm was turned into a new space after a client, a fashion major, inherited the land from his father!😍

Let’s check it out! 😍


MRNW became more famous among locals because of its cafes and unique architecture.

Walking through this area, visitors have the opportunity to see nature everywhere💜

There were also gardens built throughout the building which makes it very relaxing to walk by!

At the pine tree garden, you will see a gaggle of geese.

Despite their cute appearance, it can be a little violent, so have an extra precaution especially when you visit with your child!

I really recommend you to visit now because you can take photos with cute local characters everywhere like “Mr.Donothing” which looks like a fluffy marshmallow!✨

Also, inside MRNW Daegu is a café called PIPER CAFE! I highly recommend their strawberry chocolate roll.

✔Operating Hours: 10:30~21:00 (Closed every Mondays)

🗺️Address : 300-22, Hoguk-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea (대구 북구 호국로 300-22)


📌Type in the Korean Address on Google Maps to find the exact location!


What do you think about MRNW~!?

The interior and exterior of this unique cultural complex is either a photo spot or just a place to relax. Your Daegu trip will be incomplete without trying delicious desserts at MRNW !👍

We’ll be back for more interesting contents!

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