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Attention Global ARMYs! Celebrate BTS SUGA’s Birthday with a Daegu Mural Tour

Hello! This is Visit Daegu~

Attention Global ARMYs!

Today’s destination is the newly painted BTS Suga Mural!

Today, I would like to introduce a BTS mural travel destination at Myeongdeok Station in Nam-gu.

Following BTS V’s mural street at Daesung Elementary School in Seo-gu, there is a new mural street in town which features BTS lead rapper, Suga.

The mural was said to have been made to commemorate Suga’s old studio which was once on a water cutting street!~

Shall we explore the mural tour~?


First stop is the “Youth Culture Street Blue Zone” and a mural near the entrance of Myeongdeok Station Mul Begi.

✔ Location : 154 Myeongdeok-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu

(대구 남구 명덕로 154)

Across five locations, this mural street features eight concepts inspired by BTS Suga.

One of which is a panoramic wall mural near the entrance of Myeongdeok Station Mul Begi Street.

The mural has Suga’s real name written in alphabet– Min Yoongi.

It also has Suga’s face on it.

I am really surprised that the painting looked so real.

I took a photo just like Suga’s pose in the mural with my BT21 Shooky doll.

In this photo mural, you can also see the lyrics of Agust D’s (Suga’s individual rapper name) “So Far Away.”

You will see another mural if you walk into the alley on the right and see “S-Oil Dowon Gas Station”

Three murals of Suga's face were set up this time, and of course, I had to take a selfie with Shooky.

ARMYs, by just reading the lyrics, you already know what this is, right?

It is a part of the lyrics of “Yet to Come.”

It is really interesting to see the lyrics of BTS songs on the mural.

I went to the back of the gas station this time.

Suga’s portrait and the background really go well together. It is like a comic book.

The year “1993” drawn on this wall means Suga’s birth year.


Second stop is the mural street near “Mul Begi Korean Table D’hote”

✔ Location : 23 Jungang-daero 51-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu

(대구 남구 중앙대로51길 23)

If you type in “물베기한정식” on the Maps app, this mural will come out!

An enormous portrait of Suga painted on the building, along with the numbers "0309," which is Suga's birthday.


Third stop is near the restaurant called “Woori Gogi”

✔ Location : 178 Myeongdeok-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu

(대구 남구 명덕로 178)

You can see murals of Suga’s stage name and individual rapper name, Agust D with a cute drawing at both sides of the restaurant.

I liked the mural that has Suga’s name written in alphabet! It is so cute so I took a photo with Shooky~

Fourth stop is near Myeongdeok 119 Safety Center

✔ Location : 22 Myeongdeok-ro 34-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu

(대구 남구 명덕로34길 22)

This fourth stop is a huge mural located at the side of the garage of Myeongdeok 119 Safety Center.

It is really pretty because the dominant color in the mural is purple!

When I saw this huge-sized mural, I realized just how popular BTS Suga is!


Fifth stop is the alley between “Youth Culture House” and “Ubong Art Exhibition Hall”

✔ Location: 32-20 Myeongdeok-ro Namgu Daegu

(대구 남구 명덕로 32-20)

The last stop is a mural near the Ubong Art Museum.

It was a great location for taking a photo from a distance and up close since Suga's face and birthday were drawn in this relatively low-rise building.

Celebrate the birthday of BTS Suga in Daegu with new BTS-inspired destinations! What do you think?


📌 Type in the Korean address on Google Maps to find the exact location!!


Stay tuned for another interesting content!!

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